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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 17 Part 2

Lu Sicheng logged onto the game, ready for his daily ranked game with an
annoyed expression. His handsome face had ‘indifference’ and ‘shut up’
written all over it in capital letters…...Tong Yao wasn’t getting any response
from him, so she put her arms down. Since she was also still waiting for her
own ranked game, she started to type some keywords into a search engine-- --

She was quiet for a while.

Lu Sicheng felt that something must be wrong here. He turned to ask the
person who suddenly quiet down, “What are you up to now?”

“Searching for Pope’s picture.”


“Wow, you two even have similar hairstyles.” Tong Yao checked her computer
screen then turned around to look at Lu Sicheng carefully, “But, Cheng Ge is
more handsome.”

Lu Sicheng stood up.

Tong Yao was alarmed, “What?”

She knew fear? Lu Sicheng thought and glanced at her, “I’m hungry.”

He took out a yogurt drink from the refrigerator and put in a straw. When he
got back to his seat, he found that person squatting on the chair was still
muttering, “They said that Pope used Kalista very well, tsk, tsk, but our Cheng
Ge also plays Kalista well. Stupid people…...What, some said Pope is tall, you
haven’t seen our Cheng Ge in real person, he’s as tall as an electric pole…...Gee,
someone said that Pope is handsome, have you ever seen Lu Sicheng’s face, who’s
handsome with a capital H…...Wow, someone said Pope had money, boy, you should
come to our parking lot at the ZGDX base to take look-- --”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

The other players were all laughing so hard that they almost collapsed. Lu Sicheng
walked next to Tong Yao, holding her chin to forcefully turn her head around then
stuffed the straw into her mouth-- --

“Shut up.”

Tong Yao couldn’t talk anymore. Since the straw was in her mouth, she sucked some
of the yogurt drink out of Lu Sicheng’s hand. When he let go of the yogurt drink, Tong
Yao took it and continued to drink it. The man bent down to pick up the big cat who
had occupied his seat. Tong Yao quietly spoke, “I read the fanfiction about you and
Pope this afternoon. It stings my eyes.”

Lu Sicheng: “....................................”

As he held the cat with one hand, Lu Sicheng used his other hand to grab the yogurt
drink away from Tong Yao’s mouth.

He dropped the cat on the floor, threw the straw away, torn open the yogurt, and said
to Dabing, “Alright big faced cat, come eat it.”

Under the stunned gaze of Tong Yao, Dabing happily jumped over to lick the leftover

Tong Yao: “? ? ?”

Lu Sicheng: “Talkative people don’t deserve to drink yogurt.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng sat down in his own seat and put on his earphones with ‘do not disturb’
written on his face. Tong Yao saw him use his mouse to click open some software
and fiddle the camera head on the desk next to the stereo, then all of sudden there
were a lot of bullet comments appearing across his screen…..She thought he was
watching a video with bullet comments while he was waiting for a game to start and
didn’t pay much attention to it. Just then, her game started, so she turned her head
back to face her own screen and got ready for another game-- --

This time Tong Yao was assigned to her second preferred position, ADC.

Probably influenced by all the talk about Kalista earlier, she decided to play Kalista
without a second thought…...After she had locked in the champion, while studying
the runes and abilities, she stretched her hand to pull Lu Sicheng’s earphone a little
bit away from his ear and asked, “Cheng Ge, how do you click for the runes and abilities
of Kalista in this version?”

There was no answer for a long while.

She turned to look at Lu Sicheng, baffled. He took off his earphones and turned his
screen around to show her.

Tong Yao could finally make out what were all those comments across his screen-- --

[Who was asking about runes and abilities of Kalista?]

[Darn, it’s a girl’s voice! Darn, is it Smiling! God, her voice sounds so good!]

[Ahhhhhhhh, who’s hand is that! Who pulled up your earphone! I’m going to cut
that hand off!]

[What a nice looking hand, hhhhhhhhhhhh]

[Cheng Ge, let Smiling live stream, the kind with the camera on. Don’t need to hide,
we’ll see your face sooner or later!]

[Smiling is sitting next to you! ! Ahhhhhhhh, I’m so jealous! ! ! !]

[Come, tell her the runes and abilities, quick!]

[Hahahahahahahaha, Kalista’s runes and abilities!]

-- --The bullet comments exploded.

Tong Yao blinked.

Lu Sicheng: “I’m live streaming.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “The kind with the camera on.”

Tong Yao: “......................................”


From then on, the person next to Lu Sicheng was so quiet that she even tippy
toed when she got up to go to the bathroom-- --

This was the first time that Lu Sicheng felt live streaming to be a good thing. He
decided to do more streams in the future.

Translated by Team DHH at

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