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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 17 Part 1

The next morning, Tong Yao grabbed her cell phone after she opened her eyes.
She saw the news as she browsed the web [Hierophant (Pope) is coming to
China to play professionally, joining the relegation team, YQCB] flooded every
site she visited. As the official number 1 ADC in the world, the champion of the
world finals, and a living billboard with millions of fans, the Korean side must have
offered a large sum of money trying to keep him in Korea……

People were wondering why he decided to come to the LPL which wasn’t doing
very well currently.

“-- --As for why, it’s probably because even though all the LPL teams got eliminated
last year, on the official ranking, ‘Chessman’ is still ranked next to ‘Hierophant’?”

The team manager, Xiao Rui, ate some porridge and concluded-- --

“En, he came because of Cheng Ge.”


Tong Yao blew a big bubble into the soy milk she was drinking.

It was 9:30 in the morning, all was quiet on the first floor of the base. Only the team
Mid and the team manager were sitting across from each other, eating breakfast.
The confused Tong Yao wiped her mouth with a napkin, “I don’t understand.”

“Uhm, ‘Chessman’ and ‘Hierophant’ are like ‘shadow’ and ‘light’......” Xiao Rui stroked
his chin, “You probably don’t know it, while Cheng Ge was playing professionally in
Korea as Pope’s alternate, there were actually two whole seasons where Cheng Ge
was playing so well that Pope was sitting on the alternate seat instead-- -- ‘

“Really? !”

Tong Yao widened her eyes while holding the glass of soy milk.

“Yeah, yeah, isn’t he awesome? Haven’t you noticed that he speaks fluent Korean?
He was also the lead over there at the time…...He left later simply because he wanted
to play professionally back home.”

“Why did he want to play professionally back home?”

“He’s patriotic. No joking. At the time, the LoL professional league in China was taking
a downturn, and he came back.”


Wow, this person was simply too perfect!......Except for his expressionless face and the
fact that he doesn’t like small animals.

“So, Cheng Ge didn’t come back because Pope retook his position or something like
that-- --in other words, he wasn’t forced to come back, but came back on his own.”

“Then what, then what?”

“Well, of course, Pope was pissed off. How can the ‘shadow’ cover the ‘light’?” Xiao
Rui rolled his eyes. “He probably thought-- -- ‘I haven’t even defeated you face to face
yet, how can you leave? It makes it look like I’m just picking up what you threw away.’......
Then last year, our team didn’t make it to the world finals for various reasons, so they
didn’t get the chance to face off. So this season, it seems Pope decided to come over himself.”

“You have quite the wild imagination Rui Ge, though it makes sense if you put it that way.”

“Sure. The most interesting thing is that the two of them are actually on very good
terms privately-- --Where do you think Lu Sicheng get the news that Li Junhe is coming
to China? I bet Li Junhe personally told him. Yesterday, I went to the team next door to
ask them whether they kept the news about Pope a secret because they were trying to
get their own name in the headlines this time. Their captain told me he only found out that
Pope was coming yesterday.”


“I even saw a fanfiction about the two of them on LOFTER.” Xiao Rui giggled, “I was
thinking of printing it out to show Cheng Ge. I can’t imagine what his face will look like
after seeing it…...He’ll probably go crazy. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha-- --”

“You must have a deathwish……” Tong Yao quickly downloaded the LOFTER app from
her cell phone as she spoke, “Then, who do you feel is stronger, Cheng Ge or Pope?”

“Our own is certainly is better than the outsider.” Xiao Rui had some more porridge then
slowly continued, “As far as I can tell, Cheng Ge is stronger than Li Junhe. Cheng Ge has
a good attitude, good map awareness, and is always stable no matter what happens-- --
So I’m not surprised that Li Junhe can’t wait any longer. If Cheng Ge keeps playing like this,
the world number one ADC will change hands sooner or later.”


Tong Yao put down her breakfast and looked up to the closed door on the second floor,
then sighed.


The result of their conversation was that, when Lu Sicheng woke up and came downstairs
that afternoon, he was saluted by the gaze of the team’s new Mid-- --the glistening eyes
gave a chill to his spine-- --He walked down the stairs under her gaze until he couldn’t take
it anymore. He raised his hand to cover the pair of eyes that were locked on him. He spoke
coldly, “What are you looking at?”

Tong Yao was squatting on the chair with her hands holding both of her knees. She leaned
back trying to avoid his hand and pointing to her computer screen while madly giggling,
“The YQCB official site just announced it; Pope is really coming to play in China.”

“Oh.” The man didn't seem to care, bending down to turn on his own computer. After he
straightened back up, he turned to ask unconcerned, “......Are you done looking?”

Tong Yao was still smiling, her eyes were narrowed into slits. “Cheng Ge, I heard that
you forced Pope to stay on the alternate seat for two whole seasons.”

Lu Sicheng raised his eyelids to glance at Xiao Rui, who whistled and turned his head
away. Lu Sicheng looked back down, “......So what?”

“What do mean so what, it’s Pope, ahhhhhhhh!” Tong Yao waved both of her arms.
“That’s Pope! Cheng Ge, you’re the man who has defeated Pope before!”

“Should you take some medicine?”

“Our Cheng Ge!”

“You’re too noisy.”

Translated by Team DHH at

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