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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 16 Part 2

When Xiao Rui asked, Lu Sicheng was busy moving his champion, Kalista, to destroy the enemy’s Nexus. The red glow of the nexus reflected in his eyes, but his face was very peaceful. He simply replied with an “en.” He clicked “continue” from the victory screen-- --

Then he started to check the stats of the match.

He didn’t even raise his head the whole time.

Tong Yao felt his reaction to be quite odd. He wouldn’t react this way if he was unhappy about playing skirmishes during his vacation.

She turned to look at her other teammates, none of whom seemed willing to speak but were sneakily checking Lu Sicheng’s expression-- --Then Old Cat turned his chair around, “Why do you suddenly want us to play a skirmish? It’s still early for the Summer season. Usually, we won’t start training until after the midseason tournament.”

“We paid 800,000RMB for a new toy.” Xiao Rui patted Tong Yao’s shoulder, “And you won’t let me find a chance to show her off?”

Tong Yao, “......”

Xiao Rui: “We won’t know whether she’s a horse or a mule until we try her in a game!”

Before he finished, Lu Sicheng abruptly stood up.

Everyone was shocked by his sudden move, even Xiao Rui closed his mouth-- --

Lu Sicheng acted quite calmly. He patted his pants pockets, then he pulled out a cigarette like a magic trick from underneath the Fortune Cat on the desk. He glanced at Xiao Rui, “I’m going for a smoke.”

Xiao Rui’s face twitched visibly.

“I already arranged to have a skirmish with YQCB five days from now.” Lu Sicheng waved his hand, “I just forgot to tell you.”

“Oh, isn’t that a positive attitude? Hey, wait.” Xiao Rui stopped suddenly, “Why that relegation team?”

“Pope just joined the team.” Lu Sicheng stuck the unlit cigarette into his mouth with eyes squinted, “Just to meet him.”


“Not going to repeat myself.”

“What did you say?”  Xiao Rui was so confused, “Pope, which Pope? That Pope whose team won the S tournament final championship and who won the yearly MVP…...hah?”

Lu Sicheng replied, “En. YQCB should officially announce it tomorrow.”

He then raised his chin towards Xiao Rui and walked out the house to have his cigarette.

Tong Yao looked at the shocked Xiao Rui who had even forgotten to mention a salary deduction, then she recalled that Lu Sicheng had mentioned that the current AD, Xiao Nuan, of YQCB was going to retire-- --

The topic was interrupted when Lu Sicheng discovered that she was the person in the elevator.

It looked like he was trying to tell her that Pope would be the one to replace Xiao Nuan…...It seemed that Lu Sicheng knew it all along that “Pope”, Li Junhe, was coming to China to play professionally.

…………………….The problem was why did Lu Sicheng know so much about Pope?

“Cheng Ge and that Pope, urr.” Tong Yao hesitated, “Is there some history between them?”

Old Cat was amazed, “Wow, you don’t know about it?”

Old K: “Wow, you don’t know about it.”

Xiao Rui’s hand was on his chest, “I like the way you didn’t ask any improper questions just now. Boy, my heart almost stopped when Cheng Ge gave me that look.”

Tong Yao was even more confused by their exaggerated responses, “What? What happened?”

Little Fatty sighed, then explained, “When our Cheng Ge first started playing professionally, he played as substitute for a top team in Korea. He was Pope’s substitute. Their playing style and champion pool were almost identical…...At the time, everyone said that he was Pope’s shadow, some even said that he was copying Pope…..Well, you know Cheng Ge, he’s such a proud person, probably hasn’t been happy because of that for a long time-- --”


Tong Yao nodded and looked at the direction where Lu Sicheng had gone. She finally understood his abnormal behavior-- --

So it was the sad story of a substitute trying to prove himself to an official player!

…...Tsk, tsk.

“Alright then.” Tong Yao stood up with arms raised all the way up, “For the pride of our Cheng Ge, let’s go for it five days later!”

Old Cat fearfully looked at the door as if a tiger was going to rush in to eat him, “......Not so loud.”

Old K waved his hand, “Young people are fearless. Last time the one who dared to mention Pope at the base to encourage Cheng Ge has gone to play the City League now. (It’s a lower level professional league even lower than the second level league, LSPL)

Little Fatty shivered.

Xiao Rui: “Everyone sit down, sit down! Let me go ask the manager of YQCB to find out what’s going on. They bought Li Junhe. Looks like YQCB doesn’t want to be a quiet team at the Summer season. Aiyo, aiyo, what a headache.”

Everyone then went back to their own business.

Tong Yao didn’t start a new game. She picked up Dabing from Little Fatty’s lap and walked to the couch in the living room. She knelt on the couch so she could peek out from the window. The man standing outside the door was leaning against the door with cigarette in his mouth while typing on his cell phone single handedly-- --

Tong Yao pushed the window open.


The man raised his head.

“We’ll win the skirmish.” Tong Yao pulled up Dabing’s claw and waved it towards the man, “I’ll carry you. You can just lie down there at bot to win.”

Lu Sicheng, surprised by the sudden statement, stared at the shorty who was leaning on the window. After a while, he grinned, “Are you retarded?”

The one leaning on the window giggled like a sunflower.

Translated by Team DHH at

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