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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 14 Part 3

When they got back to the base, they saw the manager Xiaorui sat cross legged on the couch with Dabing in his arms after they opened the door.  Xiaorui had a look of bliss as he stroked the cat when Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng came in one after another.

“Having a good time shopping?” Xiaorui asked, “Are you getting along with our new teammate?”

A laugh came from the support, Little Fatty, nearby.

“We had a good time.” Lu Sicheng said with a stone face, “It was like bringing a kindergarten aged daughter to go snack shopping for the field trip tomorrow so she could fill up her little backpack.”

Tong Yao was looking for the new slippers she just bought and turned to glare at him.

Lu Sicheng threw the car key onto the table and started a new ranked game even before he sat down in front of his computer-- --just like an internet addict…...Xiaorui squinted and picked up the cat to go near Lu Sicheng, “Did you smoke again?”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t smoke.” Lu Sicheng lazily lied through his teeth.

Tong Yao walked over wearing her new slippers, Xiaorui beckoned her over and pointed to the empty seat next to Lu Sicheng, “Come, Tong Yao, I set up your computer for you while you were out. This will be your seat from now on.”

The seat was in between Lu Sicheng and the jungler Old K. Everything from the monitor to the mouse were new. The keyboard was also her favorite Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard, but-- --

“What’s this?”

Lu Sicheng used two fingers to pick up one corner of the pink laced computer screen frame cover in utter bafflement.

Tong Yao: “......”

Xiaorui: “It’s the pink frame cover that teenage girls use to dress up their monitors. Take your claws off.”

Lu Sicheng: “This thing stings my eyes, I’ll drop down to Diamond.”

Xiaorui: “I dare you. We’ll see whether you’ll still have any salary for the month. I’ll even call you grandpa if you somehow still earn a cent in the end.”

Lu Sicheng: “Take it away.”

Xiaorui: “I won’t.”

Tong Yao also hesitatingly spoke after flipping the lace at the lower right hand corner of the computer, “Rui Ge, this thing will block the minimap……”

Because of Tong Yao’s concern, the terrible thing around the computer was eventually taken down…...When Tong Yao sat down before the computer, Lu Sicheng had already started his ranked game. She tilted her head to watch for a while, then couldn’t resist the temptation to turn on her own computer. She discovered that LoL had already been downloaded together with the VPN reserved for esports clubs. She had heard about this VPN, since most of the professional players played ranked games on Korean servers, all the clubs would provide them with the app to go around the firewall-- --

The speed was much faster than normal VPNs, and much more stable.

Tong Yao was excited about it after years of dealing with lousy VPN speeds. The sound of Lu Sicheng clicking on the mouse and keyboard made it irresistible for her, who hadn’t touched a computer for a few days, to open the game-- --

She sighed with satisfaction when a familiar sound entered her ears as the sign-in page appeared.

Translated by Team DHH at

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