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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 14 Part 2

Startled, Tong Yao turning around to look up at the face of the man behind her. It was against the light, she couldn’t really tell his expression, only to see him dropping the shoe bag into her basket and said, “Just tell me the rest of the things on your list. You’re not an acrobat. You were almost hanging onto the shelf.”

“You can’t blame me. This is the last pink one. Someone must have hidden it at the back so no one could find it!”


“Hehehe, but I still found it. She must be very angry-- --”

Lu Sicheng watched that self-approving smile on her face and suddenly remembered something. He paused, then finally spoke in surprise, “......did you do the same thing at the supermarket next to the hotel we stayed for the Spring Finals? You hid a bottle water on the back of the highest shelf-- --”


Seeing the smile frozen on Tong Yao’s face, Lu Sicheng sighed in disbelief, “That was you again.”

“..........................What do you mean by that? How do you know? Ah! You were that thief who stole my water!”

“Who’s a thief.” Lu Sicheng took the basket from Tong Yao and walked towards the cashier. He took a bag of chips at random while speaking without turning his head, “Did the bottle have your name on it?”

“I hid it first! I saw it first!” Tong Yao quickly kept up with him.

The man in the front sneered, “You call that hiding.”

“Why wasn’t it hiding!”

“Hiding things in the supermarket, are you a little kid?”

“I just don’t want others to get it!”

“......In those two days, I thought I was besieged by a whole bunch of shorties. It turns out it’s only you.”

“What shorties besieged you. Speak nicely!”

Tong Yao watched the cashier scan all the merchandises in her basket. It was 374 RMB in total. Before she could take out her purse to pay, Lu Sicheng had already taken out a card and handed it to the cashier-- --

Tong Yao widened her eyes and hurriedly said, “Wait, I can pay for my……”

“There’s my stuff in it too.” Lu Sicheng took out the bag of chips and carried the rest as well. Tong Yao followed him out of the store and wanted to say something. In the end, she could only came up with the words, “Thanks.”

Lu Sicheng looked at the ill-at-ease girl behind him and thought what a difference she was from those people at the base who always claimed, “Cheng Ge has money, Cheng Ge pays.” He said to her, “Then buy everyone a midnight snack tonight.”

Tong Yao nodded her head like chicks pecking the rice.

“Let’s go to that private hot pot place, the one that costs 1000 RMB a person.”

Tong Yao pause, her expression stiffened.

“I’m kidding.” Lu Sicheng stuff the bag of chips, which he had opened but only took one chip out, into Tong Yao’s hand. “Hot and spicy hot pot will do, plus some celtuce and potato slices.”


Tong Yao cautiously finished the bag of chips on the way back to the base under Lu Sicheng’s threat, “If you leave a single crumb in my car, I’ll throw you into the ocean.”


Translated by Team DHH at

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