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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 14 Part 4

She keyed in her password as usual, however, she felt someone was staring at her from behind, burning two small holes into her back. She turned around and saw Little Fatty eagerly looking at her…...Tong Yao chuckled, “Little Fatty, let’s play duos.”

Little Fatty got what he had hoped for and happily agreed.

At this time, Lu Sicheng, with eyes still fixed on his computer screen, suddenly spoke, “Shorty, do you know why except during training time, ZGDX bot never plays duos?”

“Who are you calling shorty…..I don’t know.” Tong Yao was confused, “Why?”

“You’ll know soon enough.” Lu Sicheng said lightly.

Tong Yao watched him for a while then shrugged. She accepted the invitation from Little Fatty and entered duo queues with him……………………

-- --To be more precise, she got on board of his hearse.

After a few hours of playing, Tong Yao finally understood what Lu Sicheng meant earlier. Little Fatty was a trouble maker. While playing with him, Tong Yao had an eye opening experience of his fancy champion pool. There wasn’t any champion that he couldn’t use for playing support.

The result was that Tong Yao had successfully pushed her ranking from Challenger down to Master after playing hard between the time she came back from her shopping trip in the afternoon till ten o’clock at night-- --

After they finished the last round, amidst Little Fatty’s howling, “I’m going to drop to Diamond 2,” Tong Yao also didn’t know what to say after seeing her points drop from 600 to 400+. She rubbed her stomach, “I’m hungry. Let’s order some food?”

Everyone agreed immediately.

They left their computers to gather around the table. Tong Yao ordered the hot and spicy hot pot per Lu Socheng’s request, plus the celtuce and potato slices-- --After the food got there, they all happily started eating while casually chatting.

Though Tong Yao was new, after playing games with them the whole afternoon, she got to know them well by now. She conversed with them easily. Soon the topic changed to why Tong Yao chose her ID-- --

“Why did you call yourself Smiling?” Jungler Old K asked. “Because you’re optimistic? You just got dragged down 200 some points by Little Fatty and didn’t punch him. You’re really optimistic.”

“Say that again? !” Little Fatty stared at Old K with food in his mouth.

“It’s because when I started playing games, I especially liked an ex-ADC player Smiling from WE.” Tong Yao excitedly put down her chopsticks and dreamly said, “I was so sad when he retired with regrets. I swore to myself that I’ll make sure this ID, Smiling, would come back onto the international scene again. So I use this ID!”

“Typical fangirl behavior.” Lu Sicheng commented, “A somewhat higher level fangirl.”

“You’re a fanboy.”

“Smiling was the ADC. You’re a mid, what are you doing being a fan of his.”

“Why isn’t a mid allowed to be a fan of an ADC? I also like you. As long as it’s a superb player with upright professionalism, I like them all.” Tong Yao blurred out.

Lu Sicheng was a little bit taken back. He raised his head to take a look at Tong Yao but didn’t say anything more.

Silence fell on the table. Then Lu Sicheng dropped his chopsticks and stood up, saying that he was full. He went back to his computer…...The four people left at the table looked at each other. Tong Yao lowered her voice to ask, “Did I say something wrong?”

Old Cat shook his head.

Little Fatty also shook his head.

Old K sighed and was about to say something, but was interrupted by Lu Sicheng’s cold voice-- --

“Shorty, come play duos after you finish eating.”

Tong Yao was shocked and widened her eyes in confusion.

Old K finally found the chance to talk. He sticked out his thumb and sighed, “I was going to say that you just kissed up to him at the right point. I’m truly impressed.”

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