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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 11 Part 1

It was a sunny day.

In an upscale residential community, the house with the distinctive ZGDX club logo stood out from the others.

Inside the house, it was also different from an ordinary residential house. In the spacious living room on the first floor, 7 computers were set up with 6 young men of various ages each sitting at a computer. The youngest one looked like a highschooler. The oldest one was no older than 22 or 23 years old…...All these young men were doing the same thing-- --

The crisp sound of mice clicks echoed in the room.

On each keyboard, slender fingers danced around making a mechanical rhythm.

Their youthful faces reflected on the computer screens with little emotion. While inside the monitors, the champions controlled by these young men were sweeping away all obstacles to victory-- --

After a while, the sound of a nexus collapsing emanated from the computer at the corner. One of them had finished the game. It was a 17 year old young man with bright red hair. He blew out a long breath and looked around at his teammates-- --everyone else was still focused playing their own game, no one was paying attention to him.


The red hair sighed, clicked open the news page of League of Legends out of boredom, and the bold lettered headline caught his eyes-- --

[Breaking away from tradition. After the first female professional player from the North American region plays in the league, ZGDX from the Chinese region follows suit!]

The red hair loudly read the news.

No one paid attention to him.

[Number one of the Chinese server at 17, the challenger on the Korean server at 18, the genius mid teenage girl who stands on top of more than 99% of male players!]

The red hair tried the second line.

Still, no one bothered with him.

[ZGDX spent a lot of time and energy to reach Smiling and persuaded her to be the first female professional player in the Chinese region by joining ZGDX. ZGDX has promised her to be their primary mid on the team.]

The red hair read the third line.

No one responded, still.

[Smiling indicated that there’s no gender difference in playing professionally. She couldn’t understand why male players have always been the top players in the game. She pointed out straightforwardly: If one really tries hard, a girl will be as good as the boys.]

The red hair tried again with the fourth line.

This time, he got a response-- --

The handsome young man sitting next to him glanced at him. The man looked gloomy, with heavy dark circles under the eyes and an unshaven face. He looked totally different than the image in his publicity photos. He used a cold voice when speaking to red hair, “Old Cat, your shouting is giving me a headache.”

“......Captain, my Cheng Ge, this girl is our new mid.” The red hair pointed to his own computer screen, “Show a little bit of interest here. She might be arriving tomorrow.”

Lu Sicheng didn’t seem very interested, “En. With her little beast.”



Three goldfish swam around inside the little fish bowl next to Lu Sicheng’s computer.

Translated by Team DHH at

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