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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 11 Part 2

Old Cat stared for a while at the big god who seemed worn out. Then as if he had guessed something, he stretched his head to look at the screen on Lu Sicheng’s computer-- --

Just as he had suspected, on the screen, the match was still going on yet the champion Lu was playing was standing at the fountain.

Old Cat: “Cheng Ge, if you keep being afk[1], your ranking will drop.”

“I can get it back.” The man lazily took his hands off the keyboard and said with his magnetic low voice, “I won’t let this idiot get points by clinging onto my coattail.”

As he spoke, he brought up the stats page for Old Cat to see-- --

As the ADC, Lu had 11 kills, 3 deaths, and 5 assists while his mid teammate had 0 kills, 11 deaths, and 3 assists.

“This idiot got killed at mid then came to bot to feed. I can’t kill faster than he keeps dying.” Lu Sicheng said casually, “Go report him, the reason is that he’s too stupid.”

Old Cat: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “Diamond one is hell.”

Old Cat: “Let me tell you something more hellish. The day after tomorrow is audit day for your stats. To avoid a deduction from your salary, you still need 100 more points plus three promotion matches.”

-- --ZGDX checked the statistics every month on its members. Everyone had to be at the Master tier on the LoL Korean server, otherwise, there would be a twenty percent salary deduction for each rank less.

Old Cat sympathetically said, “Ever since they enforced the new rule, you haven’t gotten a full salary yet.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Old Cat: “Then don’t go afk. Remind yourself that it costs you a thousand RMB each time you do it, that’ll help.”


Lu Sicheng was quiet for a moment then he pointed at Old Cat’s screen-- --

He heard a clicking sound, a new game had appeared on his screen. Old Cat scrambled to click confirm and began another ranked game-- --

At that moment, someone knocked on the door of their base.

Old Cat, who was pondering which champion to choose, didn’t raise his head, “Maybe it’s take out delivery or something, Mr. Captain, would you please answer the door.”

“I’m busy.”

“Don’t fool me. You’re busy saving money for our boss.”

Lu Sicheng glanced at his own screen, the enemy was already attacking his nexus. He frowned slightly, pushed away his keyboard, and then sluggishly walked towards the door-- --

He opened the door.

He saw a 18 year old, short hair girl standing outside the door, who reached only up to his chest. When the door opened, she stopped knocking-- --

Then she raised her head and met the eyes of the man standing behind the door.

There was five seconds of silence.

The young girl’s dark pupils suddenly brightened up. She stood straight, raised her hand, and waved so fast that her fingers were indistinguishable, “Ahhh, it’s Cheng Ge, it’s Cheng Ge. I didn’t expect you will be the one answering the door. Why are you opening the door? How are you, I’m-- -- ‘

The door shut with a loud thud.

The door had been slammed shut before she could finish her sentence.

Inside the house.

Old Cat craned his neck, “Why did you close the door? Who is it?”

“A fangirl came to Gank[2] the base.”

Standing behind the closed door, the man answered without any emotion. He paused as if to recall something, then slowly added, “And without any makeup.”

[1]: Just in case nobody knows, AFK means “away from keyboard.”

[2]: Gank is the term for an ambush in League and other MOBA games.

Translated by Team DHH at

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