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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 10 Part 2

[maomaomao: New mid little sister! How are you!]

[ZGDX, xiao rui: Hello.]

[ZGDX, k: Welcome to the team.]

[round fatty: Aiyo, look who’s here! The new mid! Smiling, we’re going back to the base now, when are you coming? Are you coming with us? I haven’t met you yet!]

[ZGDX, ming: I just retired and you guys are welcoming the new…...Aiya, I’m so angry!]

[ZGDX, xiao rui: Don’t whine, Ming god. You aren’t going anywhere, just a data analyst for the team…...And Little Fatty, we haven’t gotten the girl’s room ready yet. Are you going to let her sleep in the bathtub if she comes with us now?]

[smiling: Hehehe, how are you all! Actually, I just want to ask if I can keep my cat at the base. I heard that other teams would let cat stay at the base if there’s no one allergic to cats.]

When she reexamined her message, she felt that it might have been a bit intrusive…...Just as she was thinking of deleting it, she saw replies like, “No problem.”, “What kind of cat? How old? Male or female?”, “I love cats.” Tong Yao was so surprised that she was about to thank the friendliness of her teammates, when another line popped out at the bottom of the screen-- --

[fhdjwhdb2333: No way.]

Tong Yao, “......?”

Who was this gibberish guy?

[fhdjwhdb2333: There’s something that’s allergic to cats.]

Tong Yao, “......”


Tong Yao disappointedly cast her eyes downwards.

[smiling: If that’s the case, then forget about it……]

[round fatty: Wait, it doesn’t make sense, Cheng Ge. How come I don’t know that there’s something allergic to the cat at our base?]

Cheng Ge?

Lu Sicheng?

So the gibberish guy was Lu Sicheng.

Tong Yao blinked and remembered that harsh face. She lost any will to fight back and started to type a new message “then, let’s forget about it since Cheng Ge is allergic to cats”, but before she could finish typing, a few more messages appeared-- --

[fhdjwhdb2333: There is.]

[fhdjwhdb2333: My goldfish.]

Tong Yao, “......”



Tong Yao was stupefied.

[ZGDX, xiao rui: Cheng Ge, don’t make trouble.]

[fhdjwhdb2333: ? I care very much for my goldfish. They’re like my sons.]

Tong Yao, “......”

She had no words to describe him.

Tong Yao wiped her face and heard in the distance the sound of a tall statue called ‘Lu Sicheng’ slowly crumble in her mind……  She really wanted to post screenshots of their chat online to tell the whole world that the Cheng Ge they all admired was actually an idiot who treated creatures with only 7 seconds of memory as sons-- --

[ZGDX, xiao rui: Don’t mind him. You can bring your cat here.]

[fhdjwhdb2333: ?]

[ZGDX, xiao rui: You have something to say?]

[fhdjwhdb2333: What if that cat eats my sons?]

[ZGDX, xiao rui: Buy some more. You can’t afford it? Smoke less, the money you save can buy a whole school of fish. By the way, did you sneak out to smoke again? When everyone had gone back to their rooms, you were the only who was lagging behind. And when you came back, I could smell the smoke which you tried to cover with liquid soap……]

[fhdjwhdb2333: I hate cats.]

[ZGDX, xiao rui: Then?]

[fhdjwhdb2333: I hate you too.]

[ZGDX, xiao rui: I like you. Thank you for saving three thousand RMB for the club. I’ll let the accounting know about the deduction in a while.]

Tong Yao, “......”

What followed was a discussion about “whether Lu Sicheng smoked or not just now.” Everyone acted as if they were third grade students…...Tong Yao couldn’t bear to look at them and got off WeChat. She opened a bag of potato chips to munch on in order to calm herself down. Then she called home to have the cat shipped over to Shanghai.


Three days later, Tong Yao headed out to the ZGDX base with a suitcase in one hand and a cage with Dabing inside on the other hand.

She found herself excitedly riding inside the taxi. Her heart, which had been quite calm in the past few days, was throbbing again…...All she could think was “I’m going to play professionally. Damn, I’m going to be playing professionally. Aiyo, why am I so awesome, I’m playing professionally.” She couldn’t stop herself from sending a post on Weibo-- --

[smiling: Going over to ZGDX base! ZGDX, Smiling are coming together… be continued.]

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