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Chapter 95: Showdown between Symbol Masters

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s words, Lin Xiao was shocked. Just as he was about to say something about it, he saw the serious face before him and the words stopped at his lips. The current Lin Dong gave him an entirely different feeling from before. Faintly, Lin Xiao could sense a sort of pressure emanating from his son’s body.

That kind of pressure was exactly the same as the one from Gu Ying!

“I really never expected that I would encounter such a young Symbol Master in this tiny Qingyang Town.”

While Lin Xiao was shocked, Gu Ying’s gaze also concentrated on Lin Dong’s body. Moments later, a trace of surprise bubbled up on the originally ridiculing expression as Gu Ying slowly said.

“Symbol Master?”

At these words Lin Xiao’s and Luo Cheng’s hearts skipped a beat as they stared in disbelief at Lin Dong. Although they were familiar with Lin Dong’s progress in his Yuan Power cultivation, they had never known or found out that Lin Dong was actually also a Symbol Master!

“Symbol Master…Could it be that the mysterious Symbol Master who had probed Father’s strength in the Steel Wood Manor was not someone else but actually Dong-er?” Lin Xiao was evidently one of the more quick-witted in the older generation. In an instant, he recalled the mysterious Symbol Master who made his move in the Steel Wood Manor that day. Immediately, he let out a sigh of relief, yet at the same time, he did not know whether to laugh or to cry after attributing it to Lin Dong’s mischievous character as a youngster.

“If that mysterious Symbol Master from that day was really Dong-er, then his current strength is probably enough to contend against a Initial Yuan Dan Stage expert…”

Lin Xiao clearly remembered Lin Zhentian’s assessment of the mysterious Symbol Master that day. At once, pride and gratification soared in his heart, again feeling somewhat astonished. No one could have predicted that Lin Dong not only had an overwhelming talent in Yuan Power, but also possessed a literally terrifying gift in the illusionary-like Mental Energy. The fact that the Lin Family was bestowed with such a descendent was truly a blessing from the heavens.

To one side, Luo Cheng’s gaze also concentrated on Lin Dong for a short period as he deeply sighed in his heart. At this time, even considering his temperament, an unbounded admiration rose in his heart. Having such a descendent in the Lin Family meant that they would definitely not be contained to this tiny Qingyang Town in the future.

Faced with Lin Xiao’s and the rest’s shocked gazes, Lin Dong currently did not have anytime to explain. His eyes were peeled onto Gu Ying. This was the first time he had encountered a true battle between Symbol Masters and the opponent before him was no ordinary Symbol Master but a 2nd Seal Symbol Master!

This was a rather much stronger level compared to Lin Dong’s. However, from the previous exchange, the other party should have advanced to the 2nd Seal only recently. Else even Lin Dong would find it extremely troublesome to cope with this opponent.

“Father, go help the others.” Lin Dong softly said.

“Okay, you be extra careful.”

At this time, Lin Xiao also understood that he would be of little help even if he stayed. Since Lin Dong was also a Symbol Master, even if he were unable to defeat Gu Ying, it would still be possible to restrict Gu Ying for a while. And during this time, if the two Heavenly Yuan Late Stage experts were free to deal with the Lei and Xie Families, it would be no small blow to the latter.

As these words were said, Lin Xiao and Luo Cheng exchanged a quick look before very cautiously retreating. Gu Ying shot a glance towards the duo, the two ominous swords by his side slowly rotating in mid-air. His finger twitched, yet he in the end he stopped his hand and concentrated all his attention on the youngster before him.

Though Lin Dong looked to be a youngster, Gu Ying was able to sense a rather strong Mental Energy undulation from the former’s body.

“You should currently still be a First Seal Symbol Master right? To be able to reach this step at such an age is really no mean feat.” Gu Ying’s finger lightly wiped across the blade before him as he smiled in an indifferent manner.

“In the future, you will probably grow strong. However, the current you is not my match…furthermore, I myself do not like to leave any loose ends. Today, assisting the Lei Family to wipe out your Lin Family has already resulted in a huge grudge. Thus, don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Towards the end, the smile on Gu Ying’s face grew increasingly wide and all the more frightening.

In response, Lin Dong was silent and did not reply to the other party’s words. The Destiny Symbol in his Niwan Palace was currently throbbing like a live heart.


Accompanying this rhythmic throbbing, powerful Mental Energy also slowly spread out from Lin Dong’s mind. In an instant, it embraced the entire hall as the tips of his feet slowly floated up half an inch into the air.

The abrupt pressure from this Mental Energy undoubtedly caused a moment of silence in the chaotic hall. Immediately, gazes were cast towards that youngster’s back and when they saw that the youngster was floating half an inch above the ground like Gu Ying, they could not help but violently gasp in a breath of cold air.

“Symbol Master…”

*That brat from the Lin Family is actually a Symbol Master!”

Many of the factions looked at each other in dismay. Just how much power did this Lin Family conceal? A Initial Yuan Dan Stage practitioner and a Symbol Master. This kind of strength would be rather considerable even in Yan City!

It was only now did they realise that  it turned out, the victor of this clash had yet to be set in stone. The power that the Lin Family was gradually displaying once again the originally tilted scales to slowly shift once again.


At the center of the hall, palms and fists filled with an insane amount of power violently clashed. The resulting overflowing force blew outwards in the form of a gale, directly ripping apart the floor as Lin Zhentian and Lei Bao were forced to retreat few steps backwards.

The two figures stabilized themselves before once again charging forward with ominous glints in their eyes. In that instance, they also both felt that Mental Energy pressure that pervaded the air at which they were both shocked as they hastily turned their heads. When they found that the source of the Mental Energy was actually a familiar figure, the expressions on their faces abruptly changed.

“Such a strong Mental Energy, this…is this Dong-er’s?”

Lin Zhentian was somewhat dumbstruck as he stared at the youngster’s figure. Even he felt some pressure and also a sense of familiarity from that powerful Mental Energy.

Familiarity? At this thought, Lin Zhentian was stunned for a moment. He quickly regained his wits, a strange expression on his face: “This naughty brat, to think that he actually kept hiding it. He must have been the one who was probing me with Mental Energy that day. This is really too much…”

Although he could not decide whether to laugh or cry in his heart, a pleasant surprise thickly colored Lin Zhentian’s eyes. The assistance of Gu Ying which the Lei Family had managed to obtain was a huge variable. A 2nd Seal Symbol Master would be extremely hard to deal with even for himself. Fortunately, their Lin Family still had the most secretive Lin Dong…

“Haha, Lei Bao, did you really think that you would be able to destroy my Lin Family after obtaining a helper?” Lin Zhentian’s gaze turned to look at the ugly expression on Lei Bao’s face and coldly chuckled.

“Heh, you sly old man, what are you so happy about. So what if that little bastard is a Symbol Master? Do you really think he can compare to Gu Ying? Since the brat has revealed his hand, Gu Ying will naturally take care of him. Let’s see if you still have anything to be happy about when that brat is killed!” Even though Lei Bao was initially shocked, he quickly regained his calm and shook his head in ridicule of Lin Zhentian. Lei Bao did not believe that Lin Dong had reached the level of being able to contend against the 2nd Seal Symbol Master Gu Ying!

Lin Zhentian’s heart slightly shuddered. Although Lin Dong had hidden his abilities rather deeply, his current enemy was incomparable to those at Lei Pi’s level.

“Let us wait and see!”

Lin Zhentian’s face did not betray the trace of worry he felt in his heart. Without further ado, he chuckled as two of his fingers curled up and thrust towards Lei Bao, a strong gale following the attack. In response, the latter hastily gathered his full power and prepared to receive the blow.

“This brat should only be a 1st Seal Symbol Master right? But why is his Mental Energy so powerful?”

Gu Ying was likewise surprised by the Mental Energy that had spread out from Lin Dong’s mind,  but soon after, the killing intent in his heart grew even thicker. Gu Ying was a ruthless character, since he had formed a grudge with another, he needed to thoroughly destroy this opponent to avoid any future trouble!


In the same instance when this intention surfaced in his mind, the two handle less blades by Gu Ying’s side transformed into two after images as they shot towards Lin Dong’s throat and heart respectively like a burst of lightning.

However, the swift blade attack that seemed exceedingly difficult to dodge from Lin Xiao’s and the rest’s viewpoint did not seem impossible to ward off under Lin Dong’s Mental Energy observation. Immediately, his finger jabbed out as a few “Shattered Yuan Shrapnel” burst out. Joined together in a line, the head of one touching the tail of another, they heavily slammed against the blades, directly deflecting the attack.

“This brat has a decent control.”

After the blade was blocked, Gu Ying’s figure flashed and appeared before Lin Dong. Both of Gu Ying’s eyes flashed as a strong Mental Energy ferociously dashed towards Lin Dong.


The noiseless Mental Energy collided and then exploded in front of Lin Dong. Immediately, the two figured shuddered. A Mental Energy clash was much more dangerous than Yuan Power clashing. A single misstep would very likely result in serious and lasting repercussions.


The collision between Mental Energy caused Lin Dong’s eyebrows to furrow. Yet, excitement burned in his eyes. This was the first time he was part of a Symbol Master battle, thus everything felt fresh and exciting for him.

As the shout echoed out, Lin Dong did not retreat but instead took the initiative to attack. Like how Gu Ying had done it previously, Mental Energy fiercely rushed towards the latter. At the same time, the “Shattered Yuan Shrapnel” that revolved around his body also darted at Gu Ying’s whole body in succession like a viper.

The two figures were like a hurricane as they exchanged blows in the huge hall at rapid speed. Wherever they passed, the Mental Energy clashes caused some of the unlucky bystanders to turn deathly white.

As the fight continued, Gu Ying’s expression gradually turned more and more serious. He had discovered that although Lin Dong’s Mental Energy usage at the start was rather crude, as time elapsed, the latter seemed to be constantly improving how he manipulated Mental Energy. That level of power became increasingly stronger until in the end, even Gu Ying was forced to bring out his full might.

“This brat’s Mental Energy is absolutely unlike that of a First Seal Symbol Master’s!”

Yet another collision of Mental Energy caused the two’s bodies to tremble in response. Gu Ying’s figure hastily retreated, a cold light shining from his eyes. Strong Mental Energy gushed out from his mind, yet this time, it did not transform into a shock wave and blast out. Instead, it rapidly condensed in front of him.

“Brat, though your Mental Energy is strong, the way you use it is still shallow. This is your current weak point. However, you no longer need to care about it in the future!”

The corners of Gu Ying’s mouth formed into a sinister smile as the Mental Energy before him actually slowly condensed into an illusionary stake-like shape that was as thick as a finger.

This time, the Mental Energy was no longer illusionary but instead, it’s form was faintly discernible!

Evidently, Gu Ying truly intended to kill!

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