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Chapter 94: Revealed

“Symbol Master?!”

The expressions on Lin Xiao and the rest turned extremely tense at the same time. This Lei Bao was indeed an old cunning fox to have made such thorough preparations. It seems like this “Grandmaster Gu” was a helper from Yan City.

“Father, could this man be the person that has been spying on our Lin Family lately?” Lin Xiao approached Lin Zhentian as he softly asked.

When Lin Zhentian advanced to Initial Yuan Dan Stage, he was probed by a mysterious Symbol Master. Now that they saw this Symbol Master that was hired by the Lei Family, Lin Xiao naturally linked the two together.

“I am not sure.”

Lin Zhentian shook his head. His current facial expression was not as calm as before. This move by Lei Bao had vastly exceeded his expectations. Even though he did not know which tier this grandmaster Gu belonged to, the fact that Lei Bao treated him with such respect, indicated that he should be at least a 2nd Seal Symbol Master. A Symbol Master of that level was not so easy to handle, even if it were himself. Furthermore, there was also another Initial Yuan Dan Stage Lei Bao to worry about!

The situation that seemed promising had instantaneously reversed itself!

This sudden development caused the rest of the factions in the large hall to silently swallow their breaths. The fact that the Lei Family could hire such a powerful man to assist them showed that they were indeed the most well established faction in Qingyang Town.

“Haha, I never expected that I would actually encounter two Initial Yuan Dan Stage experts in such a backwater place like Qingyang Town. It seems like this place has a rather good Feng Shui.” The middle aged man, dressed in yellow robes, smiled as he stared at Lin Zhentian.

“May I inquire your name? Today’s issue concerns only the Lin and Lei Families. If you would stand aside, I will double what the Lei Family is paying you!” Lin Zhentian solemnly said.

“My name is Gu Ying. I am the deputy head of Yan City’s Blood Cloth Sect and a 2nd Seal Symbol Master.”

That middle aged man looked at Lin Zhentian with a peculiar expression on his face and said: “The compensation that the Lei Family has promised me is 60% of the profits from the Yang Yuan Stone Mining Lode within the Steel Wood Manor. If your Lin Family wishes to give the Steel Wood Manor to me, I will gladly stand aside.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Zhentian and the rest’s expressions turned even uglier. The Blood Cloth Sect was a pretty formidable faction in Yan City. They never expected that they would actually interfere in the matters of Qingyang Town. Isn’t the Lei Family worried that they would invite trouble…

“With regards to your request, I am afraid our Lin Family cannot agree.” Lin Zhentian secretly signalled to the rest, warning them to remain cautious.

After hearing these words, that Gu Ying simply spread out his hands. His smiling expression caused them to feel a chill in their hearts. A man with a vicious look was not scary, what was truly scary, was a smiling tiger like him.


To one side, Lei Bao also released a weird laugh. With a wave of his hand, all four doors of the giant hall was jolted open immediately. The troops from the Lei and Xie Families quickly flooded into this area. The murderous glint on their blades instantly dissipated the joyous atmosphere from before.

When they saw the Lei and Xie Families’ formation, the rest of the factions were also stunned. Immediately, they all began to retreat and discreetly band together to prevent the Lei and Xie Families from attacking them.


Just as the Lei and Xie Families made their move, a sharp whistle was quickly blown by Lin Xiao. Immediately, a rumbling signal echoed out from outside the manor.

Soon after the signal was released war cries began to echo out outside the Lei Family estate. Evidently, the Lin Family and Raging Blade Dojo troops were rushing in.

Right now, both side were at war!

“Today, our Lei and Xie Families will only target the Lin Family and the Raging Blade Dojo. We hope the rest of you will not interfere, if not I, Lei Bao, will personally visit you in future!”

When he heard the sounds of battle outside, Lei Bao’s face turned increasingly cold. He strode forward, his stern gaze sweeping across the rest of the factions as he coldly shouted.

When they heard his shout, most of the other factions immediately nodded their heads. After all, be it the Lei and Xie Families, or the Lin Family and the Raging Blade Dojo, they could not match up. Therefore, they definitely did not want to be involved in this conflict.

“Lin Zhentian, we have struggled against each other for years. Today, it’s finally time to settle everything once and for all! A man like you, who was chased out by his own Lin Clan, does not have the qualifications to climb above my Lei Family!” When he saw that the rest of the factions had obliged, Lei Bao coldly chuckled as he turned to face Lin Zhentian and declared.

“Whether we have the qualifications is not for you to decide. Besides, if you want to wreck my Lin Family, your Lei Family should be prepared to pay the price in blood!” In that instance, Lin Zhentian’s face turned extremely dark. All these years, for the sake of his family’s survival, he had suffered the Lei and Xie Family. Today, it was time for him to relieve himself!

“Hehe, very good. I shall see if a useless dog like you, who was banished to my Qingyang Town, has the capability to speak so haughtily!”

Lei Bao released an angry laughter as a thick Yuan Power gushed out from his body and quickly undulated around both of his arms. Faintly, one could discern an extremely

potent white energy streaming out from his pores.

This white energy seemed weak. However, anyone with a sharp eye could tell that this matter had the power to break down metal and stone!

“Pure Yuangang Energy!”

When Lin Dong saw this scene, his eyelids involuntarily twitched. Once a person had advanced to Yuan Dan Stage, the Yuan Power in his Dan Tian would be compressed into a more potent and lethal energy. This energy was far more powerful and lethal than ordinary Yuan Power and it was termed as Pure Yuangang Energy. In fact, it’s offensive and defensive abilities far exceeded that of Yuan Power.

In fact, it could be said the Pure Yuangang Energy was a Yuan Dan Stage expert’s most powerful weapon!

When Lei Bao made his move, he immediately utilized Pure Yuangang Energy. Evidently, he would go at it seriously from the start. After all, he knew that the reason why the Lin Family dared to oppose them was because of Lin Zhentian’s existance. Once he got rid of Lin Zhentian, the rest of the Lin Family would be like a bunch of ants, waiting to be squashed by him!

“Grandmaster Gu, please take care of the rest of the Lin Family and Raging Blade Dojo members!”

Pure Yuangang Energy Energy bubbled forth as Lei Bao released a deep roar. Promptly, he stomped on the floor and his body immediately dashed towards Lin Zhentian. Along the way, due to his extreme speed, the surroundings tables and chairs were blown to pieces, making his attack seem all the more terrifying.

Even though the appearance of a 2nd Seal Symbol Master disadvantaged the Lin Family and the Raging Blade Dojo, now that matters had escalated to such a stage, there was no room for retreat. Thus, the only way to survive was a fight to the death. After all, based on Lei Bao’s character, even if they surrendered, the Lin Family and the Raging Blade Dojo would be utterly wiped out.

“You guys be careful!”

Therefore, faced with Lei Bao, who was menacingly charging towards him, Lin Zhentian did not shrink back and instead softly shouted at Lin Xiao and the rest. An extremely potent Pure Yuangang Energy undaunted on both of his fists. In an instant, he violently burst forward and viciously collided against Lei Bao.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

In the moment when both fist and palm exploded together, an extremely powerful shock wave was generated at the epicenter. Like a hurricane, the force caused everyone’s faces to recoil in pain and even the air rumbled as the shock wave passed through!

A battle between Yuan Dan Stage practitioners was far more spectacular that of the Heavenly Yuan Stage!

As they stared at the two figures clashing against each other, several people secretly muttered among themselves. Based on the strength of that shockwave, even if a Heavenly Yuan Late Stage expert joined in the duel, he would likely face his demise. The Yuan Dan Stage indeed deserved its reputation.


While Lei Bao personally dealt with Lin Zhentian, an sinister smile appeared on Xie Qian’s face. He released a soft roar, immediately taking charge of the rest of the elites in the two families and dashing towards Lin Xiao and the rest.

“Everyone, be careful!”

When they saw Xie Qian and his men approach, Luo Cheng and Lin Xiao simultaneously let out a fierce roar. Immediately, both of them strode forward almost at the same time as a powerful Yuan Power exploded forth and blew against Xie Qian and the rest.

“Two Heavenly Yuan Late Stage practitioners?!”

Xie Qian and the rest stared in shock at Lin Xiao. They had never expected that over this period of time, the latter had managed to improve and advance to Heavenly Yuan Late Stage!

“Haha, its only Heavenly Yuan Late Stage, what’s there to be surprised about?” Just as Xie Qian and the rest were stunned, a shadow clothed in yellow robes gently floated in front of Lin Xiao and Luo Cheng. His casual tone delighted Xie Qian and the rest.

“Leave these two guys to me. You guys quickly dispose of the rest.” Gu Ying smiled at Lin Xiao and Luo Cheng before turning his head to instructed Xie Qian and the rest.

“Haha, then we shall leave it to you grandmaster Gu!” Xie Qian smiled in return, releasing an eerie laughter at Lin Xiao before leading the rest of the team around the two.


Upon seeing that Xie Qian and the rest intended to go avoid them, Lin Xiao and Luo Cheng snorted. They exchanged a glance and in a flash, the both of them dashed towards Xie Qian.


However, just as the two of them prepared to make their move, suddenly, from their corner of their eyes, they could sense a powerful force directed towards them. That crafty angle caused the two of them to retreat several steps before they were able to avoid the attack.

Gu Ying had his arms crossed at this chest. Two blades were circling around his body like a pair of snakes while his feet were actually half an inch off the ground. A powerful and formless energy wrapped around his body, causing Lin Xiao and Luo Cheng to feel an immense pressure.

“I’m afraid country bumpkins like you have never seen the power of a Symbol Master. Guess today will be an eye-opener for you two.” Gu Ying looked at the duo, ridicule in his eyes. He thrust forward his finger and the two blades encircling his body immediately transformed into two white flashes as they viciously flew towards Lin Xiao and Luo Cheng.

“Watch out!”

The speed of the blades were astonishingly quick. Even Lin Xiao and Luo Cheng could only see a flash before they immediately sensed a icy cold aura directed towards them. Instantly, the two of them hurriedly retreated.


When he saw the two of them evade the attack, Gu Ying laughed in an indifferent manner before his Mental Energy undulated and spread out, viciously slamming into Lin Xiao’s and Luo Cheng’s bodies. Soon after, the two of them became slightly absent minded and their movements became sluggish.


In the instant when the duo were dazed, the sharp blades once again flew towards them. And when the two of them recovered their senses, the tip of the blades were already mere centimeters away from their throats, ready to pierce through!

“A boring fight.”  Gu Ying smiled at their bewildered expressions, his fingertip shook as both blades prepared to thrust through their throats.


Just as the blades were about to penetrate Lin Xiao and Luo Cheng’s throats, suddenly two black shadow violently flew out and precisely collided with the tip of the blades, causing the two blades to be forcefully blow away.


This sudden development caused Gu Ying, Lin Xiao and Luo Cheng to be shocked. As they turned to look, they saw two black shadows spinning in mid-air before flying somewhere behind them.

The three of them followed the flight trajectory of the black shadows, only to see a young man peacefully standing behind. Right now, several black shadows were slowly rotating around him.


When he realized the person’s identity, Lin Xiao immediately shouted out as shock filled his face.

When he saw Lin Xiao’s expression, Lin Dong felt a little resigned. After all he did not want to reveal himself. However, now that the Lei Family had managed to obtain the assistance of a Symbol Master, he was forced to show his hand…

Lin Dong eyes were tightly peeled on Gu Ying, who was still slightly shocked, as a cold light flashed in his eyes. The latter’s methods were indeed vicious and he clearly intended to kill Lin Xiao and Luo Cheng.

The young man lifted his hand,and pointed at Gu Ying before he softly said: “Father, leave him to me…”

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