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Chapter 96: Destiny Soul Symbol

“Mental Energy materialization?”

As he stared at that object rapidly taking shape in front of Gu Ying, Lin Dong was stunned. Even though most of what he knew of Mental Energy was found out by his own trial and error during cultivation, he had still heard of how powerful Mental Energy materialization was.

Of course, based on Gu Ying’s current strength, he was obviously unable to fully materialize Mental Energy. Nonetheless, this attack was still very powerful. If this blow landed on a Heavenly Yuan Late Stage expert, he would very likely suffer critical mental damage. Compared to a physical wound, such damage was several times more devastating.

Thus, when he saw Gu Ying utilizing this skill, Lin Dong’s facial expression turned exceptionally serious. At the same time, the black shadows that were circling around his body, swiftly shot towards Gu Ying in an attempt to halt the attack.

“Ding Ding!”

In response to Lin Dong’s disruptive attempt, Gu Ying remained calm and composed as he deftly pointed his fingers. The blades around him danced like glowing swirls as they deflected all of the Shattered Yuan Shrapnels.

“Little boy, later on I will show you a Symbol Master’s ultimate secret technique!”

That needle-like object became increasingly condensed. Immediately, Gu Ying chuckled at Lin Dong as the former’s finger viciously jabbed forward!

“Materialized Spirit Needle!”

After Gu Ying shouted, that needle-like object instantly started buzzing. It shuddered slightly for a moment and with a swoosh sound, it turned into a beam of light and violently flew towards Lin Dong.

Upon seeing the “Materialized Spirit Needle” flying towards him, Lin Dong felt a chill run up his spine as he hastily retreated. Meanwhile, with a swing of his hand, nine Shattered Yuan Shrapnels burst forward and heavily clashed against the “Materialized Spirit Needle”.


In the split second right before they collided, that light beam passed through the nine Shattered Yuan Shrapnels at a terrifying speed and continued flying towards Lin Dong without a fall in pace!

When he saw that that light beam had directly penetrated the shield he made using Shattered Yuan Shrapnel, Lin Dong’s facial expression slightly changed. The Destiny Symbol in his Niwan Palace started to vibrate violently as a powerful Mental Energy quickly gathered before him and formed a Mental Energy barrier.

When facing a Mental Energy attack, one must use Mental Energy to defend!


Just as Lin Dong’s Mental Energy barrier formed, that light beam arrived in flash and ferociously slammed onto it!

This time, when it encountered the Mental Energy Barrier, the light beam finally slowed down. However, it still flew at a steady pace towards Lin Dong’s forehead.

Drips of sweat were now pouring down Lin Dong’s cheeks as his eyes stared unblinkingly at that incoming light beam. Streams of Mental Energy continuously gushed out from the Destiny Symbol inside his Niwan palace. Like a quagmire, it wrapped around that deadly beam and tried to forcefully slow it down.

At a distance away, both of Gu Ying’s fingers were pointed out as he added more Mental Energy onto that light beam, trying to breakthrough Lin Dong’s defense. Right now, both of them were practically competing directly to see whose Mental Energy was stronger!

Both of them were suddenly eerily quiet. Yet no one dared to step near on account of their previous terrifying exchange.

Both of Lin Dong’s eyes were peeled onto that flickering light beam that was directed towards him. As that beam got closer to him, Lin Dong could feel an increasing sense of  danger. He knew that if this object penetrated into his mind, not only would his Destiny Symbol be forcefully destroyed, but after which, no matter how talented he was in Mental Energy, he would never be able to accomplish anything in it ever again.

“Killing me won’t be so easy!”

At this crucial moment, Lin Dong’s heart flared up. He urged on the Destiny Symbol in his Niwan palace as it shook violently, as if he wanted to forcefully squeeze out all of his Mental Energy and actually managed to slowly push back the light beam.

“Why is this brat so difficult to deal with?!”

Faced with this deadlock situation, Gu Ying was stunned. He could not understand why Lin Dong, a First Seal Symbol Master, was able to match up to him in terms of Mental Energy.

“I, Gu Ying have lived through countless battlefields. I don’t believe that I can’t handle a snot-nosed brat like you!”

In the face of such a stalemate, Gu Ying felt slightly enraged. If the other fellas at Yan City knew how far he had been forced by a mere boy, he would definitely be mocked endlessly.

As red-hot anger boiled in his heart, Gu Ying suddenly bit his tongue, two light beam shooting out from his eyes. Immediately, these two light beams formed into two Symbols!

This Gu Ying had actually summoned his own Destiny Symbols from his Niwan Palace!

After summoning his Destiny Symbols, Gu Ying laughed at Lin Dong before he shouted out. Immediately, waves of Mental Energy emerged from these two Destiny Symbols and viciously flew towards Lin Dong, who was still trying to hold back the “Materialized Spirit Needle”.

When he witnessed this scene, Lin Dong was also shocked. Just as he contemplated on how to handle this situation, the Destiny Symbol in his Niwan Palace suddenly began to vibrate violently. Immediately, Lin Dong lost control of it as it directly flew out of his Niwan Palace, and emerged at the center of his forehead.

This sudden development caused Lin Dong’s facial expression to change drastically. He never expected that his Destiny Symbol would actually escape on its own!


Just as his Destiny Symbol appeared, it immediately dashed towards Gu Ying’s Destiny Symbols. As it flew through the air, the Ancient Swirl Symbol began warp rapidly until eventually, to the bewilderment of Lin Dong and Gu Ying, it warped into a palm-sized vortex.

“Destiny Soul Symbol?!”

The change in the Ancient Swirl Symbol did not invoke any special response from Lin Dong. However, that Gu Ying began to panic as he shouted out. Immediately, he tried to recall his two Destiny Symbols.

However, just as he attempted to recall his Destiny Symbols, that vortex viciously dashed over. A suction force emitted from it and under this suction force, Lin Dong could clearly feel that the Mental Energy contained within Gu Ying’s Destiny Symbols, were actually being sucked into that swirl.

This situation caused Lin Dong to gasp in surprise. Even though he did not know much about Mental Energy, he had never heard of anyone’s Destiny Symbol possessing this horrifying ability.

“Buzz Buzz!”

Under the suction force of that swirl, Gu Ying’s Destiny Symbols began to dim rapidly. Meanwhile, his physical body was also affected and he spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Even though with a somewhat distorted expression on his face, he gritted his teeth and desperately retreated with his two Destiny Symbols in tow. Finally, they escaped the range of the vortex and rapidly returned to his Niwan Palace.

When Gu Ying’s Destiny Symbols returned to his Niwan Palace, that swirl distorted yet again as it transformed into an simple-looking Symbol before it rapidly flew back. Then, as it hung over just above the center of Lin Dong’s forehead, it released a suction force and absorbed that “Materialized Spirit Needle” before leisurely returning to Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace.

The instant his Ancient Swirl Symbol returned, Lin Dong vividly felt a more powerful Mental Energy quickly spreading out from the symbol.

“This Ancient Swirl Symbol absorbed Gu Ying’s Mental Energy and gave it to me…”

When he sensed this, Lin Dong’s hands began to tremble involuntarily. He had never expected that this Ancient Swirl Symbol he had chanced upon actually possessed such a unique ability.

“Most Symbol Masters can only condense Destiny Symbols. I have never heard of a Destiny Soul Symbol… Could it be due to that object?” As Lin Dong recalled Gu Ying’s screams, he began thinking to himself.

“You actually have a Destiny Soul Symbol?!”

While Lin Dong was muttering to himself, Gu Ying once again opened his mouth. Although his face was pale, his eyes were peeled on Lin Dong, a burning greed contained within.

“Boy, hand me this Destiny Soul Symbol cultivation method and I will help your Lin Family destroy the Xie and Lei Families. I don’t want any other reward. Just that! How about it?”

The corners of Lin Dong’s eyes twitched. Before the dueled, he already knew that this person was rather shrewd. However, he never expected such a shrewd person would actually spew such silly words at this time. It seems like this Ancient Swirl Symbol was indeed special.


Lin Dong’s eyes lit up as he slightly smiled. At the same time, he rapidly walked forward as he took out a piece of jade and offered it to Gu Ying.

Lin Dong’s actions caused Gu Ying to leap for joy. However, just as he took two steps forward, he suddenly realised the situation that he was in. His enemy was no fool, why would he hand over such an important item so easily?


However, just as he stopped mid-step, a powerful force was directed towards him. Two shadows shot towards his chest in a flash.


At this critical moment, Gu Ying immediately utilized his blades to deflect the attack. However, just as heaved a sigh of relief and planned to retreat, an exceptionally powerful Mental Energy attack was instantaneously directed towards him. It violently bombarded his mind, causing his entire head to buzz. Meanwhile, the two Destiny Symbols in his Niwan Palace turned completely dark.

Though he was only dazed for that tiny moment, when Gu Ying woke up again, the young man’s face was already inches away and in his hand, a shadow ruthlessly thrust forward.

“Stop! I will not interfere in your affairs anymore!”

Right now, every hair in Gu Ying’s body stood up as he smelt his impending doom at which he hastily shouted out.

Lin Dong’s facial expression did not change. Without any signs of stopping, the razor-sharp Shattered Yuan Shrapnel in his hand immediately turned into a black shadow as it mercilessly pierced Gu Ying’s throat.

“Grand Master Gu, it’s too late. You should not have interfered in our affairs!”

A sharp pain emerged as a youth’s voice sounded out in Gu Ying’s ears.

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