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Chapter 931

A Discussion in the Night


Bang bang!

Majestic Yuan Power swirled as it rose around Lin Dong. As Yuan Power collided against each other, they emitted a deep muffled sound, which spread across the surface of the sea into the distance.

A faint white light rose from within Lin Dong’s body. The Life Qi within the white light was even purer than the Life Qi contained in the Core Spiritual Birth Serum. Yuan Power whistled within his body before they greedily merged with those traces of white light.

After merging, Lin Dong’s aura, which had initially halted, once again rose wildly. The Yuan Power within his body whistled like a pinwheel. His Yuan Spirit sat within his Dantian, as it continuously devoured the majestic Yuan Power…


Lin Dong’s aura continued to rise. Suddenly, a soft breaking sound seemed to have appeared from nowhere. His aura also seemed to be like a mighty eagle which had just broken free of the thunder clouds, and absorbed the spacious landscape within its eyes.

Advance Profound Life stage!

After receiving this so-called gift from Mu Lan, Lin Dong had finally taken this step forward and advanced into the advance Profound Life stage!

The white light surging within Lin Dong’s body suddenly withdrew swiftly after he had completely advanced into the advance Profound Life stage. Finally, it turned into a crystal glow and disappeared within Lin Dong’s Dantian.

At this moment, Lin Dong’s mind had submerged into his Dantain. He was able to see a thumb-sized white coloured crystal body quietly floating within it. There was also a relatively large Life Qi ripple vaguely spreading from within it.

Clearly, the current Lin Dong was unable to completely refine and absorb this gift from Mu Lan. It was likely that the Life Qi crystal would assist him again, when he wanted to make another breakthrough.


Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened up at this moment. A trace of light flashed over it and appeared to tear through the dark night.

A cluster of white vapor was emitted through Lin Dong’s throat. He could sense the floodwater like Yuan Power coursing through his body, which eventually fell into a silence like a sleeping lion. A smidgen of excitement involuntarily flashed across his face.

I have finally advanced into the advance Profound Life stage…


A clear laughter sounded from beside Lin Dong. He turned his head and saw Mu Lan lying on the back of his whale. Both his hands were placed behind his head, while his handsome face contained a smile.

“Elder, thank you for your help.”

Lin Dong cupped his hands together and said. He was naturally able to sense the origin of the Life Qi crystal within his body. Who else could form such powerful and pure Life Qi other than an elite expert, who had reached the Samsara stage?

Mu Lan grinned. The night wind blew his long blue hair, causing him to appear relatively suave. He looked at Lin Dong and said, “It is because your foundation is as solid as a rock. Otherwise, I would not have intervened as it may end up destroying your foundation. Furthermore, Qing Zhi will definitely duke it out with me once he knows about it. Since he has passed the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill to you, it is likely that he expects a great deal from you.”

“Elder Qing Zhi has also done me a favour before and I wish to repay him should I have the opportunity to do so.” Lin Dong said.

“You should improve yourself before mentioning this. I know that you hold many secrets. However, at the very least, you must step into the Profound Death stage before you have the qualifications to come into contact with people at our level.” Mu Lan laughed.

Mu Lan’s eyes swept over Lin Dong’s body in a somewhat surprised manner as he said. When he implanted that Life Qi crystal into Lin Dong’s body previously, he could vaguely sense that the latter seemed to possess many things that even he could not probe deeply…

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He was aware that Mu Lan had perhaps sensed something within his body. However, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, the Ancient Universe Formation and Ancestor Stone within his body were no ordinary objects. If one was to really discuss about them, they likely possessed a greater origin that Mu Lan. The latter was able to vaguely sense them, but unless Lin Dong actively cooperated, he was still unable to probe deeply into them.

“I heard Qing Zhi mention the things you did in the Eastern Xuan Region. Tsk tsk, I truly don’t know where you find that courage from. You actually dare to challenge the three great sect chiefs of Yuan Gate. Those are three elite experts who have reached Samsara stage…” Mu Lan changed the topic and said.

Lin Dong smiled in embarrassment. He said, “My hands were tied. I can’t simply allow myself to be caught, can I?”

Mu Lan stood up. His eyes narrowed slightly and said, “Yuan Gate… that is a relatively powerful sect within the Eastern Xuan Region. Many years ago, the Chaotic Demon Sea also had an overlord faction, which started a war with them. However, they were eventually unable to gain any ground.”

Lin Dong was slightly stunned. Clearly, he did not expect that the Yuan Gate actually possessed such a reputation even in the Chaotic Demon Sea.

“However, that sect…”

Mu Lan curled his lips. A darkness flashed across his narrowed eyes as he said, “There seems to be something amiss…”


Lin Dong was a little loss as he looked at Mu Lan. Clearly, he did not understand what the latter meant by ‘amiss’.

“I once came into contact with Yuan Gate… haha, perhaps it is just a mistake. However, you should be cautious if you wish to exact revenge in the future.” Mu Lan waved his hand though he did not dwell on this topic.

“Elder, thank you for your reminder.”

Lin Dong nodded. Currently, he was not powerful enough to think of taking revenge. However, owing to his typical cautious behaviour, he still chose to keep Mu Lan’s words carefully in his heart.

“Besides, you should be cautious when you head to the Sky Lightning Sea Region this time around. Although not many people knew the route to the Sky Lightning Sea Region in the past, once news about the cave of a Reincarnation stage expert spread, it would likely attract countless number of experts. However, there are only three silver towers to enter the cave. Since they would not dare to target the Mysterious Sky Hall and the Nine Serene Gate, you will be their ideal target.” Mu Lan continued.

“Has the news already gotten out?” Lin Dong was slightly startled. It was nothing if it was merely news of the cave’s existence being spread, however, how did the others come to know the route to the Sky Lightning Sea Region?

“The Mysterious Sky Hall and the Nine Serene Gate spread the word?” Lin Dong quickly recovered. Only three parties were aware of the route. Since it was not him who had spread the news, it was definitely the two other parties.

“Yes. Although I do not know why they purposefully spread the news to attract so many people to the Sky Lightning Sea Region, these large factions are all extremely cunning. They would not take any action without thinking it through.” Mu Lan nodded and remarked.

Lin Dong’s eyes revealed an expression of deep thought. Mu Lan was correct. It was best for there to be as little people as possible involved in this treasure hunt. However, the Mysterious Sky Hall and the Nine Serene Gate had acted in an opposite fashion and they definitely had their own reasons for doing so. It seems like he would have to be careful when heading over there. Otherwise, he might end up falling into their trap…

“That’s right, elder Mu Lan… I have a question I don’t know if I should ask.” Lin Dong suddenly recalled something. He glanced at Mu Lingshan by the side, who was in a deep sleep, before asking.

“Huh?” Mu Lan looked at Lin Dong with some doubt in his eyes.

“It seems like Lingshan’s constitution is a little unique?” Lin Dong hesitated for a moment before involuntarily speaking. He has been puzzled over how Mu Lingshan was able to provoke the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in his body for a while.

Lin Dong’s words had just sounded out when he immediately saw Mu Lan’s expression change slightly. Promptly, the latter stared at him and said, “It seems like the secrets that I have sensed within your body should be the… Ancestral Symbol, right? Or perhaps… it is the most mysterious symbol amongst the eight great Ancestral Symbols, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol ?”

Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk at this moment. He did not expect that a simple question actually allowed Mu Lan to deduce so much information. Moreover, the latter even guessed the exact Ancestral Symbol which he possessed…

Mu Lan stared at Lin Dong. His expression appeared a little complicated as he muttered, “No wonder this little girl likes to follow you… I see…”

“Does Lingshan really have a relationship with the Ancestral Symbol?” Lin Dong softly asked.

Mu Lan’s expression was in flux. Finally, he waved his hand and said, “Perhaps you will come to learn of these matters in the future. However, I cannot tell you about it.”

“Take good care of this girl.”

Mu Lan patted Lin Dong’s shoulder. He uttered a sentence with a deep meaning, which only caused Lin Dong to frown tightly. After which, he turned his head and glanced at the pretty little girl, who was deep asleep under the moonlight.

Lingshan, what relationship did she have with the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his body?

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