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Chapter 932



Due the presence of an ultimate Samsara stage expert like Mu Lan, the journey to Sky Lightning Sea Region was extremely smooth. The chief of the Demonic Wind Cave, Wu Xuan, did not appear again. It was likely that he understood that he was unable to touch the Lin Dong duo with Mu Lan guarding them. All he could do now was to gnash his teeth and swallow the matter of having lost the silver tower. After all, the strength of his Demonic Wind Cave could not compare to the Immortal Sage Whale clan…

Of course, although the journey was considered smooth sailing, there was still some unavoidable trouble along the way. After all, the Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale they were riding on was far too eye-catching. Such a sea beast was usually extremely valuable. If it was captured and sold in an auction, the price it fetched would not be any less than a Pure Yuan treasure.

It was precisely because of this, their group had ended up attracting the notice of some pirates. These pirates actively killed and robbed people on the sea all year round, and each and every one of them were extremely ruthless individuals. Some of them were famous even in the entire Chaotic Demon Sea.

Their eyes undoubtedly turned blood red after seeing only three people riding the Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale.

However, these so called vicious pirates had undoubtedly kicked an extremely hard metal plate this time. All of those who charged forth while brandishing their blades with faces filled with murder, were directly swept to the bottom of the sea in the next second, never to surface again…

After several groups had perished into the sea, some of the pirate groups finally seem to understand that those three individuals on the whale were no virtuous saints. This was especially the case after a relatively well known pirate group’s three advance Profound Life stage leaders were buried at the bottom of the sea with a wave of Mu Lan’s sleeve. Fear finally shattered the greed within the eyes of those pirates as they began to flee.

News quickly spread while these pirates fled. Subsequently, all the pirate groups withdrew wherever the mysterious whale passed. Evidently, these people who frequently engaged in bloody battles clearly understood that these three were people they could not afford to offend. It was best for them to obediently withdraw.

With no more hindrances, the Lin Dong trio’s speed once again. They travelled across the sea for around twenty days in this fashion, before they finally reached the south western part of the Chaotic Demon Sea. Furthermore, they also gradually neared their destination, Sky Lightning Sea Region!

A huge whale broke through the waves over the azure mirror like sea, as the crashing sound of water clearly echoed over the surface of the sea.

Lin Dong sat on the back of the whale. His body was still as a statue, while his pitch-black eyes peered into the distance as he suddenly smiled. “One more day and we should be able to reach the Sky Lightning Sea Region.”

“Oh? We’re arriving?” Mu Lingshan quickly became excited upon hearing these words. It was likely that she could not wait to join in the fun.

Lin Dong grinned and nodded. Their almost month long journey had exhausted him substantially. Fortunately, they were being carried by the mysterious whale. Otherwise, this journey would be extended by at least two to three times if they tried to cross the sea by themselves.

“We are finally arriving.”

Leisurely enjoying the sun on the whale’s back, Mu Lan also chuckled upon hearing this. He extended his slender hand to block a ray of sunlight. After which, he got up and said, “Since we are arriving, it is also time for me to leave.”

Lin Dong smacked his lips after hearing that Mu Lan was leaving. He felt a little regretful. It would be great if such a powerful helper could follow them to the Sky Lightning Sea Region…

However, Lin Dong merely kept such thoughts in his mind. Mu Lan’s protection during this journey had saved them a great deal of trouble, and the latter also had matters that he needed to attend to. It would be a little too much for him to have such delusions. Lin Dong would never be able to do such things given his character.

“This journey has inconvenienced elder Mu Lan.” Lin Dong spoke sincerely towards Mu Lan. Mu Lan had not only helped them chase away a powerful individual like Wu Xuan, but had even aided him in breaking through to the advance Profound Life stage. Such kindness would be remembered by Lin Dong.

“What trouble is there? I still have to trouble you to take care of this little girl.” Mu Lan waved his hand and laughed in a clear and bright manner.

“No worries elder, you can be certain that I will not allow anyone to hurt Lingshan as long as I am still alive.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together and spoke in a solemn voice.

“Ha ha, I can be reassured with these words of yours.”

Mu Lan stood up. After which, he once again rubbed Mu Lingshan’s little head beside him and said, “Lass, obediently listen to your brother Lin Dong. Do not cause any trouble.”

“I know.” Mu Lingshan shook her head and dodged Mu Lan’s hand. She drew out her words as she replied in a dissatisfied manner.

“Ha ha, I will take my leave first. Lin Dong, hopefully you will be able to gain something in that Reincarnation stage expert’s cave dwelling.”

Mu Lan once again laughed heartily. He did not say anything else, as his body moved and swept into the sky. He seemed to teleport as he flashed in the southern direction, and swiftly disappeared into the horizon.

“That naggy old man is finally gone!”

Mu Lingshan immediately exhaled deeply after seeing Mu Lan disappear into the distance. Her small hands were quickly placed on her hips, as she heartily laughed at the sky. However, that clear chime like laughter was a little comical no matter how one heard it.

Lin Dong was amused as he watched the suddenly lively Mu Lingshan, and involuntarily shook his head. After which, he looked towards the south west where their destination lay.

Now that there was no longer an ultimate expert like Mu Lan present, he would need to rely on himself for the rest of the journey… however, Lin Dong preferred such a feeling…

Due to them approaching Sky Lightning Sea Region, both Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan decided to allow the Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale to return to the ocean after a brief discussion. Although it was an extremely good mount, it was far too large in size, and was far too eye-catching. Moreover, they did not have Mu Lan with them. Hence, it was best to keep a low profile.

After abandoning the Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale, the Lin Dong duo’s speed was reduced. However, they still managed to reach the outer regions of Sky Lightning Sea Region on the third day.


Lin Dong floated in the air as he peered into the distance. The sea there had suddenly turned from blue to pitch-black. Moreover, the sky was filled with endless black thunder clouds. Lightning shuttled within them like dragons, while thunder deeply rumbled.

This sight was exactly the same as what Lin Dong had seen in the silver tower!

Lin Dong observed this sea region, which was black to the point of being frightening, as his heart involuntarily began to beat faster. He had constantly imagined this day ever since he had obtained information about this second Ancestral Symbol back then in Yan City…

After so many years, the second Ancestral Symbol was finally becoming increasingly close.

“Brother Lin Dong, there are many people nearby.” Mu Lingshan’s large eyes looked around her and could not help but remark.

At this moment, rushing wind sound appeared from time to time at the outer area of this Sky Lightning Sea Region, as numerous light rays shot past in the sky. Evidently, these were all experts who were attracted by the Reincarnation cave dwelling.

Lin Dong’s brows knitted slightly upon seeing this scene. He truly did not understand exactly what Mysterious Sky Hall and Nine Serene Gate were planning. To actually attract so many experts over.

“There is a large amount of auras presences gathering in front of us. We should head over first and take a look.” Lin Dong lifted his head and peered into the distance. An island was faintly discernible. Those human figure light rays in the sky were also gathering there.

Although Lin Dong really wished to head to the Reincarnation stage expert’s cave dwelling immediately, he clearly understood that there were a total of three keys to open the cave. He only had only one of them in his hands. Hence, he would need to work with the Mysterious Sky Hall and the Nine Serene Gate if he wished to enter…

Lin Dong’s figure swiftly rushed forward after his voice sounded, while Mu Lingshan immediately followed behind him.

The two of them swept across the sky. After ten minutes or so, the large island finally appeared in their sights. Countless rays of light crossed each other in the sky above the island, appearing like a net of light. It was extremely magnificent.

At the middle of the island was an ancient stone city, which was currently filled with people. The noise from it broke the previous silence of this place.

The Lin Dong duo gently landed in the majestic city. However, moments after he landed in the stone city, a slight tremor was emitted from the silver tower within his Qiankun Bag.

The activity of the silver tower caused Lin Dong’s eyes to harden a little. After which, he slowly lifted his head, and looked at the only stone tower within the city. There seemed to be two figures quietly seated on the most eye-catching spot on the island.

The source of the shaking of the silver tower was from them.

A black clothed man on the stone tower suddenly lifted the corners of his mouth into an arc. He gently put down the teacup in his hand. After which, he lifted his head and looked at the soul stirring white clothed beauty in front of him as he smiled and said, “It seems that the person we are waiting for has arrived…”

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