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Chapter 930



“Has elder met elder Qing Zhi before?” Lin Dong looked at Mu Lan in front of him with some surprise.


Mu Lan grinned and nodded. His eyes swept over Lin Dong as he laughed, “I seldom see him think so highly of someone from the younger generation. Little fellow, it seems that you are a little extraordinary.”

Lin Dong chuckled modestly. He did not know how Qing Zhi had evaluated him, however, he felt some gratitude towards the latter. If it was not because the latter had tore apart space and lent a hand back then at Unique Devil City, it would likely be extremely difficult for his two brothers and himself to escape from the hands of the three great sect masters of Yuan Gate.

If he had the opportunity to do so in the future, he would repay this debt. Although he was aware that Qing Zhi was already a pinnacle existence in this world, Lin Dong believed that he would also be able to reach that level one day. The only thing he needed was time.

“Third grandpa, why are you here?” Mu Lingshan came over and asked.

“Little girl, it is all because of the trouble you have caused… earlier, I received some information about the Blood Demon Shark clan. I was afraid that something had happened to you, so came out to take a look.” Mu Lan helplessly said.

“Those smelly sharks from the Blood Demon Shark clan managed to find me, and I was even struck by a seal of that old bastard, Chen Liao. If it was not for brother Lin Dong’s help, I would have landed in the hands of those fellows.” Mu Lingshan spoke angrily.

An icy expression immediately flashed across Mu Lan’s eyes after he heard these words. He rubbed Mu Lingshan’s head, and softly said, “Chen Liao huh? You can be rest assured that third grandpa will personally find trouble with that person. Currently, the Blood Demon Shark clan is really becoming increasingly wild and bold. They even dare to touch a member of my Immortal Sage Whale clan. Looks like it’s time to teach give them a beating…

“However, it is indeed a little dangerous for a little girl like you to be outside…”

“I do not wish to return!” Mu Lingshan shook her head rapidly like a rattle before Mu Lan could finish speaking. Her small face was filled with a dissatisfaction and resistance.

Mu Lan was helpless, and could only gently try to convince her. However, Mu Lingshan seemed to have already made up her mind. Lin Dong found the way they were arguing to be a little comical. He shook his head and ignored them. His body landed on the mysterious whale, sat down and started recuperating.

The argument between the two lasted for a couple of minutes. After which, Lin Dong saw Mu Lan smiling bitterly as he pulled the grinning Mu Lingshan and landed.

“Little friend Lin Dong. This girl insists on travelling with you. Hence, I hope that you can help take care of her.” Mu Lan cupped his hands towards Lin Dong and said with a smile.

Lin Dong was startled for a while, before he looked at Mu Lingshan. The latter was repeatedly trying to send him a message with her eyes. Lin Dong immediately chuckled and said, “Elder Mu Lan is too courteous. Lingshan and I are friends. If she really wishes to travel with me and you have no objections to her doing so, I will naturally have no complaints.”

“Then I’ll have to thank you first.”

Mu Lan also smiled and said, “I have received a request from Qing Zhi, and have to attend to some matters with him. Hence, I cannot bring this girl along.”

Lin Dong nodded. Although he was a little curious as to what these top experts were planning to do, he did not probe further.

“I heard Lingshan mention that the both of you are heading to the Sky Lightning Sea Region?” Mu Lan changed the topic and asked.

“That’s right. We have snatched a silver tower from the Demonic Wind Cave, and it seems to be a key for a cave left behind by a Reincarnation stage expert. We wish to head over and see if we will have any lucky encounters.” Lin Dong did not hide anything, as he explained with a smile.

“The Sky Lightning Sea Region is indeed a little unique… it is not surprising that there really is a Reincarnation stage expert’s cave dwelling there.” Mu Lan thought for a moment before commenting.

“Does elder Mu Lan know of the Sky Lightning Sea Region?” Lin Dong was a little startled. It was an unknown sea region after all, and very few were aware of its location. Otherwise, why would the matter of the cave dwelling start to get around only recently.

“We are from the Sea Demon Tribe, and we naturally have a much smoother time navigating this Chaotic Demon Sea than you humans.”

“Why not elder Mu Lan come with us. With a powerful person like you around, it is likely that no one will be able to compete with us.” Lin Dong joked.

Mu Lan also laughed upon hearing this. He quickly shook his head and replied, “I might know of the Sky Lightning Sea Region, but I have never entered. That sea region seems to have a seal on it. Those who are too powerful will instead be unable to enter.”

Lin Dong was a little taken aback. He did not expect that the Sky Lightning Sea Region actually had such a restriction. However, this was just as well. If his competitors were too powerful, it was likely that there would not even be leftovers for them. Even less needed to be said about the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol…

“According to what I know, there are a total of three keys to the cave, which is the silver tower that you have snatched. The remaining two silver towers have appeared in other sea regions, and it is rumoured that they already have owners.” Mu Lan said.

“Oh? Who have managed to obtain them?” Lin Dong could not help but ask. He needed to understand a little more about these potential competitors.

“Mysterious Sky Hall and Nine Serene Gate…” Mu Lan replied with a chuckle. “They are relatively powerful factions within the Chaotic Demon Sea. It looks like it will not be easy for you to gain a share from the cave.”

“Mysterious Sky Hall… Nine Serene Gate…”

Lin Dong eyes hardened slightly. Even though he had only recently arrived in the Chaotic Demon Sea, he had already heard of the names of these two powerful factions. They were considered overlords in the Chaotic Demon Sea, and were much stronger than the Demonic Wind Cave.

“It is indeed a little troublesome. However, since the Sky Lightning Sea Region restricts those overly powerful individuals from entering, I will have nothing to fear.” Lin Dong grinned and replied.

“You do have some courage. No wonder Qing Zhi has such a high evaluation of you.” Mu Lan laughed. He felt some admiration towards Lin Dong’s courage and fearlessness.

“I will accompany the both of you for a part of the journey. Otherwise, that Wu Xuan might return.” Mu Lan lifted his head to look at the azure sky before declaring.

“In that case, we will have to trouble elder.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together in thanks. With Mu Lan protecting them, he would no longer need to be worried about Wu Xuan. This had undoubtedly allow him to relax substantially. Although Lin Dong was aware that the reason Mu Lan was willing to lower himself to be their guard was mostly because of Mu Lingshan, the friendly manner in which Mu Lan had spoken to him had also left a good impression.


The mysterious whale flapped its tail. After which, its enormous body broke through the waves as it rapidly swam forward. Laughter would occasionally be emitted from the whale’s back…

Night approached, as stars flickered in the dark sky. Mu Lingshan was once again sleeping soundly on the huge whale, while Lin Dong was also quietly seated. Wave after wave of majestic Yuan Power surged around his body like floodwaters, while a drop of emerald liquid floated in his palm. It was the Core Spiritual Birth Serum.


The Core Spiritual Birth Serum gradually descended and entered Lin Dong’s palm. Immediately, dense Life Qi spread. The emerald green light moved along Lin Dong’s arm, and entered his body, causing his body to appear like a large tree filled with life force.

As the Life Qi flowed into his body, the Yuan Power within Lin Dong’s body began to become even more bountiful at a shocking speed. Although the Yuan Power within Lin Dong’s body rapidly increased as the Life Qi was infused into it, there was strangely not even the slightest trace of superficiality in his vigorous Yuan Power…

“What a stable foundation…”

Mu Lan’s expression was slightly altered as he sat on the mysterious whale and looked towards the starry sky. He glanced at the cultivating Lin Dong, as some surprise flashed within his eyes. Normally, one’s Yuan Power would become somewhat superficial when the Yuan Power in one’s body rose in such a dramatic manner. However, the rapidly increasing Yuan Power within Lin Dong’s body still gave off a stable feeling. It was as though the rapidly increasing Yuan Power was still being perfectly controlled by Lin Dong.

Under Mu Lan’s observation, the dense Life Qi within Lin Dong’s body gradually merged perfectly with the latter’s Yuan Power. Hence, the emerald green light slowly faded away. However, Lin Dong still did not completely breakthrough to the advance Profound Life stage. Evidently, even though he had reached the peak of the initial Profound Life stage, it was still a little difficult for him to breakthrough by relying on a single drop of Core Spiritual Birth Serum.

“It seems that he is still a step away…”

Mu Lan looked at the weakening Yuan Power ripple around Lin Dong’s body and laughed softly, “Little fellow, on account of having asked you to take care of Lingshan, I shall give you this gift today.”

Mu Lan extended his hand after his words sounded, as dense Life Qi gathered in his palm. A moment later, it formed a thumb sized Life Qi crystal.

The interior of the crystal was filled with extremely majestic and pure Life Qi. Moreover, its strength had far surpassed what a drop of Core Spiritual Birth Serum possessed.

Clearly, this intervention by Mu Lan was not ordinary.


The Life Qi crystal condensed. After which, Mu Lan flicked his finger, and the crystal turned into a flash of white light that shot directly into Lin Dong’s body.


Lin Dong’s body suddenly trembled after the crystal entered. That originally weakening Yuan Power fluctuation once again unfurled in an even more ferocious manner!

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