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Chapter 929

Two Great Samsara Stage Experts


Above the surface of the sea was a man in a blue robe. He was tall and his azure hair draped over his shoulders, making him look extremely free and easy. However, his expression was currently frosty, and his blue eyes were suffused with coldness as they locked onto the Demonic Wind Cave’s Wu Xuan before him.

“Immortal Sage Whale clan?”

Wu Xuan’s expression first darkened slightly because of the earlier rude words of the blue robed man. However, the expression in his eyes was slightly altered after he heard this name.

The strongest faction within this Chaotic Demon Sea was the Sea Demon Tribe. The Sea Demon Tribe was made up of countless clans, and the Immortal Sage Whale clan was one of the overlord level clans amongst them.

It was very rare for human factions in this Chaotic Demon Sea to have the qualifications to fight against the Immortal Sage Whale clan. At the very least, the Demonic Wind Cave was rather lacking when compared to them…

“Third grandpa!”

At this moment, Mu Lingshan had also recovered. She looked at this blue clothed man who had suddenly appeared, as joy flashed across her large eyes. Soon after, some moisture gathered in her eyes as though she was performing a trick.

“Third grandpa, this bastard says he wants to kill me!”

Mu Lingshan appeared extremely pitiful. Additionally, there was still a trace of blood at the corner of her mouth. Moreover, this little’s girl’s acting skill was really quite good, and it was likely that she had frequently done such things. Hence, anyone would feel some heartache after seeing her appearance.

The blue clothed man lowered his head and looked at this appearance of Mu Lingshan, as a warm smile surfaced on his handsome face. He rubbed Mu Lingshan’s small head and laughed, “Relax, with third grandpa around, no one will be able to touch you.”

He once again lifted his head after his voice sounded. As his gaze turned towards Wu Xuan, the gentleness on his face turned into ice-cold killing intent.

“Since when has the Demonic Wind Cave become so bold? You even dare touch a member of my Immortal Sage Whale clan?”

Wu Xuan knitted his brows. The development of the situation had clearly exceeded his expectations. He had never imagined that this little girl was actually a member of the Immortal Sage Whale clan. Moreover, from the looks of it, she seemed to hold quite a high position within the Immortal Sage Whale clan.

Wu Xuan was clearly a little afraid of this great titan within the Sea Demon Tribe. It was rumoured that the Immortal Sage Whale clan had a true Reincarnation stage expert. Such a foundation was many times stronger than their their Demonic Wind Cave…

Although Wu Xuan was clearly aware of the great strength of the Immortal Sage Whale clan, he was after all also an ultimate expert at the Samsara stage, and could be considered one of the top level individuals within this Chaotic Demon Sea. His expression was naturally a little ugly after being mocked by this blue clothed man.

“These two have snatched something from the hands of my Demonic Wind Cave. Don’t tell me that this chief cannot act to snatch it back? Although your Immortal Sage Whale clan is powerful, do you think that everyone within my Demonic Wind Cave is a softie that can be toyed with?” Wu Xuan laughed coldly.

“Snatch something belonging to you?” The blue clothed man was slightly startled. After which, he glanced at the nearby Lin Dong, as he grinned and mocked, “Your Demonic Wind Cave can be considered to have some reputation in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Yet, your stuff has been snatched by two little children. What else can one say other than that you are useless?”

Lin Dong rubbed his nose. He felt that this blue clothed man was really domineering. Would these words not anger Wu Xuan to the point of throwing up blood?

Lin Dong had this thought in mind as he turned his eyes towards Wu Xuan. Sure enough, the latter’s face had become dark and solemn.

“I have long since heard of the reputation of the Immortal Sage Whale clan. Now that I have meet you today, I will really like to see just how much actual weight this reputation possesses!”

Wu Xuan slowly stepped forward. As he did so, the Yuan Power around appeared to fall into a state of rebelling, as the area within a hundred thousand feet gradually became distorted.

“If you wish to play, I shall accompany you.”

The blue clothed man laughed softly. Soon after, he gently patted Mu Lingshan in his embrace, and a gentle force delivered her towards Lin Dong. After which, he swung his sleeve.


The large ocean immediately churned after the sleeve was swung. Immediately, a huge wave was formed. It directly transformed into a hundred thousand feet large water curtain that rumbled as it floated behind the blue clothed man. That scene was extremely spectacular.

“What power…”

Lin Dong was speechless. These two experts had stepped into the Samsara stage. This level could be considered top tier even within the entire world. This fight between them had even caused the world to change.

“That is my third grandpa, Mu Lan… he is quite powerful. However, first grandpa is even stronger than him.” Mu Lingshan smilingly said beside Lin Dong.

“This is indeed worthy of the Immortal Sage Whale clan…” Surprise flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. This Mu Lan was already at the Samsara stage. If that so called first grandpa was even stronger, would that not mean that the latter had stepped into the Reincarnation stage?

That level was truly the pinnacle existence in this world. He never imagined that the Immortal Stage Whale clan actually possessed such a powerful individual.


Wu Xuan’s expression was cold as he stood in the sky. He suddenly extended his hand. Monstrous black and white Qi came sweeping out from it, and formed a ten thousand feet large black and white python in his hand.


The huge python’s body jerked, and space itself collapsed. That frightening force caused Lin Dong to be a little horrified. It was likely that just a random swing of this huge python would be able to kill a Profound Death stage expert.

“Nine Depths Divine Underworld Palm!”

A low cry was suddenly emitted from Wu Xuan’s mouth. Immediately, black and white light surged in the sky. The black and white large python whistled out in an instant. Although its body was huge, it was as quick as lightning. That enormous body was just like a black and white thunderbolt that rushed towards Mu Lan.

“You do have some ability…”

Mu Lan’s eyebrow lifted as he watched this. Both of his palms rotated, and the hundred thousand feet large wave behind him suddenly rose. It transformed into an enormous blue light whale that stretched on endlessly.

“Ancestor Whale Palm!”

Mu Lan wore a smile on his face as he threw a punch forward. Space collapsed where the palm passed. After which, that blue light huge whale abruptly swept forth. It broke through space itself, and collided with a bang against that giant black and white python.


The world began to show signs of collapsing at the moment of collision, as space swiftly distorted. A storm came pouring down wildly, covering an area of a hundred thousand feet. The sea below had been shaken until a hundred thousand feet large whirlpool was formed. It was a long time later before it was finally filled with seawater.

Lin Dong pulled Mu Lingshan as they withdrew. In spite of this, he still felt a little suffocated in his chest because of this terrifying power, while was shaken inside. A Samsara stage expert was indeed far from what a Profound Death stage expert could compare with…

The storm came pouring down from all over the sky, and it was a long time later before it gradually calmed. Lin Dong lifted his head, only to see the face off between the two figures in the distant sky. Their two formidable auras were like two divine spears that seemed to be able to pierce the world…

It was clearly difficult to determine a victor in such a battle.

Both parties were Samsara stage experts. Unless they used their ultimate attacks, it would be difficult for either party to gain the upper hand.

Wu Xuan’s expression was a little gloomy. However, a long while later, he inhaled a deep breath and calmed the fury in his heart. Given the current situation, he was clearly no longer able to retrieve the silver tower…

“You can forget about taking back that item. Treat it as an apology for injuring my little granddaughter.” Mu Lan laughed towards Wu Xuan.

The corners of Wu Xuan’s eyes twitched as he spoke in a deep voice, “My Demonic Wind Cave will not simply give up on this matter.”

“Oh… regardless of what you plan on doing, my Immortal Sage Whale clan will accompany you to the end.”

Mu Lan shrugged his shoulders. He seemed to smile as his eyes gradually became unusually dark and stern. “However, I should remind you beforehand that if anything happens to Lingshan, there will likely no longer be a need for your Demonic Wind Cave to exist in this Chaotic Demon Sea!”

Wu Xuan’s pupils slightly tightened. He immediately laughed coldly, “Although your Immortal Sage Whale clan is powerful, I’m afraid that it will have to pay a price if it intends to swallow my Demonic Wind Cave!”

He was aware that there was nothing else he could do today after his words faded. Without further ado, he waved his sleeve, causing space to distort as his figure disappeared.

Lin Dong only sighed in relief after seeing this from afar.

“Third grandpa, you are too useless… you can’t even finish him off!” Mu Lingshan was clearly a little unhappy at this result, as she curled her small mouth and said.

“That fellow’s strength is also at the Samsara stage. Do you think I was dealing with a small fry?” Mu Lan was helpless. His body appeared beside Mu Lingshan and smilingly chided, “Little girl, do you know how worried the clan is because you snuck out?”

“That place is so boring…”

Mu Lingshan shook her pigtails. After which she hurriedly pulled Lin Dong beside her and smilingly introduced him, “Third grandpa, this is brother Lin Dong. He has rescued me many times…”

“Greetings elder.”

Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards Mu Lan. He was aware that this person before him might appear to be of similar age to himself, but the latter was actually an old demon who had lived for countless years…

“Ha ha, Lin Dong huh… I have long since heard of this name.”

However, Mu Lan merely grinned and spoke to Lin Dong in a mysterious manner.

“Eh?” Lin Dong was taken aback. This Mu Lan had actually heard of his name?

Mu Lan smiled slightly as he looked at Lin Dong’s lost appearance, before he softly commented, “You are becoming increasingly proficient in the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill…”

Lin Dong was slightly surprised. He suddenly understood something. It seemed that this Mu Lan had met Qing Zhi before…

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