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Chapter 92: The Lei and Xie Families’ Plan

In the Lei Family’s courtyard was an extremely large and spacious hall. Right now, this hall was exceptionally busy as people continuously streamed in, creating a joyous and vibrant atmosphere.

Lin Zhentian and the rest walked into the large hall. Under the astonished gazes of the crowd, they found a spot and settled down.

In the hall, several gazes were now directed to the Lin Family. However, none of them took the initiative to come forward and greet them. Right now, the Lei and Xie Families were on the rise, and since the Lin Family was at loggerheads with them, if they came forward to greet them, they would indirectly offend the Lei and Xie Families, and all of them knew that this would be a terrible bargain.

Due to this fact, the area near the Lin Family suddenly became emptier as several people purposefully avoided them.

Lin Zhentian was rather indifferent towards this situation and did not find it too surprising.

As time flew by, the large hall became increasingly crowded. All the major factions within a hundred mile radius of Qingyang Town continuously streamed in and seated themselves at various positions.

Many of these factions were quite powerful as well. Even though they were weaker than the Lin Family, if they were to ally among themselves, they would definitely become a force to be reckoned with.

After most of the factions had arrived, a commotion suddenly erupted near of the hall’s entrance. Soon after, another crowd of people directly walked inside.

“The Raging Blade Dojo has arrived.”

After they saw this large crowd of people entered, the crowd began to murmur among themselves.

When he heard this commotion, Lin Dong also turned to look. Immediately, he saw Luo Cheng’s familiar figure and standing behind him, was Wu Yun, whom he had not seen in a long time.

After the Raging Blade Dojo entered the large hall, their gazes quickly settled on the Lin Family. A scary smile surfaced on that scar-ridden face as Luo Cheng brought his group before stopping in front of the Lin Family, to the bewilderment of the crowd.

“Old Master Lin, it seems like your body is still robust.” Luo Cheng clasped his hands as he greeted Lin Zhentian. Then, his eyes immediately scanned the latter. Promptly, his heart began to tremble slightly. He could faintly sense an oppressive aura from the latter’s body. This was a novel sensation that he had never sensed before. It seems like the Lin Family had spoken the truth. The current Lin Zhentian had indeed successfully advanced to Initial Yuan Dan Stage.

“Haha, Master Luo looks well too.” Lin Zhentian smiled as he replied.

While Luo Cheng and Lin Zhentian were conversing, Wu Yun also approached Lin Dong. After he carefully sized up the latter, he finally muttered in a soft voice: “Hey, I heard from my Master that you seemed to have dealt with Lei Xing…” Towards the end, Wu Yun made a movement as if to slit his throat with his hand.

Lin Dong gently smiled and casually nodded his head.

“Damn, you are fierce!” After he saw Lin Dong nod his head, Wu Yun involuntarily rolled his eyes. The current him had undergone a period of intense training before he had managed to advance to Earthly Yuan Middle Stage. At first, he had thought that his progress was rather fast, however he never expected that the current Lin Dong could already kill a Heavenly Yuan Stage expert.

After he saw that depressed expression, Lin Dong smiled as he changed the topic.

After Lin Zhentian and Luo Cheng conversed for a while, they dragged Lin Dong, who was talking happily to Wu Yun, away and seated him down.

After Luo Cheng and the rest took their seats, the din in the large hall reduced. Soon after, a commotion erupted outside the large hall. Then, Lei Bao, who was dressed in black silk robes, walked into the giant hall with a smile as his face, followed by a huge entourage of Lei and Xie Family men.

Evidently, Lei Bao had a high standing in Qingyang Town. Once they saw him appear, several factions immediately stood up and began to congratulate him.

Lei Bao was obviously very pleased with this. as the wrinkles on his face bloomed like chrysanthemums.

Behind Lei Bao, Xie Qian and the other core family members also smiled in return.

Once Lei Bao appeared, Lin Dong immediately concentrated on the former. Soon after, he involuntarily furrowed his eyebrows. Though he did not know why, he could feel that the current Lei Bao was different from before.

Just as Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows, Lei Bao, Xie Qian and the rest walked past the Lin Family. At that moment, the entire hall turned silent as everyone turned to look.

Lin Zhentian was seated calmly as he kept his eyes on the table, as if he did not see Lei Bao and the rest. Meanwhile, he gave no indication that he was going to congratulate them.

Since Lin Zhentian was acting in this manner, Lin Xiao and the rest were naturally seated as well. It was as if they had all turned blind.

After witnessing this scene, the smile on Lei Bao’s face dimmed. Immediately, an icy glint surfaced in the rest of the Lei and Xie Families members and the surrounding atmosphere began to turn slightly strange.

However, this strange atmosphere did not last for long. After Lei Bao casually turned to look at Lin Zhentian and the rest, he immediately led the rest of his people away as he unexpectedly chose not to clash with them directly.

When they saw that both parties chose to ignore each other, many people secretly sighed in their hearts. However, they were perplexed that the Lin Family actually dared to slight the Lei and Xie Families. After all, compared to these two families, the Lin Family still had some catching up to do.

Lei Bao sat on the most central seat in the hall before he jovially said: “Today is an auspicious day for our Lei and Xie Family. I, Lei Bao would like to thank all of you for  kindly gracing us with your presence. Today is a festive occasion for the young people. Without further ado, let the wedding begin.”

Lin Dong yawned. He was hardly interested in the wedding. However, he was curious to find out why the Lei and Xie Family had staged such a large event. If they were only planning to announce their alliance through marriage, it was not worthwhile to do it this way.

The rest of the day was rather boring. The lead characters of the day, Lei Li and Xie Yingying, first respectfully greeted their elders, before they were taken by their respective elders to greet the rest of the guests.

Even though the Lei and Xie Families were highly prominent, most of the people present were highly reputable members in Qingyang Town. Hence, most of them were hardly interested in a wedding of two younger generation members. Yet many of them remained vigilant as they observed. After all, they knew that the Lei and Xie Families did not host such a huge event merely for this wedding.

Under this lively, yet peculiar atmosphere, Lei Li and Xie Yingying left the scene. Soon after, everyone in the crowd began to turn to look at Lei Bao, who had a smile plastered across his entire face.

As if he knew that he once again became the focal point, Lei Bao faintly smiled as he finished the glass of wine in his hand. Then, he stood up and loudly proclaimed: “Today, I have invited all of you here, first, to celebrate the marriage union between our Lei and Xie Families. Next, is to propose a deal.”

“The main attraction has started.” Lin Dong, who was almost bored to death, instantly woke up when he heard these words.

“Haha, I wonder what plans Old Master Lei has?” In the large hall, several people chuckled as they asked.

“There are several major factions within a hundred mile radius of our Qingyang Town. I don’t mean to offend, but most of them are quite insignificant. If one wishes to become a significant faction, one must expand to Yan City. I am sure everyone here must know how lucrative Yan City is. Comparatively speaking, our Qingyang Town is practically a dumpster.”

“However, even though the potential profits in Yan City are enormous, if we wish to grab a share, none of us would be able to do it alone. Therefore, after some discussion, our Lei and Xie Families have set up a small business union. This time, we have invited everyone here, because we want to welcome you to join our business union and share the profits!” Lei Bao laughed as he said.

As Lei Bao’s laughter echoed across the hall, the scene gradually turned quiet. Several eyebrows were slowly furrowed. They had never expected that the Lei and Xie Families would form a business union, and now they are actually trying to rope everyone else in too.

In a way, wouldn’t they all become subordinates of the Lei and Xie Families? This… was simply too absurd, right?

“That old fellow, must have lost his mind…”

Lin Dong shook his head as he muttered in his heart. Even though the Lei and Xie Families had some standing in Qingyang Town, they had not reached the level where thousands would respond to their call. Disregarding the fact that this business union may not actually be profitable, which faction here would willingly submit to the Lei and Xie Families?

Therefore, this proposition sounded a little comical. The Lei and Xie Families were still not in such a commanding position…

Indeed, as Lin Dong expected, after Lei Bao finished his words, a figure stood up and said.

“Old Master Lei is wise and ambitious, hugely surpassing myself. However, I merely wish to tend to my little bit of property. The profits from Yan City are potentially enormous, but I am afraid I don’t have the ability to fight for it. Therefore, please count us out for this business union. Farewell.” After finishing, a group of people stood up and prepared to leave.

“The reason why many of you are unwilling to partake is because you feel that my Lei Family does not have the capability to lead all of you.”

Gazing at the leaving group, Lei Bao casually smiled. Then, he slowly stood up. As he stood up, an extremely powerful wave of Yuan Power violently gushed out from his body and instantly filled the entire hall. That overwhelming power immediately caused the complexions of several people to flush red.

“Yuan Dan Stage!”

After they felt that immense and oppressive aura, several shocked screams echoed in the large hall. The group of people who were planning leave turned rigid on the spot.

Lei Bao at the Heavenly Yuan Late Stage was not enough for them to respect and fear. However, if he was at Yuan Dan Stage, it was a completely different story!

Within a hundred mile radius of Qingyang Town, Lei Bao was probably the only person who could reach Yuan Dan Stage!

“Since this old man dares to speak, I must have some confidence in my abilities. How about it? Do you all believe that my Lei Family has the ability now?” As he stared at the surprised expressions in the crowd, Lei Bao indifferently smiled as he said.

This time, none of them dared to rebuke him. An uneasy expression surfaced on their faces. Lei Bao’s actions were clearly intended to demonstrate the prowess of his Lei Family. As such, right now if one choses to cooperate, they could still remain friendly with the Lei Family. However, if they chose not to cooperate, they would definitely become the Lei Family’s enemies.

A Yuan Dan practitioner is enough to cause most people in the crowd to tremble in fear.

“If anyone is unwilling, I will not force you to stay. Feel free to leave.”

After they heard Lei Bao’s words, many people were secretly cursing in their hearts. However, none of them dared to leave. Therefore, the atmosphere in the hall slowly became stiff and awkward.

As he witnessed this scene, prideful delight surfaced in Lei Bao’s eyes. Yuan Dan Stage is truly extraordinary.

“Since the Lei Family has such grand plans, our Lin Family does not wish to impose anymore. Farewell.”

However, his smile did not last long as it slowly freezed after he heard a casual mutter. Immediately, with a vicious glint in his eyes, he slowly concentrated on the Lin Family members who were now slowly getting up.

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