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Chapter 93: Grand Master Gu

As they stared at the Lin Family members, who were now all getting up, several people were shocked. Evidently, they did not expect that the Lin Family would still dare to slight the Lei Family after knowing that Lei Bao had advanced to Yuan Dan Stage.

Even though many factions present did not want to partake in this so-called “business union”, owing to Lei Bao’s strength, none of them wanted to be the first to stand up. After all, the first one to stand up would surely invoke the wrath of Lei Bao and the entire Lei Family.

Over at the Raging Blade Dojo area, Luo Cheng’s facial expression also changed after he saw Lei Bao’s true abilities. However, after Lin Zhentian made his move, Luo Cheng hesitated for a moment before he gritted his teeth and stood up as well. With his hands cupped together, he said: “Our Raging Blade Dojo does not wish to partake too.”

Even though the current situation was out of Luo Cheng’s expectations, he did not want the Raging Blade Dojo, which he had painstakingly built over the years, to become a pawn of the Lei and Xie Families. This so-called “business union” was merely a euphemism. In the end, the majority of the spoils would probably go to the Lei and Xie Families while the rest of them would have to settle for scraps.

The actions by the Raging Blade Dojo immediately caused a commotion in the giant hall. From a certain angle, the Raging Blade Dojo could be considered as the most powerful faction besides the Lei and Xie Families. Therefore, their current choice would clearly impede the Lei and Xie Families’ plans.

In the large hall, many hearts began to beat wildly. Now that two major factions had stood up, the courage in their hearts began to grow.

At the center of the large hall, Lei Bao’s face was calm like still water. No one could tell whether he was delighted or enraged. His slightly sunken eyes were staring at Lin Zhentian like a pair of daggers. Moments later, an eerie smile formed on his lips. After all, he had expected this situation and he was not at a complete loss. Furthermore, right now, this was the situation that he needed.

If he wanted to command all these other factions, then he must first make an example of those who dared oppose him! Therefore, the prime target was naturally the Lin Family.

“Since the Lin Family does not wish to partner with us, I will not force you to.” Inside the silent large hall, Lei Bao’s coarse voice slowly echoed. Immediately, his face turned icy cold.

“However, your Lin Family murdered my Lei Family’s Lei Xing. Today, I want you to give me an explanation!”

When Lei Bao’s final word rang out, an extremely powerful force violently gushed out from his body. Like a whirlwind, it blew across the hall and caused everyone nearby to feel rather breathless.

“They finally made their move!”

When they saw Lei Bao’s actions, this thought flashed across in everyone’s minds. They had already expected that there was going to be a clash in today’s wedding.

“The Lin Family is out of luck.”

As they felt that powerful aura emerge from Lei Bao’s body, some factions who were once close with the Lin Family secretly sighed in their hearts. They also understood that right now, Lei Bao was trying to establish his dominance. As such, the Lin Family, whom they were at loggerheads, became their prime target.

Lin Zhentian’s facial expression remained calm. As he lifted his head, he stared back at Lei Bao before he icily smiled and said: “Lei Bao, after all these years, you are still as shameless. That day, Lei Pi and Lei Xing from your Lei Family tried to assassinate Lin Dong. In the end, Lin Dong killed one of them instead. This is your just deserts! In fact, this old man should be the one demanding an explanation from your Lei Family!”

Lin Zhentian’s words shocked the crowds once again. Several astonished gazes were immediately directed towards Lin Dong, who was standing silently in a corner. They never expected that such a young boy would actually be able to kill Lei Xing. After all, that fellow was a Heavenly Yuan Stage expert.

“Don’t think that you can be so haughty just because you have advanced to Initial Yuan Dan Stage. To think of making an example of my Lin Family, I am afraid your Lei Family does not have the ability!” Lin Zhentian’s facial expression suddenly turned serious. He violently strode forward as a powerful force, that had been suppressed for a long time, suddenly exploded out. A wooden table nearby instantly burst into pieces due to that powerful force.

“Another Yuan Dan Stage?!”

Just as Lin Zhentian’s aura exploded, the whole hall erupted as bewildered onlookers stared at the former. Only now did they finally understand why the Lin Family was not afraid of the Lei and Xie Families’ alliance. It was because the Lin Family also had a Yuan Dan Stage expert!

“The Lin Family has really hidden themselves well!” Several people turned and muttered to each other. They finally realised that they had underestimated this usually low-profile family.

“That old fellow has advanced to Yuan Dan Stage too?!”

Faced with the powerful aura that burst out from Lin Zhentian,Lei and Xie Families members’ facial expression began to distort. Evidently, they did not foresee such an unexpected development.

“I was wondering why your Lin Family would actually dare to challenge our Lei and Xie Families. It turns out that you have advanced to Initial Yuan Dan Stage.” Lei Bao’s eyes were tightly locked onto Lin Zhentian as a solemn expression surfaced on his face. The strength displayed by Lin Zhentian had really surprised him. A faction that possess a Yuan Dan Stage is fundamentally different from one that does not.

At this time, even he felt a little troubled. After all, this target was truly a difficult one.

However, he only felt a little troubled. After all, in preparation for today’s event, the cautious Lei Bao had made other plans too.

When he thought of the other plans that he had made, Lei Bao’s heart calmed down. Promptly, a malicious glint surfaced in his eyes. The more powerful the Lin Family became, the more intense his killing intent became. After all , he knew that at this rate, his Lei Family would be displaced by their Lin Family.

Standing behind Lin Zhentian, Lin Dong’s eyes had been focused on Lei Bao from the start. He realized that when Lin Zhentian displayed his Initial Yuan Dan Stage prowess, a flash of surprise had surfaced in the latter’s eyes. However, the frantic expression he had anticipated did not appear.

This scene caused Lin Dong’s eyebrows to furrow slightly. Soon after, his eyes slowly scanned across the Lei and Xie Families’ area only to suddenly stop moments later.

The location that Lin Dong’s eyes stopped at was not a prominent location. Seated there, was a man clothed in yellow robes. That man looked ordinary and no one intentionally went to chat with him. Therefore, when most people turned to look at him, they would automatically overlook him. However, Lin Dong felt a familiar undulation from this ordinary looking person.

Mental Energy!

“This fellow does not belong to the Lei and Xie Families!” When he saw this scene, Lin Dong’s eyes flashed. It seems like the Lei and Xie Families have really prepared painstakingly for today’s event.

“Lin Zhentian, if you surrender Lei Xing’s murderer, Lin Dong. Our Lei Family will drop this issue!” Lei Bao’s deep voice sounded out again.

“Heh, if you surrender Lei Pi. Our Lin Family will also drop this matter!” Lin Zhentian coldly chuckled.

Upon hearing the duo’s vicious exchange, everyone knew that a peaceful negotiation would be impossible…


Luo Cheng exhaled a deep breath, then with a wave of his hand, he brought his Raging Blade Dojo’s troops and stood beside the Lin Family. They were clearly demonstrating their stand.

“Very well.”

After witnessing this scene, the eerie smile on Lei Bao’s face intensified. He stared at Luo Cheng and asked: “Master Luo, do you think that since Lin Zhentian has advanced to Initial Yuan Dan Stage, he could stand up against my Lei Family?”

“Everyone knows what your plans are. Even you know that if I stand with your Lei Family, in the future my Raging Blade Dojo will surely be ruined.” Luo Cheng replied in an indifferent manner.

“If that’s the case, don’t regret your decision Master Luo.”

As his words echoed in the air, Lei Bao’s face turned even darker. Soon after, amidst the bewildered gazes of the crowd, he turned towards a corner, respectfully cupping his hands together and saying: “Grand Master Gu. There has been some unforeseen development. Perhaps, we may require assistance from you.”

When they heard Lei Bao’s words, everyone was stunned. Even Lin Zhentian’s facial expression changed. Promptly, they all turned to look at the same location, only to see a middle-aged man, clothed in yellow robes, calmly seated.

“Sigh… Lei Bao. It seems like your Lei Family’s prestige in Qingyang Town is not as high as you claimed. However, since I have given you my word, I will naturally help you remove these thorns.”

Under the gazes of the crowd, the man clothed in yellow robes, slowly lifted his head. His eyes suddenly became exceptionally bright as everyone who looked at him immediately suffered a violent headache.

“Symbol Master!”

Lin Zhentian took in a deep breath, as his facial expression turned extremely ugly. He never expected that the Lei Family had actually managed to obtain the assistance of a Symbol Master!

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