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WDQK Chapter 91: Connected by Marriage

In the large hall, a bright red invitation card quietly sat on the table. Lin Zhentian and the rest of the core Lin Family members were all seated around as they stared at the red invitation card.

“What is the Lei and Xie Families up to? Why would they send an invitation over now? Are they deliberately provoking us?” Lin Xiao furrowed his eyebrows as he solemnly asked.

Lin Dong took the invitation card from the table and flipped it over to look at it. This was a wedding invitation. On the card, it wrote that the Lei and Xie Family were planning a large wedding two days later. The two people getting married, were naturally Lei Li from Lei Family and Xie Yingying. With regards to this marriage, Lin Dong did not care much for it. However, what piqued his curiosity, was that the Xie and Lei Family still chose to invite their Lin Family?

Right now, both factions were at complete loggerheads. If they ever met each other, a conflict was bound to arise. Therefore, what would they purposely invite them?

“It seems like the Lei and Xie Family are planning to create a huge hoo-haa. Not only did our Lin Family received an invitation, but any major faction within 50 kilometres of Qingyang Town, also received an invitation.” Lin Zhentian casually said.

“This is the first time in several years that they have willing splurged like this.” Lin Ken softly sighed.

“The Lei and Xie Family are probably trying to announce to the world, that they will become full fledged partners in the future. Once they have allied themselves, several factions will probably succumb to them. At that time, within a 50 kilometre radius of Qingyang Town, the Lei and Xie Family would undoubtedly be crowned as the local overlord. ”

As he sipped his tea, Lin Zhentian chuckled as he said: “What a devious plan.”

“So what should we do? Should we go?” Lin Xiao asked.

Lin Zhentian’s fingers lightly tapped on the table. With a dark expression in his eyes, momentarily, he said: “Go! At this time, there is no reason for us to hide anymore. If the stars align, this may even be a good opportunity for our Lin Family.”

Even though it was slightly risky to venture into Lei Family’s territory, right now, Lin Zhentian had no reasons to fear them anymore. Furthermore, since they had secured the cooperation of the Raging Blade Dojo, they could match up against the Lei and Xie Family.

If they could display Lin Family’s true prowess in front of all these factions, in the future, no one from Qingyang Town would ever dare to challenge their Lin Family again.

Furthermore, in this period of time, even if the Lei and Xie Families chose to remain silent, the Lin Family would seize the initiative to take action.

Since both factions were already loggerheads trying to destroy each other, it was only a matter of time before either one of them made a move.

“Instruct the rest. I want everyone to attend the marriage two days later. I am curious to find out what that old fart Lei Bao wants!” Lin Zhentian chuckled.


After hearing these words, Lin Xiao and the rest solemnly nodded their heads, as a fiery glint arose in their eyes. After enduring for so many years, they were finally able to fight back now.

With regards to the marriage, this was definitely the most sensational news in Qingyang Town. As the most established families in Qingyang Town, the Lei and Xie Family had been here for generations, and they had laid down deep roots in the city. Now that both factions have allied themselves, their prowess would definitely skyrocket. In fact, they are probably no factions within a 50 kilometre radius of Qingyang Town, that can challenge their dominance.

Therefore, when they received the invitation, most factions did not dare to slight them. Immediately, Qingyang Town became extremely crowded.

Nonetheless, amidst this bustling atmosphere, some wise folks were able to detect a hidden undercurrent. It seems like the Lei and Xie Family wedding would not be a peaceful affair…

“Dong Dong!”

The clear and crisp joyous drum sound continuously echoed around Qingyang Town. In the courtyard of the Lei Family, several factions continuously entered as they exchanged pleasantries. Laughter and congratulations were constantly heard.

As the most well-established faction in Qingyang Town, the wedding organized by them was indeed very impressive.

“Lin Family has arrived!”

Amidst the congratulations, suddenly a servant’s voice sounded out. Immediately, the area outside the large door, turned silent. Then, as the crowd slowly turned back to look, they saw that in a distance away, sounds of horses galloping could be heard. Soon after, they saw hundreds of fine horses heading towards them. Finally, as the man in front waved his hand, they all stopped right outside the Lei Family’s gate. The total amount of troops managed to fill up half of the entire road, and they looked extremely formidable.

“It’s the Lin Family? They actually came…”

“I heard that the Lei Xie Family and the Lin Family are at complete loggerheads. I never expected the Lin Family to come. Hehe, now it seems like there will be a good show to watch.”

“Haix, this Lin Family is practically committing suicide.”

As several pair of eyes turned to glance at the Lin Family’s troops, many of them were secretly talking to themselves. Right now, even the factions who were once close to the Lin Family, did not dare to go forward and greet them. After the Lei and Xie Families have allied themselves, their powers have grown. Therefore, it would be disastrous to oppose them.

When he saw those fickle-minded cowards, Lin Zhentian did not seem to mind. As he jumped off his horse, his expression remained calm.

“Haha, the patriarch of the Lin Family is indeed fit and strong. To be willing to spare the time to attend our Lei and Xie Families marriage, Lei Pi is truly grateful.” When he saw the Lin Family troop arrive, in front of the Lei Family’s door, a figure quickly walked out accompanied by a large swarm of people. When he saw the large amount of troops brought by the Lin Family, his facial expression remained the same, as he smiled and greeted them.

“I know that in your heart, you secretly wish that I was dead.” Lin Zhentian did not give face to this bastard that once tried to assassinate Lin Dong, as he casually replied.

Lei Pi’s eyelids twitched. Promptly, he turned to look at the large amount of troops and said: “Master Lin, there is no much room in our manor. Please ask these men to stay outside.”

“Why? Are you afraid that we will stir trouble?” Standing aside, Lin Dong smiled as he said. Then, with a sincere expression on his face, he asked: “How are your injuries?”

After he heard Lin Dong’s words, Lei Pi’s facial expression turned dark involuntarily. With a cold glint in his eyes, he stared at Lin Dong. Right now, he almost looked like a savage wild beast thirsting to devour him.

Lin Zhentian took a step forward, and stood in front of Lin Dong. Even though the old man’s body seemed frail, it was enough to cause Lei Pi to lose his breath, as he involuntarily retreated two steps.

After he pushed Lei Pi back, Lin Zhentian turned to glance at him, before he waved his hands. Immediately, the hundreds of people behind him dissipated.

For this trip, Lin Zhentian had brought nearly all the elite troops in their Lin Family. Even though he had advanced to Initial Yuan Dan Stage, it was always best to be cautious. Though these troops could not enter the Lei Family, they could station themselves outside the Lei Family. Therefore, should something arise, they could rush immediately into the Lei Family’s manor in a blink of an eye.


When he saw the troops dissipated, Lei Pi then opened the door as he said.

After witnessing this situation, Lin Zhentian turned to look at Lin Xiao and the rest, before he nodded his head. Then, under the watchful glances of the crowd, he stepped into the Lei Family’s manor. Standing behind him, Lin Dong and Lin Xiao quickly followed.

As he stared at Lin Zhentian and the rest’s backs, Lei Pi licked his lips. A vicious and hideous glint surfaced in his eyes, as he muttered softly to himself: “After today, your whole Lin Family will kneel before our Lei Family!”

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