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Chapter 90: Initial Yuan Dan Stage

“Father, what’s going on?”

Upon seeing that Lin Zhentian had safely landed on the ground, Lin Xiao and the rest hastily rushed over and asked in worried voices.

“I don’t know.” Lin Zhentian furrowed his eyebrows as he shook his head before continuing: “The one who had previously attacked should be a First Seal or even Second Seal Symbol Master.”

After hearing these words, although they had expected it earlier on, Lin Xiao’s and the rest’s expressions still involuntarily changed. Worried, they asked: “Could it be an expert who had been invited by the Lei Family?”

Lin Zhentian was silent for a while before he answered: “Shouldn’t be, though the Mental Energy from before was powerful, it did not press me too hard. Rather, it felt more like it was trying to feel me out. If this expert was invited by the Lei Family, he would not do such a thing.”

“Could an expert be hidden somewhere near the Steel Wood Manor?” Lin Xiao inquired in astonishment.

“Perhaps…” Lin Zhentian nodded his head. He suddenly recalled that Mental Energy probing he had sensed quite a while ago. However, the difference in strength of the Mental Energy from that time was completely incomparable to today’s attack, thus he did not know if the two were the same person.

“During this period of time, secretly send people to search the nearby areas of the Steel Wood Manor. If they do meet any suspicious characters, do not offend them. If the other party is really only trying to probe us, perhaps we may be able to get him to join up with our Lin Family.” Lin Zhentian instructed.


Lin Xiao and the rest also nodded their heads. If the other party was truly a Symbol Master, he would be a huge help to the Lin Family if he was successfully recruited.

While Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest were chatting, a red shadow swiftly arrived from a deeper part of the Steel Wood Manor. The tip of Lin Dong’s foot made contact with the tiger’s back as he jumped down and landed in front of Lin Zhentian, joyfully asking: “Grandfather, you’ve succeeded?”

“Heh heh, yes I have. This time, to be able to advance to the Yuan Dan Stage is largely thanks to you, you little brat.” Upon seeing Lin Dong, Lin Zhentian’s smile became much gentler as he smiled and nodded his head.

“From now on, our Lin Family finally has its first Yuan Dan Stage practitioner.” Lin Dong was also rather excited, he likewise clearly understood just how much a Yuan Dan Stage practitioner meant to the Lin Family.

“Oh, I still can’t be considered as a Yuan Dan Stage practitioner. At best I am at the Initial Yuan Dan Stage.” Lin Zhentian chuckled as he spread his hands and said.

“Initial Yuan Dan Stage?” Lin Dong was stunned.

“To be more precise, the Yuan Dan Stage consists of three levels. The first is similar to the one I had just advanced to. It is known as the Initial Yuan Dan Stage. After passing through this Initial Yuan Dan Stage, there is still the Dan Yuan Small Full Circle and Perfect levels.” Lin Zhentian smiled as he explained. In the past, the Yuan Dan Stage seemed rather distant and remote, thus it was normal that Lin Dong did not know about the different tiers of this high class stage.

Lin Dong was somewhat amazed. Obviously, he never expected that the so-called Yuan Dan Stage was actually divided into such delicate tiers.

“Then what about after the Yuan Dan Stage?” Lin Dong curiously asked.

“Have you heard this verse? In the journey of self-cultivation, ‘Steal Yin and Yang’, ‘Seize, Create and Transform’, ‘Turn Nirvana’, ‘Grasp Life and Death’. The various stages in our training is contained within these words.”

Lin Zhentian had a slight smile on his face as he continued to explain: “Stealing Yin and Yang refers to the Yin Yang Energy absorbed during the Earthly Yuan and Heavenly Yuan Stages. Synergizing Yin and Yang, condensing it into a Dan and the levels after the Yuan Dan Stage refers to the so-called three stages: ‘Seize, Create and Transform’.”

“The three stages of ‘Seize, Create and Transform’?”

“‘Form Creation Stage’, ‘Qi Creation Stage’, ‘Creation and Transformation Stage’ are collectively known as the three stages of ‘Seize, Create and Transform’.” While he talked about these three levels, veneration was evident on Lin Zhentian’s face. Though he had stepped into the Initial Yuan Dan Stage today, he understood that he was still very far from the Creation Stage.

“If one is able to advance to the three stages of ‘Seize, Create and Transform’, one would be able to call oneself a top tier expert in the Great Yan Empire. The current head of my Lin Clan is a Creation Stage practitioner. At that level, one could practically go unchallenged under the heavens.” Lin Zhentian softly sighed as he said.

As he gazed at the look of reverence on Lin Zhentian’s face, Lin Dong licked lips, his heart suddenly trembling. His goal would never be just a mere Yuan Dan Stage.

“As for the Nirvana Stage after the Creation Stage, it is so profound and deep that I am unable to understand it…”

Lin Dong silently nodded his head, making sure to carve every word in that verse deep in his heart.

“Hehe, Father is too modest. Although it is only the Initial Yuan Dan Stage, after all he has already stepped into that stage. Even in Yan City, it is already considered rather good.” To one side, Lin Xiao and the rest chuckled as they remarked.

Lin Zhentian smiled before saying: “How has the situation been recently?”

Upon hearing these words, the happy expressions on Lin Xiao and the rest weakened. After hesitating for a while, they recounted the events of the Lei and Xie Families making a move against the Lin Family’s women and children plus the more recent and strange situation the Lei and Xie Families were in.

“Humph, the Lei Family is indeed treating our Lin Family as a thorn in their side.” After listening to Lin Xiao’s report, Lin Zhentian’s expression also darkened.

Lin Xiao nodded his head. In the past, the Lin Family was enduring silently. Though the Lei Family did not have any good feelings towards them, they at least put on a facade of tolerating the Lin Family. However, ever since the Steel Wood Manor had been obtained by the Lin Family and the Yang Yuan Mining Lode unearthed, the Lei Family viewed the Lin Family completely as their enemy. If there was a chance, the Lei Family would probably wipe out the Lin Family and ruin them.

“Father, what do we do next?” Lin Ken asked in a low voice. Now that Lin Zhentian had successfully reached the Initial Yuan Dan Stage, there was no one who would be his match in the whole of Qingyang Town. Therefore, they no longer needed to worry about the Lei and Xie Families joining hands.

“Send men to rigorously observe every movement of the Lei and Xie Families. In addition, contact the Raging Blade Dojo. When the time comes to make our move, it would be best if we collaborated.” Lin Zhentian muttered.

“After we work out the cooperation arrangements, we will act together and finish off the Lei Family!” An icy glint flashed across Lin Zhentian’s eyes as he said this words. After bearing so patiently for so many years, it was finally time for their counter-attack!


Lin Xiao and the rest all nodded their heads in acknowledgement. Even though they had entrenched themselves over this period of time and ignored the suspicions and predictions of the outside world, their hearts had grown to feel somewhat stifled. Additionally, the Lei and Xie Families’ underhanded tactics had already caused anger to simmer in their hearts since long ago.

Seeing that everyone was in high morale, Lin Zhentian also chuckled as a cold light shined in his eyes.

“Lei Bao, since you want to exterminate my Lin Family, I will definitely not let you do so!”

Ever since Lin Zhentian successfully advanced to the Initial Yuan Dan Stage, the Steel Wood Manor’s defence had slightly relaxed. The Lin Family also no longer holed themselves up and instead sent some scouts to Qingyang Town to find out about the Lei and Xie Families’ movements.

As for the discussion, they also quickly made contact with the Raging Blade Dojo. The relationship between the two factions had become rather good due to the Lei and Xie Families treatment. Thus, after hearing that the Lin Family wished to cooperate with them, the Raging Blade Dojo did not immediately reject the proposal but slightly hesitated. After all, no one really wanted to truly war with the Lie and Xie Families. Though the two Families were hateful, they were indeed very strong factions.

However, this hesitation instantly vanished like smoke into thin air when they learnt that Lin Zhentian had successfully achieved the Initial Yuan Dan Stage. The collaboration was no longer obstructed. The Raging Blade Dojo clearly understood how intimidating Lin Zhentian was after advancing to the Initial Yuan Dan Stage at this time.

Yet, just as the two parties finished their discussions on the second day, an invitation from the Lei and Xie Families was sent to the Steel Wood Manor…

After lying in wait for about two months, there was finally movement from the Lei and Xie Families!

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