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Chapter 89: Probe

A Yuan Power spiral that could be seen with the naked eye enveloped the skies over that quiet room. It was an especially mind-blowing sight, one that everyone here was personally seeing for the first time in their lives.

Like a tornado, the Yuan Power spiral’s tail connected directly to that quiet room.

Such a shocking scene naturally aroused the attention of the entire manor in an instant. Almost everyone had run out of into the open and were gazing at the Yuan Power spiral that hovered in mid-air over that quiet room, stunned by the sight before their eyes.

“This is…”

Lin Xiao and the rest had likewise rushed out of their rooms at the earliest possible moment. When they saw that Yuan Power spiral, they were firstly alarmed, but soon after, ecstasy filled their faces.

“Father has succeeded!”

Excitement and ecstasy covered everyone’s faces. Over this period of time, they had holed themselves up so securely because they were waiting for Lin Zhentian’s breakthrough and fortunately, this day had finally come!

“In the future, we no longer need to worry about the Lei and Xie Families…” Lin Ken’s face was flushed red as he mumbled in excitement.

To one side, Lin Xiao and Lin Mang also forcefully nodded their heads. If a Family had a Yuan Dan Stage expert, their strength would practically have leaped forward. At that time, not mentioning Qingyang Town, the Lin Family would even have some influence in Yan City. After all, even the factions of Yan City did not all possess a Yuan Dan expert!

“After we take care of the Lei and Xie Families, our Lin Family will be able to use this place as our stronghold to establish a presence in Yan City. In that place, experts are as common as the clouds in the sky. Only with such an environment can our Lin Family growth accelerate.” Lin Xiao smiled and said.


Lin Ken and Lin Mang were also in favor of this idea. Even in the entire TianDu Region, Yan City was considered as an important city. If they were able to stabilize there and develop, the Lin Family’s strength would leap forward.


While Lin Xiao and the rest conversed in excitement and anticipation, the Yuan Power swirl above that quiet room suddenly trembled violently before transforming into pillars of Yuan Power that could be seen by the naked eye.


As the Yuan Power swirl transformed into rows of pillars, a figure abruptly burst out from the private room, dashed into the sky and opened his mouth to spit out a thumb sized ball of light.

At that light ball’s appearance, the numerous Yuan Power pillars were swiftly pulled towards it. In a few short minutes, all of the Yuan Power pillars had been sucked into that unremarkable looking small ball of light.

When the last Yuan Power pillar crammed itself into the light ball, that light ball shined increasingly brighter before the rays of light finally dispersed revealing the pure white thumb-sized bead that the light ball had transformed into.

“Is that the Dan Yuan?”

Lin Dong’s eyes were glued onto that tiny white bead. He could sense an extremely strong Yuan Power undulating from it. That kind of undulation was simply so much stronger than Heavenly Yuan Late Stage!

This should be the most obvious sign of a Yuan Dan Stage practitioner, condensing a Yuan Dan!

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed, through his outstanding Mental Energy, he could sense that there were four exceedingly tiny star patterns on the surface of Lin Zhentian’s Yuan Dan.

“Four Star Yuan Dan.”

At this sight, astonishment flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. When the Dan Yuan was condensed and formed, the importance of the Yin and Yang Energy from the Earthly Yuan and Heavenly Yuan stages respectively were finally shown.

Practitioners who were at the same Yuan Dan Stage had Yuan Dan’s of different qualities and the most important factor that contributed to the quality of the Yuan Dan was Yin Yang Energy.

The quality of the Yuan Dan was measured using the scale of Nine Stars. The Yuan Dan that Lin Zhentian had just formed belonged to the category of Four Star Yuan Dan. This was not considered low, after all, the Yin and Yang Energies that Lin Zhentian used to absorb were merely the most normal kind within Heaven and Earth. If it were not for the fact that he had absorbed a large amount of special Yang Energy from the cave in the mine over this period of time, the quality of his Yuan Dan would at most have reached Two Stars.

Now, to be able to form a Four Star Yuan Dan, even Lin Zhentian himself felt especially astonished and pleasantly surprised.

In mid-air, Lin Zhentian opened his mouth and swallowed the Yuan Dan into his body. Light as a feather, he landed on a huge tree. Though a Yuan Dan Stage practitioner was able to float in the air for a short period of time, he was still unable to reach the level of flying through the air.

After Lin Zhentian landed on the huge tree, he made no further movements. Yet, a special aura extended from his body which seemed to absorb and give out with Yuan Power.

Stepping into the Yuan Dan Stage was truly considered as reaching the next level in one’s training.

“As expected of the Yuan Dan Stage, to actually be able to reach this step.” Lin Xiao and the rest looked on as Lin Zhentian absorbed and gave out Yuan Power, envy on their faces. The methods of a Yuan Dan Stage practitioner was indeed incomparable to the Heavenly Yuan Stage.

“Such a strong aura, is this the strength of a Yuan Dan Stage practitioner…”

Lin Dong’s eyes shined with a strange light as he stared at Lin Zhentian who stood at the top of the tree. Due to the strength of his Mental Energy, Lin Dong could clearly sense the level of power within the latter’s body.

“I wonder if my current Mental Energy is enough to contend against a Yuan Dan Stage practitioner?” Lin Dong licked his lips. In the blink of an eye, he abruptly dashed into the dense forests. He really wanted to test if his Mental Energy had reached such a level!

Atop the tree, Lin Zhentian looked down upon the entire Steel Wood Manor, feeling his power which had grown tens of times stronger compared to before, a satisfied smile on his aged face.

“Lei Family, my Lin Family has endured for so many years, it is finally time to repay you!” Lin Zhentian clasped his hands behind his back as he turned his gaze in the direction of the distant Qingyang Town and muttered.


A noise rang out just as Lin Zhentian was about to float down to the ground. His expression suddenly changed, he could sense a strong, formless power spreading towards him from the sky before finally rushing directly towards him.

“Mental Energy? Symbol Master?!”

The formless Mental Energy caused Lin Zhentian’s expression to darken. His figure hastily retreated while his fist exploded forward, a vigorous Yuan Power gushing out. The air before him was forcefully compressed, causing sharp sonic booms to resound continuously.


Lin Zhentian’s fist heavily slammed into the empty air. Almost immediately, a low muffled explosion was heard. That vigorous Yuan Power seemed to have been obstructed by a formless object as it started to disperse after that collision.

“Bang bang!”

Lin Zhentian continued to retreat as waves of exceptional vigorous Yuan Power screamed out and successively smashed against the air.

Below, Lin Xiao and the rest had finally regained their senses as their expressions changed drastically. To think that there was still such a formidable enemy in this Steel Wood Manor.

“Be on the alert, search the manor!” Lin Xiao shouted in a stern voice, a dark expression on his face.

Upon hearing Lin Xiao’s command,  the guards hastily scattered to find any suspicious characters.

“That should be Mental Energy, I’m afraid the one behind that attack is a Symbol Master.” With an ugly expression on his face, Lin Ken muttered in a low voice as he looked towards Lin Zhentian who was still wildly smashing the empty air before him.

At these words, the corners of Lin Xiao’s and Lin Mang’s eyes involuntarily twitched. Since when did their Lin Family make such an enemy? Could he possible be sent by the Lei Family?

“Boom boom!”

In mid-air, Lin Zhentian’s figure finally landed on the ground after ten or so punches. He gazed at the air before him, a serious expression on his face. Only when he sensed that the mysterious and powerful Mental Energy no longer attacked did he sigh in relief. From their previous exchange, it was very likely that the other party was a First or even Second Seal Symbol Master. If the opponent had attacked with in full force, it would be hard to judge who would end up as the winner.

“Friend, may I know where you come from? If my Lin Family has offended you in any way, feel free to say it, this old man will definitely apologize!” On the ground, Lin Zhentian respectfully cupped his fist with his other hand as he said in a loud and clear voice.

Although that Mental Energy had constantly attacked him before, Lin Zhentian could feel that the attacks were not vicious or with the intent to harm. It seems like this attacker did not have any deep hatred or major grudge towards the Lin Family.

Lin Zhentian’s voice echoed in the air, however, it did not manage to draw any response and the powerful Mental Energy that had screamed across the skies had now disappeared, as if it had never existed before.

Seeing that there was no response, Lin Zhentian could only sigh as he furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head.

As Lin Zhentian and the rest worried about this matter, the youngster who sat on a big tree deep in the forest suddenly opened his eyes. Though his complexion was slightly pale, a wild excitement was almost bursting out from his eyes.

Lin Dong had never expected that the always smooth growth of his Mental Energy had actually reached such a tyrannical level!

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