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Chapter 88: Breakthrough

Like a fireball, a red shadow dashed through the dense forests. Seated atop the tiger’s back, Lin Dong could not help but chuckle as he heard the furious roars that sounded out from behind them.

Although he was still stuck at Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage, if Lin Dong used Mental Energy attacks, killing Xie Qian was not impossible. It was just that his current objective was to protect Liu Yan and the rest as they travelled to the Steel Wood Manor, not to excessively tangle with Xie Qian and his forces. Else, the Xie Family forces today would have been wiped clean.

While Lin Dong played with this thought, Little Flame charged out of the forest. Instantly, his view became much clearer. As Lin Dong lifted his head, he found Liu Yan and the rest anxiously standing on a small hill nearby.

“Young Master Lin Dong is back!”

Out of the corner of his eye, Luo Ling quickly spotted the red shadow that was dashing towards them. Immediately, ecstasy filled his face as he shouted out.

Upon hearing his shout, Liu Yan and the rest promptly turned to check that the youngster was safe and sound before letting out heavy sighs of relief.

“Uncle Luo Ling, let’s go.”

Like a whirlwind, Little Flame flew up the small hill while Lin Dong casually tossed aside the blood stained sword in his hand as he smiled at Luo Ling and said.

Luo Ling’s gaze swept across Lin Dong’s body, the latter’s body was covered in blood and chunks of flesh could be seen in Little Flame’s mouth. It looked like they had been through an extremely desperate battle. Yet, what caused Luo Ling to be apprehensive was the fact that Lin Dong seemed to be vigorous and lively, without looking the slightest bit tired or weak even after such a huge fight.

“Young Master Lin Dong, what happened to the troops from the Xie Family?” Luo Ling cautiously asked.

“Half of them should be dead and Xie Qian should probably not dare to chase us.” Lin Dong casually replied.

At these words, Luo Ling’s face involuntarily trembled. Only then did he understand the confidence behind these guards. It turns out that the strength of this Young Master from the Lin Family had already reached a rather high level.

Though the very notion of reaching such a level of strength at this young age was unfathomable, Luo Ling quickly accepted this fact. The fact that Lin Dong had killed half of the Xie Family men under Xie Qian’s watch was testament to Lin Dong’s strength. Even someone as strong as Xie Qian was unable to do anything.

“Mother, everything is fine now. Let’s return to the Steel Wood Manor.” Lin Dong beamed at Liu Yan as he said.

“This child.” As she looked at Lin Dong, who was covered in blood, Liu Yan felt a pang in her heart as her eyes reddened. She took a towel from one side and tried to wipe him clean.

Lin Dong let Liu Yan help him wipe away the blood stains before waving his hand, leading the group as they swiftly hurried towards the Steel Wood Manor. About two hours later, the Steel Wood Manor appeared at the edges of their sight.

On top of the Steel Wood Manor walls, Lin Xiao and the rest had been fretfully waiting ever since Lin Dong had brought the men and left. However, this fretfulness finally scattered in the wind when they saw the familiar group of faces appear in the distance.

“Each wave is pushed by the one behind it, this brat is really something…” Gazing at the rapidly approaching red shadow, Lin Mang could not help but let out a soft sigh. They completely understood just how strong Xie Qian was, despite this, Lin Dong had once again gifted them with a pleasant surprise.

With Lin Dong in the lead, this last batch of Lin Family women and children successfully entered into the Steel Wood Manor. Hearing the cheers from all around them, Lin Dong could not help but humbly scratch his head.


Lin Xia speedily jumped down from the manor walls before throwing herself into embrace of one of the women that travelled with Liu Yan, tears continuously flowing out. This time, the fright she had suffered was not little.

“Lin Dong, thank you.”

Lin Xia snuggled in her mother’s embrace for a while before turning to lightly hug Lin Dong as she said in a soft voice.

“We are family, no need for any thanks.” Lin Dong chuckled in response.

“Dong-er, are you alright?” Lin Xiao and the rest also crowded over, somewhat nervously looking at Lin Dong, who was covered in blood, as they asked.

Gazing at Lin Xiao and the rest’s somewhat nervous gazes, Lin Dong smiled and shook his head.

Upon realizing that Lin Dong was fine, Lin Xiao and the rest also let out a sigh of relief.

“That bastard Xie Qian, we will definitely settle this grudge with them!” Lin Ming rather ominously declared.

“We just need to wait for Father to successfully make a breakthrough, then we no longer need to fear the Lei and Xie Families. When the time comes, our Lin family would even have a chance to establish ourselves in Yan City. That level of development would be incomparable to what we have now.” Lin Xiao said.

“Okay. Over this period of time, I will send men to completely observe every little movement in the Lei and Xie Families.”

Lin Ken also nodded before once again closing the manor doors tightly, ordering the entire manor to enter into a state of high alert. Only then did he let this last batch of women and children enter deeper into manor to enjoy a good rest.

After all of the women and children had been recalled into the Steel Wood Manor, the Lin Family chose to tightly secure the manor, no longer making any contact with the Lei and Xie Families.

In response to this action by the Lin Family, the Lei and Xie Families unexpectedly also chose the same tactic of sealing themselves off instead of joining up to make a move against the Lin Family like some people had predicted. This strange situation caused the onlookers to be bewildered. After all, everyone knew that the Lin Family and the Lei and Xie Families were currently like fire and water. Given the temperament of the Lei Family, they would not so easily let the Lin Family off…

However, even though the actions of both sides were somewhat strange, some people still managed to sense the mutual hostility between the two parties. The more sensitive ones understood that it was only a matter of time before the true battle between the two factions.

Under this kind of entrenched positions, another month passed in the blink of an eye.

Lin Dong was seated on a cliff of the mountains at the back of the Steel Wood Manor. From this high point, he was able to observe the entire Steel Wood Manor. Over this period of time, because he was afraid that Lin Zhentian would be disturbed while he closed himself off for training, even Lin Dong had secretly volunteered his services to monitor the surroundings of the Steel Wood Manor.

Yet, what caused him to be a little glad and puzzled was that the attack he anticipated had never come. The Lei and Xie Families were practically even more silent than the Lin Family during this period.

“What exactly are these guys up to now?” Lin Dong softly muttered to himself. The Lei and Xie Families were already treating the Lin Family as a thorn in their side. Thus they would definitely not give in so easily. Since this was so, it was highly likely that the Lei and Xie Families were hatching a plan of sorts.

“Wiping out my Lin Family would not be so easy.”

Lin Dong icily chuckled, a strange light flickering in his eyes. Over the past month, there was still no signs of a breakthrough in his Yuan Power training. However, he was becoming increasingly proficient in his control over Mental Energy. Combined with the fact that he had successfully condensed a Destiny Symbol, his Mental Energy had strengthened even further.

Currently, every time he used his full power to revolve the Mental Energy in his Ni Wan Palace, an extreme feeling of self-confidence would surge up in his heart. This level of confidence made Lin Dong feel that even a Heavenly Yuan Late Stage expert would be unable to contend against him.

“I wonder if my current Mental Energy is enough to battle against a genuine Yuan Dan practitioner?”

A passionate fire burned up in Lin Dong’s eyes. In the past, he would never have dared to even dream of such a possibility, but as he understood more and more about the strength of the Mental Energy in his body, the reverence he had for Yuan Dan Stage practitioners had decreased.

His heart was in a frenzy because of this thought, but soon after, Lin Dong helplessly gave up on the notion. A Yuan Dan Stage expert was not so easily found, even if he wanted to spar with one, he did not have the chance to do so.

“Looks like there should be no problems today.”

As he stood up, Lin Dong looked into the distance for a while before smiling. He moved to return to the manor, however, in that moment, his keen senses caused his body to immediately freeze on the spot. In a flash of understanding, he turned towards one of the rooms deep in the Steel Wood Manor. There, a stifling Yuan Power wave violently surged forth!

“Such a strong Yuan Power undulation…”

Gazing at the Yuan Power spiral that had formed in mid-air at that deeper part of the Steel Wood Manor, Lin Dong involuntarily gasped. Soon after, euphoria bubbled up in his eyes. Lin Zhentian had finally made a breakthrough!

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