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Chapter 87: Holding Them Back

“Lin Dong!”

When he saw the youth seated on the tiger’s back, Xie Qian’s facial expression changed slightly. Since they had a close relationship with the Lei Family, he naturally knew that Lin Dong had managed to kill Lei Xing and also injure Lei Pi. When he first heard the story, he could not believe his ears. However, recent events had gradually convinced him and now he had begun to fear and respect that particular younger generation member from the Lin Family.


Once she saw Lin Dong’s figure, Liu Yan, who was in the rear, did not become elated. Rather, she turned anxious. In her heart, she clearly knew how powerful Xie Qian was and she did not want to see any mishap happen to Lin Dong.

“Mother. Don’t worry. I will be fine.”

Lin Dong also turned his head and smiled as Liu Yan. Then with a wave of his arm, a dozen figures swiftly dashed out from the woods and formed a protective barrier around Liu Yan and the rest. Meanwhile, they also attended to the wounded Lin Family guards.

As he stared at the bodies of the wounded and dead Lin Family guards, Lin Dong pursed his lips as an icy cold glint emerged in his eyes. Promptly, his vision turned to focus on Xie Qian as he muttered: “The Xie and Lei Family are thieves in cahoots. Both of you are equally despicable.”

“Heh. Even your Father would not dare to take on such a tone with me. You little bastard, you really have such poor manners.” Even though Xie Qian was a shrewd person, when he saw a young brat acting in such a haughty manner towards him, his facial turned dark as he chuckled.

“Respect is earned. Since you are so shameless, why should I bother respecting you?”

Lin Dong mockingly shook his head. Immediately, his gaze turned to scan the surroundings. The Xie Family had mobilized a relatively large force this time, however they only had one Heavenly Yuan Late Stage expert. Perhaps, they thought that it would be sufficient.

“You little brat. Do you really think you can act haughty in front of me just because you have a little power? Well, I was only planning on capturing some small fries. However, now that you have delivered yourself willingly, I will not hesitate then!” Xie Qian sneered as he violently jerked his arm.


As Xie Qian jerked his arm, in the surrounding woods arrows abruptly shot out. The arrows whistled through the air and flew towards Lin Dong and the rest.


After witnessing this scene, Lin Dong chuckled coldly in his heart. Immediately, he fired off dozens of black shadows which instantly deflected all the arrows. Then, without slowing down, they viciously shot into the dense forests. Immediately, several screams echoed out..

“That brat is indeed good at utilizing hidden weapons!” After he heard the screams emitted from the dense woods, Xie Qian’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. Then, a cold smile surfaced on his face again. This time, he had brought a large army along. Therefore, there was no way that Lin Dong would successfully rescue these people from right under his nose.


After Xie Qian shouted, the menacing Xie Family troops immediately tightened their grips on their weapons, ominous glints in their eyes as they dashed viciously towards Lin Dong and the rest.

“Watch out!”

When he saw the Xie Family troops rush over, the pale Luo Ling hurriedly warned them.

“Uncle Luo Ling, bring my mother and the rest back to the Steel Wood Manor. I will hold them back!” Lin Dong exhaled a deep breath as he said in a low voice.

When they heard that Lin Dong was planning to cut off the enemy’s advancement by himself, Luo Ling and the rest’s facial expressions changed.

“Dong-er!” Liu Yan shouted in worry.

“Madam, rest assured. Young Master Lin Dong will be fine.” A guard sent from the Steel Wood Manor hurriedly stopped Liu Yan as he softly said.

“Alright. Young Master Lin Dong be careful!”

Upon hearing this particularly cool-headed Lin Family guard say such words, a flash of surprise surfaced in Luo Ling’s eyes. However, without further ado, he immediately turned around and led the other guards, together with Liu Yan and the rest as they retreated into the dense forest.

Lin Dong jumped off Little Flame’s back. As he clenched his fist, a sword lying on the ground, was instantly sucked into his palm. Thick Yuan Power swiftly gushed out from his Dan Tian as the leaves surrounding him were all completely blown away.


At this moment, Little Flame released a deep tiger roar. As it leaned forward, an explosive power swiftly gathered in its body. Right now, Little Flame was as powerful as a Heavenly Yuan Stage expert. In addition, its thick hide, nimble reflexes and lethal claws made it exceptionally deadly.

Grasping the sword in his hand, in the next moment, Lin Dong’s figure flickered as he dashed towards the Xie Family’s troops. The sword danced about, each stroke accompanied by a splash of blood.

“Bang bang!”

Compared to Lin Dong, Little Flame was evidently more dramatic. As its massive body collided with the guards, anyone that was hit by the latter, was either crushed to death by its gigantic paws or ripped to shreds by its bloody claws and teeth.

One man and one beast managed to directly hold back all the Xie Family’s troops. Right now, corpses littered the battleground.

When he saw the casualties rapidly piling on, even Xie Qian could not tolerate anymore. With an angry roar, he swooped at Lin Dong like an eagle. A powerful force was generated by the large sabre in his hand as he swung his blade towards Lin Dong’s head.


Even though he was surrounded, thanks to the power of Mental Energy, everyone’s moves was clearly reflected into Lin Dong’s mind. Therefore, when Xie Qian suddenly attacked him, Lin Dong had already discovered it. Sword in hand, he precisely directed it towards the sabre’s edge. As two thick Yuan Power collided, a powerful eruption occurred as everyone within a few feet of them were forcefully blown back.

After that direct collision, Lin Dong gently retreated a few steps. At the same time, Xie Qian also did a somersault, before he landed on the ground. However, before he could engage Lin Dong again, the latter had already drifted in the crowd. With every swing of his blade, a blood followed.


When he saw that Lin Dong had no intention to fight with him directly, but was rather choosing to pick off the other elite members of his Xie Family, Xie Qian’s face turned ashen as he dashed towards him. However, no matter how hard he chased, Lin Dong’s figure was slippery just like a mudskipper. He was able to traverse through it smoothly in the chaotic battle field. Everywhere his figure emerged, the Xie Family members were forced to retreat in haste.

“Ding Ding Ding!”

Just as the Xie Family members planned to retreat, from inside the thick forest, Lin Dong once again stealthily fired off several black shadows which ruthlessly pierced through several people’s throats

Under the assault of one man and one beast, within just ten minutes, the Xie Family had already lost half of their troops. Right now, Xie Qian was furious. He knew that since he was at Heavenly Yuan Later Stage, he could definitely tie Lin Dong down. However, the latter was extremely devious. Each time he tried to pursue him, Lin Dong’s movements would become slightly strange as he easily evaded him.


After he fought with them for a while more, Lin Dong calculated the time in his head. Right now, Liu Yan and the rest should be a safe distance away from them. Immediately, a whistle sounded out from his lips, as he stomped the ground. Then, his body floated off, before he directly flew towards the thick forests. At the same time, Little Flame transformed into a fiery red shadow as it followed him into the woods. The rest of the Xie Family troops stared in fear at the corpses littered on the ground, none of them dared to pursue.

“Pursue them!”

Xie Qian had a dark expression on his face. This was the first time he had been humiliated so utterly and it was even at the hands of a youth. He could not let it end this way thus he immediately shouted out. The men immediately dashed into the woods and chased after Lin Dong.

When he dashed into the woods, Xie Qian immediately saw a red shadow nearby. With a menacing glint in his eyes, he immediately chased after it.

However, just as Xie Qian was travelling across the woods, something suddenly flashed towards him, causing him to hastily retreat.


As the Steel Sword was covered with a thick Yuan Power, Xie Qian’s hands felt slightly numb after the collision. He retreated and gritted his teeth as he shouted: “What a sneaky little bastard!”

Only now did he understand that Lin Dong did not plan on retreating immediately, but rather he planned to ambush him in the woods. If he had reacted any slower previously, right now, Xie Qian would probably be heavily injured.

“Blasted Xie, you will not be so lucky next time…”

Just as Xie Qian hastily retreated, Lin Dong emerged from the woods as he sneered at the former. Then, he turned and dashed into the thick forest. Swiftly mounting a red figure as they rapidly disappeared in front of Xie Qian’s eyes.

“You little bastard. I swear I will rip you to shreds!”

Gazing Lin Dong’s disappearing figure, Xie Qian was ashen faced as his angry roars constantly ricocheted in these thick forests.

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