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Chapter 865



The fight had ended way faster than everyone had expected. Therefore, while everyone anticipated the continuation of this intense fight, they discovered that the fight was already finished. In addition, the result was rather unexpected…

Astonished gazes shot one after another at Mo Tao, whose face was alternating between green and white. It was a long while later, before the crowd finally recovered, and shocked uproar faintly rang out.

Gu Yan, Gu Ya and their group did not express much astonishment as they witnessed this scene unfold before them. Lin Dong had already possessed an astonishing level of combat ability when he was at the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. Now that he had advanced to the Profound Life stage, it would probably be very difficult to find someone of equal ability in this cultivation stage. Although Mo Tao was not weak, he obviously could not compete with Lin Dong. Furthermore, he had the embraced the mentality of underestimating his enemy since the beginning…

“This fellow…” Gu Ling and the two other older generation members of the Gu Clan glanced at Mo Tao with grave expressions, whose face had contorted unsightly, before looking at the faintly smiling Lin Dong. Subsequently, they looked to each other, and saw the shock within their eyes.

Although the exchange had happened in a flash, they were still able to sense that Lin Dong had been in an absolutely dominant position throughout the match. As for Mo Tao, he had practically been dragged around by the nose.

The superior individual could be identified in a single glance. 

“We’ve indeed underestimated this person…” Gu Mengqi stared strangely at Lin Dong, before smiling faintly. Looks like what Gu Yan had said earlier was indeed true. Lin Dong’s true combat capability had indeed exceeded the strength he had on the surface. It was no wonder that he could already defeat experts at the initial Profound Life stage before even breaking through to the Profound Life stage.

She was clearly aware of Mo Tao’s strength. If she was the one who had fought, although she would be able to defeat Mo Tao, it was practically impossible for her to achieve such a clean victory. After all, Mo Tao was still an expert at the peak of the initial Profound Life stage.

“Elder sis Mengqi, Uncle Gu Ling. Do you now believe all that I’ve said?” A smile appeared on Gu Yan’s cool and elegant face as she spoke out.

Upon hearing her words, Gu Ling and the other two could only helplessly nod their heads. They had already made it clear earlier, and Lin Dong had also defeated Mo Tao. Therefore, they had nothing else to say.


Just as they nodded their head, Mo Tao, who still wore an ugly expression on his face, finally could not help but shout. Clenching his teeth, he tried to explain, “I was only a little careless earlier…” 

“Mo Tao, the rules were set by you. If you were to renege on your own terms, don’t you think that it’ll sully the name of your Earthsea Sect?” Gu Yan’s expression turned chilly as she spoke out coldly.

Mo Tao was a little taken aback, as his gaze swept around, and saw the slightly strange expressions of the Gu Clan disciples around them. When they noticed his gaze, all of them looked away.

Upon seeing this scene, Mo Tao involuntarily clenched his fists tightly. He looked towards Gu Ling and the other two and said, “Could it be that you truly want a person of unknown origin to become the external helper of your Gu Clan?”

“Cough…” Gu Ling coughed dryly, his expression was a little awkward.

“Ha ha. Brother Mo Tao, there’s no need to get angry. Naturally, the stronger the external helper of our Gu Clan, the better it would be. Previously, if you had defeated Lin Dong, no one will be able to object. However, the result is already clearly shown before our eyes. Therefore…” Gu Mengqi’s gentle voice contained a somewhat apologetic tone as she replied him.

“However, brother Mo Tao can stay on Martial Gathering Island for the time being, and spectate the martial gathering. Our Clan will naturally treat you as an honoured guest.”

Gu Mengqi’s words left no loopholes, and her voice was gentle. This left Mo Tao with no response, as his face alternated between white and green. After a while, he violently swung his sleeve. A sneer appeared on his face as he looked toward Lin Dong and said, “Okay, since you want him be your external helper, I’ll wait and see if he has any capability at all. Hmph, the martial gathering won’t be like this, the rules won’t allow any cheap tricks!”

“These rules were set by you.” Gu Yan reminded him, while scrunching her umber black brows.

Mo Tao turned sluggish, as flames of anger erupted within his heart. However, he spoke no further, and only snorted on the spot, before retreating slightly.

“Brother Lin Dong, perhaps our Clan will have to rely heavily on you in this martial gathering.” Gu Mengqi displayed a faint smile towards Lin Dong as she spoke.

Lin Dong smiled, and shot a look at this Gu Mengqi. This lady seemed gentle, however, she was very capable. If not, it would be difficult to silence Mo Tao with just words alone.

“Miss Mengqi is too polite. I’ve received the invitation of miss Gu Yan to come here as an external helper. As long as you’re able to fulfil my conditions, I’ll naturally do my best.”

Lin Dong did not attempt to gain any familiarity with her. Although Gu Yan had not given an in-depth explanation, he was able to feel the importance of the three quotas to the Gu Clan. Previously, Gu Yan had agreed that if he was to help them win the champion position, he would be given one quota. However, Gu Yan was obviously not able to represent the Gu Clan. Therefore, the matter of the remuneration had to be made clear to prevent undesirable incidents from happening later.

“Conditions?” Gu Mengqi was obviously rather astute, and had immediately picked up on the important point within Lin Dong’s words. Shooting a look at Gu Yan, she asked with a smile, “May I know what conditions did Little Yan promised brother Lin Dong?”

“A quota to enter the Chaotic Tower.” Lin Dong shot a look at Gu Yan, whose cheeks were tightening up, before replying with a smile.

The moment his words faded, he could see that Gu Mengqi, Gu Ling and the rest were immediately stunned. Quickly after, their expressions changed somewhat.

“Brother Lin Dong… even if our Gu Clan becomes the champion, there are only three quotas…” Gu Mengqi’s umber black brows wrinkled as she spoke out with difficulty.

“Why not brother Lin Dong decide on something else? Xuan Yuan Pills, Martial Arts, Spirit Treasures. I believe our Gu Clan will be able to promise whatever you ask for.”

Lin Dong shrugged. It seemed like this was indeed not something that Gu Yan could simply decide upon. Fortunately, he had seeked clarification now, if not, a scuffle would be unavoidable later on.

“I’m sorry. I want a quota. If you’re unable to accept it, I think it’s better that I leave now.”

Lin Dong’s words were not overly polite. This was originally a business transaction. He would help the Gu Clan become the champion, and the Gu Clan would give him a quota to enter the Chaotic Tower. This was an extremely fair trade.

It seemed that Gu Mengqi and the rest did not expect Lin Dong to be so blunt about this matter, causing their foreheads to scrunch up at this moment. With regards to the Gu Clan, the three quotas were already very scarce. If they were to give one to Lin Dong, there really won’t be enough left…

“Ha ha, your appetite is not small. Miss Mengqi, looks like this time round, you’ve found an incomparably greedy big bellied wolf.” Upon seeing this scene, Mo Tao who had retreated, could not help but sneer and ridicule.

Lin Dong tilted his head and looked at Mo Tao, before nodding his head, as he earnestly said, “ My appetite is indeed not small. However if brother Mo Tao has the confidence to help you obtain victory over Shentu Jue, it would be much better for him to be the external helper.”

When the name Shentu Jue entered his ears, Mo Tao’s expression instantly turned somewhat unnatural, and not a single word exited his mouth. From the looks of it, he clearly understood the disparity between his ability and the tyrannical figure that was ranked third within the younger generation of the Heaven Wind Sea Region…

He was confident in helping the Gu Clan achieve good results, however, it was absolutely impossible for him to snatch the position of martial gathering champion from Shentu Jue.

“You mean that you have the qualifications to take the champion position from Shentu Jue’s hands?” Mo Tao’s expression remained unnatural for a while before recovering, as he sneered.

Upon hearing his words, Gu Mengqi, Gu Ling and the rest turned their gazes over. Everyone knew that Shentu Jue of the Shentu Clan was absolutely the most formidable person in this martial gathering. It was likely that no one in the four great clans would have the confidence to utter these words…

“I have a fifty percent chance.”

Lin Dong chuckled. He had yet to meet the Iron Asura of the Shentu Clan, whose fame and reputation resounded throughout the Heaven Wind Sea Region, hence, his words were not so certain. From the information he had obtained from Gu Yan, Shentu Jue should currently possess the strength of the advance Profound Life stage. This was indeed rather tyrannical. If Lin Dong had not broken through to the Profound Life stage, it might be hard for Lin Dong to defeat him. However, it was different now…

However, even though the chances Lin Dong had given was still somewhat conservative, he still clearly felt the dumbfounded looks from the crowd. Mo Tao had even lost himself in laughter, as mockery filled his face. He probably thought that Lin Dong was just boasting.

However, Lin Dong did not mind their reactions, and continued to look at Gu Mengqi and the rest, as he smiled and said, “I’ve already made things very clear. It’s up to yourselves whether or not you chose to trust me. However, my conditions will not change. If it’s not possible, I’ll leave now and not bother you any more.”

Gu Mengqi, Gu Ling and the rest looked at each other in the eye. They were truly unable to believe that the person before them would actually dare to claim to have a fifty percent chance of taking the champion position from Shentu Jue’s hands…

“Elder sister Mengqi, please believe him. If we’re unable to become the champion, we wouldn’t get a single quota. Furthermore, Lin Dong has said he doesn’t want any other reward. If things do not work out, we will not suffer any losses. Does elder sister Mengqi really believe that just us alone will be able to take on Shentu Jue?” Gu Yan walked to Gu Mengqi’s side, and said in a low voice.

A complicated expression appeared on Gu Mengqi’s face, as her gaze met Gu Ling’s and the other two. After a while, she replied, “ Brother Lin Dong, we’re unable to decide on this matter. Why not you have some rest on Martial Gathering island first. Before the start of the martial gathering, we’ll give you an answer. Will that be alright?”

“Deal, however, if I do not receive a definite answer when the martial gathering starts, I’ll leave immediately.” Lin Dong said with a faint smile.

Gu Mengqi smiled bitterly and nodded her head. Only at this time did she feel how hard it was to deal with Lin Dong. This fellow… was truly obstinate.

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