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Chapter 864

Thanks for the Win


A cold and vicious aura suddenly gushed out on Lin Dong’s face. This drastic change in expression caused all the whispers in the surroundings to immediately die down, as everyone stared blankly at the him.

Around them, Gu Yan and her group wore calm expressions, as they already knew about Lin Dong’s character. Although he usually seemed gentle, underneath that gentleness was the face of an Asura. When this side of him surfaced, his opponent would definitely experience a tragedy… 


Gu Ling was also shocked by Lin Dong’s words, which did not give Mo Tao any face. Soon after, he frowned. He believed that this youth had too much of an imposing aura. After all, one had to conduct oneself appropriately in society, and it was to leave some leeway when speaking…

However, just as Gu Ling was prepared to say something, Gu Mengqi stopped him. Those beautiful peach blossom like pupils rested on Lin Dong’s body, as she said in a soft voice, “Little Yan is usually able to judge a person pretty well. She knows that the martial gathering is imminent. If we were to chase Mo Tao away, it would lead to a great loss for our Gu Clan. Yet, she’s still determined to do so. From the looks of it, she seems to be very confident in this Lin Dong…”

“However, this Lin Dong has just advanced to the Profound Life stage. Although this can be considered pretty good, there’s still quite a gap between him and Mo Tao.” Gu Ling replied while frowning.

“Who knows…”

Gu Mengqi faintly smile. She looked deeply at Lin Dong, as she spoke, “Furthermore, even if he isn’t Mo Tao’s opponent, there will be no loss on our side. After all, if he loses, Little Yan will have nothing else to say, and will have to give up on this train of thought.”

Upon hearing her words, Gu Ling and the other two hesitated for a while, before nodding their heads. The matter before them was indeed something that could not be resolved by words alone. Naturally, since that was the case, it was best for them to show their worth. If Lin Dong really had the ability to defeat Mo Tao, it would be a great bargain for their Gu Clan…


Under the attention of the numerous surrounding gazes, the expression on Mo Tao’s face stiffened. Quickly after, his eyes rapidly turned gloomy and sinister. A strange laughter resounded from his throat, before he turned his gaze towards Lin Dong, as his lips cracked open into a grin, “ You’ve got guts.”

“Hmph, let me see today exactly what qualifications do you have to ask me, Mo Tao, to scram.”

Mo Tao stared at Lin Dong in a cold and sinister manner as he slowly said, “If you are truly that capable, I have no qualms in passing the external helper position to you. However, if you’re just an empty vessel, don’t blame me for making you pay a price for your rudeness…”

“Please.” Lin Dong met Mo Tao’s sinister and cold gaze, as he cupped his hands and smiled.

A chilling glint flashed within Mo Tao’s eyes, as abnormally vigorous and violent Yuan Power slowly swept out from his body. Upon seeing this, the surrounding crowd hurriedly retreated.

Mo Tao waved his sleeve, causing a thousand feet wide circle to appear on the ground. Pointing at the circle, he said indifferently, “I will not bully you. When we cross hands later, if you’re able to force me out of this circle, it’ll be considered your win.”

The arrogance in Mo Tao’s statement was difficult to conceal. He was quite well-known within the Heaven Wind Sea Region. Not only was Lin Dong’s strength inferior, he did not have any reputation at all. This undoubtedly made him believe that the Lin Dong was trying to use his fame and reputation to springboard himself. After all, Lin Dong would not really be affected regardless of the outcome of the match.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong was slightly taken aback, and tried to restrain himself from laughing. Thinking about it, he understood what Mo Tao’s train of thought. This person cared too much about his fame and reputation, and did not understand that one should go all out even when handling a small matter. Such a mindset was undoubtedly pretty stupid.

“Up to you.”

Lin Dong shook his head. He did not wish to be overly entangled with Mo Tao here. Peak of the initial Profound Life stage, this was definitely not weak. However, with regards to the his current self, it was indeed difficult to feel threatened by Mo Tao.

In such a confrontation, it was better to end the fight as quickly as possible.

Mo Tao smile faintly, as he folded his arms. He assumed that Lin Dong’s momentum had already dropped a notch. Later, once he displayed some of his ability, Lin Dong would only be able to dejectedly leave Martial Gathering Island. After that, Gu Yan should clearly understand that the Gu Clan would only be able to achieve a desirable result in this martial gathering with his help. If not, they would definitely end up in last place.

“Since both parties have negotiated their terms, let the fight commence. The victor will be the external helper of our Gu Clan, however, it would be for the best that both parties stop once a victor is decided.” Gu Mengqi’s gentle voice rang out.

Lin Dong faintly nodded his head, before slowly stepping forward. Following his footsteps, boundless Yuan Power fluctuations were faintly discernible as they radiated outwards. This degree of fluctuation was indeed much stronger than before. It seemed that advancing to the Profound Life stage was indeed quite an improvement for Lin Dong.  

When Mo Tao felt the Yuan Power fluctuations radiating from Lin Dong’s body, his eyebrows raised a little. Immediately, a chilling glow flashed within his eyes. Taking a step forward, whooshing sounds were abruptly heard, as he made an unexpected first attack.


Mo Tao was extremely quick. In a flash, he appeared in front of Lin Dong. His palms moved in a profound trajectory, as boundless Yuan Power instantly erupted.

“Wave Breaking Bone Splitting Palm!”

Blue light erupted crazily from Mo Tao’s palms. In the next instant, sounds akin to waves surging rang out, as the boundless Yuan Power transformed into surging waves behind his back. With astonishing momentum, it furiously swatted at Lin Dong.

It had to be said that Mo Tao was indeed very powerful. This move of his was sufficient to cause most initial Profound Life stage experts to retreat miserably; it was clear why the Gu Clan had invited him as an external helper.

However, it was a pity that Lin Dong was also no ordinary person… 

The tidal palm attack that glowed blue rumbled as it swept forth, while it rapidly expanded in Lin Dong’s eyes. At this moment, green light erupted from the surface of Lin Dong’s body. Extending his right palm, faint green dragon light tattoos started to appear on the skin of his arm.


Lin Dong’s arm was completely extended, with no intention of retreating or evading. Instead, it stabbed straight into the towering blue light waves that were sweeping over. With a twirl of his hand, it turned into a fist, and smashed heavily into the vicious palm winds that Mo Tao had hidden within the towering waves.

A low and deep noise abruptly resounded from the point of contact. In the next moment, a violent gale suddenly devastated the area, causing cracks as thick as an arm to rapidly spread across the ground.


The gale explosively burst outwards, as Mo Tao’s expressions changed slightly, and a soft snort emerged from his throat. He had taken half a step back, and his expression was a little ugly.. It was clear that he had slightly lost out in this exchange.  

“Such brute power.”

Mo Tao gave a cold snort. However, before his voice could fade, his pupils violently contracted. A green light had shot towards him like a lightning bolt. Fierce and berserk fist images containing violent power violently smashed and enveloped the vital parts of his body like a storm.

Upon seeing this, Mo Tao’s eyes narrowed. With a twist of his hands, boundless Yuan Power transformed into a gigantic water whirlpool. Lin Dong’s fist images smashed on its surface, and were instantly dispelled by the Yuan Power whirlpool.

“Just brute force alone is nothing to be worried about.”

Mo Tao laughed coldly. The strength Lin Dong’s physical body possessed had indeed made him somewhat apprehensive. However, in his opinion, it was still too superficial. As long as he had the appropriate response, such power would not have much effect.


Lin Dong appeared to smirk condescendingly. In the next instant, his eyes suddenly turned cold, as the five fingers of his right hand suddenly formed a strange set of seals. At the same time, bright and resplendent green light exploded. Boundless Yuan Power swept out like a storm, causing several people to experience difficulty breathing.

“Martial Emperor Law, Martial Emperor Soul Shattering Seal!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were ice-cold. His left hand turned into a fist seal, as a punch blasted out. Behind him, a gigantic illusory figure was faintly discernible the moment the punch was released.

“Thousand Layered Wave Technique, Thousand Layered Hole!”

Mo Tao’s pupils shrunk a little due to the illusory figure behind Lin Dong. In the next moment, he felt a slight unease within his heart. He did not dare to be the slightest bit slow as he moved his body. All of the Yuan Power within his body screamed out, transforming into a gigantic thousand feet large whirlpool. A frightening killing force emanated from within the whirlpool.


However, it made no difference to Lin Dong. His fist seal rumbled out. Without any gaudiness, a punch slammed into the whirlpool.

“You’re courting death!”

Upon seeing this, Mo Tao instantly sneered as he mocked. With a thought, the whirlpool immediately revolved frantically. The twisting killing force was pushed to the limit in an attempt to twist Lin Dong’s arm into a bloody pulp.

Creak Creak.

Ear-piercing rubbing noises rang out continuously from within the whirlpool, while sparks sputtered out, but Lin Dong’s expression remained unchanged. He merely stared at Mo Tao, who was behind the whirlpool, as his mouth cracked open to form a grin.


Green light suddenly erupted. Like a meteor streaking across the horizon, it pierced the gigantic whirlpool. In the next instant, cracks rapidly appeared on the surface of the large whirlpool, and with a final bang, it exploded apart. Mo Tao’s defence had collapsed under Lin Dong’s fist.


Upon seeing this scene, Mo Tao’s expression immediately drastically changed, turning increasingly ugly when the glowing green fist seal, which had pierced through the whirlpool, shot towards him without slowing. Quickly after, the tip of his foot pushed off the ground, causing his body to soar into the air, in an attempt to evade the formidable fist seal.

However, just as he lifted off the ground, the smile on Lin Dong’s lips grew even increasingly obvious. Raising his head, he stared at Mo Tao as a crafty look flitted across his eyes.


A low inaudible noise softly emerged from Lin Dong’s mouth. Subsequently, everyone saw Mo Tao, who was about to display a vigorous body technique to evade Lin Dong’s attack, suddenly freeze in midair.


The instant his body froze, the glowing green fist seal arrived. Under the shocked gazes from the surrounding crowd, it violently smashed into Mo Tao’s chest.

A low and deep muffled sound echoed in the air, as Mo Tao’s face instantly turned deathly pale. In the end, he groaned as a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out, and his body flew backwards like a cannon ball, before miserably landing on the ground. The sole of his feet gouged a thousand feet long line on the ground, before he was finally able to barely stabilise his body.

“Thanks for the win.”

Lin Dong looked at the miserable Mo Tao, and said with a faint smile.

Upon hearing this, Mo Tao hurriedly lowered his head, only to see that his feet had stopped outside the boundary of the circle he had drawn earlier. At once, his expression turned as ugly as it could. 

While Mo Tao’s expression turned ugly, faint sounds of shock and astonishment rang out around them. The faces of Gu Ling, Gu Mengqi and the rest finally became completely serious.

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