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Chapter 866



The five clans martial gathering was a pretty big event in the Heaven Wind Sea Region. Therefore, more and more experts converged on Martial Gathering Island in the following days. It was extremely spectacular and lively, and from this, one could see the rallying power of the five great clans within the Heaven Wind Sea Region.

However, since his arrival on Martial Gathering Island, Lin Dong did not go out, and instead chose to quietly stay within the guest room arranged by the Gu Clan. He quietly trained, compacting the boundless Yuan Power that was conspicuously superficial due to its drastic increase after his breakthrough.

Being an external helper, the Gu Clan had obviously attached some importance to him. While he trained, not only was Gu Ya sent to take care of him, they even allowed to Gu Ya to deliver twenty thousand Xuan Yuan pills, saying it was for Lin Dong’s usage during his training. This level of service showed the generosity of a great clan.

As for those Xuan Yuan pills, Lin Dong did not hold back, and completely received everything that came his way. Naturally, his heart would not be shaken by such favours. If the Gu Clan was unable to bear parting with a quota for the Chaotic Tower, he would leave immediately.

Time passed rapidly as he peacefully trained. After five days, the martial gathering also quietly arrived…

Rays of light illuminated the quiet room. Lin Dong was silently seated, while hundreds of Xuan Yuan pills orbited around him. Waves of pure energy accompanied by thin strands of Life Qi radiated out of them, before finally pouring into Lin Dong’s body like an unending stream.

Chi Chi.

Energy rapidly poured out from the Xuan Yuan pills. As the energy within them was absorbed, the Xuan Yuan pills transformed into dust at an astonishing rate, before falling gently from the air.

When the final Xuan Yuan pill had transformed into dust, Lin Dong’s faintly shut eyes slowly opened. A brilliant glint flashed in the depths of his eyes, before rapidly dissipating.


When Lin Dong’s training session was completed, the door was gently pushed open, as a little head popped in. Seeing that Lin Dong had already withdrew from his cultivation state, the little girl could not help but sigh in relief, before saying with a smile, “Big brother Lin Dong, elder sister Mengqi wants me to bring you to the discussion hall.”


Lin Dong’s brows were slightly raised. Looks like the Gu Clan was going to give him a reply. He did not know if these fellows would more willing to give him one of the three quotas. If they were not willing , he would have quite a headache. After all, it was not easy for him to have found an opportunity to repair the Stone Talisman, and he did not want to easily give up such a chance.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong rose to his feet, smiled at Gu Ya, and walked out of the room.

“Big brother Lin Dong…” Gu Ya, who was following beside Lin Dong, thought for a while, before suddenly speaking out in a low voice, “ If our Gu Clan isn’t able to give you a satisfactory answer, you should just follow what you have already decided to do…”

Lin Dong was startled for a moment, before gently smiling and nodding his head. This lass sure was overly kind. It was unexpected that she was able to speak up for him at such a time.

The two walked within the gigantic manor. After quite a while, they finally stopped outside an extremely spacious room. Gu Ya pushed the door open, and Lin Dong saw that there were several figures within. From their postures, he could tell that the atmosphere was rather solemn.

As the door was pushed open, the sounds of discussion stopped, and the people within turned their heads around to look at the tall and straight youth standing outside the entrance. At this moment, they seemed to narrow their eyes.

Lin Dong took a quick look at the great hall, and walked in without any change in expression. His gaze swept across the the great hall. Not only were Gu Yan, Gu Mengqi, as well as Gu Ling and the Gu Clan older generation present, there were also quite a few unfamiliar faces. However, from the looks of it, they should be people with some status within the Gu Clan.

Lin Dong’s gaze finally came to a stop at the chief’s seat. There was a brown-robed elder there. The elder had a pair of deep set eyes, and a brilliance sparkled within them. Around his body, boundless and vigorous Yuan Power could be faintly discernible as it radiated, causing faint vibrations in the surrounding space.

“Perfect Profound Life stage.”

Lin Dong’s eyes focused on the brown-robed old man’s body. From the overbearing aura that was faintly discernible around the latter, Lin Dong was able to sense which cultivation level he was at.

“Even an expert of this stage has come. As expected of one of the five great clans…” Lin Dong muttered in his heart. This brown-robed old man was clearly the person with the highest status here.

While thoughts circulated in Lin Dong’s mind, his gaze suddenly shifted to the the brown-robed old man’s side. There stood a man dressed in white clothes. The man was rather handsome, however, his handsome face was currently rather pale. From his dispirited aura, it was obvious that he had suffered extremely serious injuries.

“Gu Yuntian?”

Lin Dong took another look at this white clothed man, as he guessed his identity. This person should be the most outstanding amongst the younger generation of the Gu Clan, Gu Yuntian.

“Ha ha, you should be the external helper that Little Yan has invited, little friend Lin Dong?” While Lin Dong was sizing up the pale-faced man, the brown-robed elder softly chuckled, and sent a kind smile towards Lin Dong before speaking.

“This old man is Gu Shou, a Gu Clan elder.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong did not have the slightest negligence, and courteously cupped hands towards the old man while replying, “Greetings Elder Gu Shou.”

Gu Shou smiled as he waved his hand. His abnormally shrewd gaze slowly swept across Lin Dong . After a moment, he said, “I’ve already heard about the matter. Little friend Lin Dong, you should also know how valuable a quota to enter the Chaotic Tower is, and it is extremely important to our clan. Is it possible for you to change your mind?”

Lin Dong shook his head slightly. He looked straight at Gu Shou, and replied in a soft voice, “I only want a quota. I do not need anything else.”

Gu Shou frowned for a while, as whispers started emerge from the surrounding Gu Clan members. A few people were probably unhappy, as the quota was indeed too precious.

“Elder Gu Shou, I wonder how confident your clan is of being able to clinch the champion position?” Lin Dong asked with a faint smile.

“Our chances are less than twenty percent.” Gu Shou replied after some hesitation. He was indeed very clear about this. With the strength of the younger generation of the Gu Clan, it would be extremely difficult for them to achieve victory over the other three great clans, much less clinching the position of champion.

“Elder Gu Shou, if your Gu Clan is unable to win the martial gathering, there’s no need to talk about having two or three quotas; your clan would not even have the right to enter the Chaotic Tower. Under this premise, isn’t this discussion about whether you’re willing to give a quota away thinking a little too far ahead?”

When Lin Dong’s words rang out, an uproar instantly arose in the great hall. Several Gu Clan members had furious expressions. It was likely that believed that Lin Dong was belittling them.

Gu Shou’s forehead scrunched up, before he waved his hand, suppressing the discussions happening in the great hall. Staring at Lin Dong, he slowly said, “Although little friend Lin Dong’s words are unpleasant to the ear, it is the truth. If we don’t become the champion, our Gu Clan would not even have the right to enter the Chaotic Tower, much less have a quota…”

As his words reached this point, Gu Shou paused for a while, as his gaze faintly flickered, “I’ve heard what Mengqi and the girls have said, that you have a fifty percent chance of defeating Shentu Jue?”

As his words faded, the gazes in the great hall instantly locked onto Lin Dong. The majority of the gazes were filled with suspicion.

The white clothed man standing beside Gu Shou also raised his head at this moment. Although his aura was dispirited, one could still see his elegance. His gaze locked tightly onto Lin Dong. It was likely that he did not understand how Lin Dong could have such confidence. After all, even when he was at his peak condition, it was difficult to have even a ten percent chance of beating Shentu Jue.


Under the attention of numerous gazes, Lin Dong remained expressionless as he slowly nodded his head.

Gu Shou’s eyes narrowed slightly, his gaze turning fiery as he stared at the silent Lin Dong. After a moment, he suddenly slowly extended his withered hand. Within his hand was a golden command token.

“This is the command token of our Gu Clan’s external helper. Little friend Lin Dong, if you truly possess the capability you speak of, please take it. As for your conditions, it will be as you say.”

Following these words, an extremely strong Yuan Power pressure suddenly swept out from Gu Shou’s body, completely enveloping the great hall. Under this pressure, the expressions of quite a few Gu Clan members turned somewhat grave; their bodies felt as if they were being crushed by a heavy mountain, and were unable to move even a single inch.

Anyone could see that Gu Shou wanted to test Lin Dong’s true strength!

Gazes locked onto thin figure of the youth within the great hall. Lin Dong tilted his head slightly, as if he was thinking about something, before a arc appeared on that youthful face.

Boom Boom.

In the next moment, everyone could see the youth lift his leg, as he steadily started to walk forward. Whenever his foot landed on the ground, low and deep sounds were faintly discernible as they rang out, as if the earth was trembling. However, his forward movement did not pause, or even have the slightest trace of sluggishness.

The pressure coming from a perfect Profound Life stage expert did not seem to have any suppression effect on him. 


Lin Dong’s footsteps finally stopped before Gu Shou. Smiling faintly at the latter, he extended his hand. Under the gazes of Gu Shou and the white clothed man, he grabbed the golden command token.

“Happy to work with you.”

Lin Dong gripped the command token in his hand, before he raised his head and beamed at Gu Shou.

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