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Chapter 863



Mo Tao’s voice softly echoed, causing the atmosphere to freeze a little. The surrounding Gu Clan disciples looked somewhat helplessly at this scene. It was likely that they were already used to Mo Tao’s clear manner of mockery.

In addition, when Mo Tao’s words echoed, their gazes started to size up Lin Dong. The latter’s aura was pretty strong, however, there was some disparity when compared with Mo Tao, who was at the peak of initial Profound Life stage. In addition, when all was said and done, Mo Tao had some reputation amongst the younger generation of the Heaven Wind Sea Region. As for Lin Dong, no one knew him. Who knew where Gu Yan had invite him from. Could such a person truly substitute for Gu Yuntian?


Upon seeing this, Gu Ling gave a dry cough. He looked at Lin Dong, before smile at Gu Yan as he spoke, “Little Yan, you should also know about what happened to Yuntian. Our Gu Clan’s current situation is not too encouraging. Although you’ve broken through to the initial Profound Life stage, it will not change much. Mo Tao’s strength speaks for itself, and has the qualifications to substitute for Yuntian.”

Gu Ling knew that Gu Yan had some dislike for Mo Tao, and therefore assumed that she had purposely found another person in an attempt to remove Mo Tao’s position as an external helper. However, this concerned the Gu Clan’s martial gathering results, therefore, he would not tolerate Gu Yan’s childish behaviour.

As for Lin Dong, he could see in a single look that he had the appearance of the initial Profound Life stage. Furthermore, his aura was conspicuously empty and superficial. It was likely that he had relied on some kind of natural heavenly treasure recently to reach this stage. His strength was indeed a considerable distance away from Mo Tao’s.

“Uncle Gu Ling, I’m not joking. Lin Dong is the external helper I’ve invited over for our Gu Clan. His strength is sufficient for the task.” However, in response to Gu Ling’s words, Gu Yan shook her head and replied earnestly.


Hearing this, Mo Tao smiled indifferently, as his eyes swept across Lin Dong with faintly concealed contempt and despise. Speaking out, he said, “Miss Gu Yan, whether he has the qualifications is perhaps not something that you can decide alone.”

“In addition, I originally didn’t have much interest in your five clans martial gathering. If not for the genuine invitation of your Gu Clan, I might not have chosen to stick my hands into this matter. If miss Gu Yan truly does not want me to interfere, I’ll voluntarily hand over my position to this person.”

Mo Tao’s scheme was pretty good. He did not openly go against Gu Yan, and instead used retreating to advance. As his words resounded out, the faces of the surrounding Gu Clan disciples started to change somewhat, and Gu Ling’s forehead became increasingly wrinkled. His face turned stern as he looked towards Gu Yan and said, “Little Yan, stop causing trouble.”

“What’s the matter?”

This was after all the Gu Clan harbour, hence there were currently some Gu Clan elders overseeing the operations in the vicinity. When such a large group of people started to crowd here, it was very quickly discovered by them. Immediately, two middle-aged men with stern faces and pretty strong auras walked over. Their gazes were directed towards the crowd, as they inquired in a deep voice.

These two were obviously elders with a pretty high status within the Gu Clan. Upon seeing the them, the surrounding Gu Clan disciples hurriedly paid their respects. Subsequently, Gu Ling explained the details of the matter.

After hearing Gu Ling’s explanation, the faces of the two middle-aged men clearly turned slightly ugly. Upon seeing their reactions, Mo Tao smiled faintly, folding his arms as he shot a slightly pleased gaze at Lin Dong while staying silent.

“Little Yan, don’t cause trouble. Inviting Mo Tao being our Gu Clan’s external helper was personally ordered by the elder. How can your words casually change this.”

One of the middle ages men with thick brows said in a deep voice. After which, he looked at Lin Dong and said, “ This friend, since you’ve come here, you’re a guest of our Gu Clan. At that time you’re invite to watch the competition. As for the matter about being the external helper, there’s no need to mention it again.”

From the beginning till the end, Lin Dong had not said anything. He only watched the matters unfurl as a bystander. His silence, however, made everyone increasingly disregard him.

“Uncle Gu Hua, since Little Yan has already invited someone, she should have her reasons. Given her character, this should not be a short spite of temper. Why don’t you listen to her explanation before deciding?”

Just as the middle-aged man’s voice rang out, a gentle female voice suddenly rang out from within the crowd. The crowd immediately parted, revealing a sweet and graceful lady wearing a silk dress, who walked out slowly with light footsteps.

The lady wore a silk dress, which accentuated her full curves, as well as her slender waist. Her appearance was rather pure and beautiful, while her eyes were akin to peach blossoms. Her gentle personality and soft voice made one feel somewhat drunk.

“Elder sister Mengqi.”

This lady clearly had an extremely high prestige within the younger generation of the Gu Clan. Upon her appearance, the surrounding Gu Clan disciples, and even Gu Yan greeted her with some happiness.

Lin Dong shot a look at this gentle and sweet-tempered beauty, however, his eyes faintly narrowed. The latter’s aura was even stronger than Gu Yan. In fact, it had faintly exceeded that of Mo Tao by a thread. This Gu Clan was undoubtedly one of the five great clans…


Upon seeing this lady and hearing her words, Gu Ling and the other two slightly nodded their heads. They proceeded to look at Gu Yan, waiting for her so-called reasonable explanation.

“Lin Dong has indeed recently reached the Profound Life stage in the past month.” 

When Gu Yan said these words, a mocking arc appeared from the corners of Mo Tao’s mouth. However, before the arc grew even wider, Gu Yan’s subsequent words caused it to freeze in its place.

“However, before his breakthrough, an initial Divine Symbol Master as well as an initial Profound Life stage Demonic Beast expert had suffered defeat at his hands.”


The moment Gu Yan’s statement was complete, a commotion broke out in the surroundings. Several Gu Clan disciples stared in astonishment at the differential Lin Dong, who had yet to speak a single word. Only now did they know that this quiet youth was actually an asura that had concealed his anger and fury.


Astonishment appeared on the faces of Gu Ling and the other two as well as the lady named Mengqi, as they stared at Lin Dong in a strange manner. Never would they have thought, that the latter would actually have such combat accomplishments.

“Ha ha, such combat accomplishments is pretty good.”

The frozen arc on the corners of Mo Tao’s mouth slowly dissipated. Soon after, he stared at Lin Dong with some gloominess in his eye, before he laughed and said, “However, just this alone does not give him the qualifications to handover my position.”

An initial Divine Symbol Master as well as an initial Profound Life stage Demonic Beast expert. Mo Tao could also achieve such combat accomplishments, albeit after some trouble. Therefore, although he was astonished, it was still impossible for him to voluntarily give up his position.

Gu Ling and the other two faintly nodded their heads. If what Gu Yan said was true, that only meant that Lin Dong possessed a strength that was comparable to Mo Tao. However, it did not mean that he could pressure Mo Tao to offer up his position on his own accord.

“So what do I need to do to obtain this qualification?” A smile finally surfaced on Lin Dong’s face, as he stared at Mo Tao and asked.

Mo Tao smiled as he gazed at Lin Dong, however, chilling intent was more or less present in his smile. Soon after, he massaged his wrist as he replied, “Good. I’m someone who always follows the rules. In this place, strength is king. If you defeat me, you will have the qualifications. If you’re inferior to me, I believe…”

When his words reached this point, Mo Tao sent a smile towards Lin Dong. Quickly after, his face instantly turned ice-cold as he continued, “You should quickly scram, and stop delaying me from my proper business.”

From the looks of it, Mo Tao had some dislike for Lin Dong. He had an abnormal adoration of Gu Yan. Hence, unhappiness had arisen in his heart after seeing that Gu Yan had actually refuted him for Lin Dong.

“If you truly have the capability, challenge me. There will only be two outcomes. You scram, or I scram.”

Upon hearing Mo Tao’s icy words, the surrounding Gu Clan disciples secretly grinned. As they thought, the former had been infuriated…

A twitch ran past the faces of Gu Ling and the other two as well as Gu Mengqi. However, they did not say anything else. They were actually not very concerned about whoever becomes the external helper. As long as the external helper possessed genuine strength, his identity was of no concern.

Gaze after gaze turned towards Lin Dong. At this time, Mo Tao had already said his most vicious words. If Lin Dong did not dare to accept, the only thing he could truly do was to leave by himself…

Under the attention of those gazes, Lin Dong smiled and walked forward. He looked straight at Mo Tao, as laughter rang out from his throat.

“Since you’re certain about this… then it’s better… for you to scram.”

As the last word rang out, the smile on Lin Dong’s face abruptly disappeared. The instantaneous eruption of chilling and vicious intent made even Gu Ling and the rest narrow their eyes for an instant.

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