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Chapter 862

Martial Gathering Island


Wave swelled and surged on the vast and endless sea. Gigantic waves surged over from far away, before finally crashing heavily onto the side of the ship, creating ear-splitting rumbling noises.

Lin Dong stood at the bow of the ship, and looked towards the endless horizon. The sea winds blew into his face, bringing along the salty smell of the sea. The vastness of the sea truly made one feel refreshed.

It had been several days since they left Mysterious Spirit Island. In this time, they had journeyed without stopping or resting, and had experienced some dreadful and bizarre weather. The strength of nature made Lin Dong understand the terror of Chaotic Demon Sea. However, it was fortunate that the members of the Gu Clan had ample experience, therefore, these things did not impede them at all.

“The place we’re heading to is called Martial Gathering Island, and it is also where the Chaotic Tower is located. It is guarded by experts and a large amount of troops from the five great clans. It only opens at the start of the martial gathering every year. During this period, countless experts will gather. After all, this martial gathering is a pretty big event.” Beside Lin Dong, Gu Yan was explaining the details of the martial gathering.

“Generally speaking, the martial gathering is considered as an exchange of pointers between the younger generation. Therefore, the invited external helper has to be part of the younger generation. As such, the external helper invited by the various clans will most likely be the young experts who have some reputation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region…”

“I’m afraid that I will be an exception.” Lin Dong said with a smile. He did not have any reputation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region, and was a completely unknown younger generation.

“You might gain one after the martial gathering.” Gu Yan smiled and replied. She clearly understood Lin Dong’s strength. When he was at the nine Yuan Nirvana stage, he was already able to deal with an initial Divine Symbol Master as well as an initial Profound Life stage Demonic Beast expert. Furthermore, Lin Dong’s strength had now soared, and officially entered the realm of the initial Profound Life stage. Although he had yet to completely stabilise at this stage, who could deny his battle power?

According to Gu Yan’s estimate, if Lin Dong was to fully unleash his strength, it would be difficult to find an opponent at the initial Profound Life stage that could contend against him.

Lin Dong did not comment, and continued to ask, “Are there any problematic individuals in the other four clans?”

“The strength of the other four clans is pretty good. They have many capable individuals amongst the younger generation. For example, the most famous one in the Wei Clan is Wei Zhen. His strength has long reached the peak of the initial Profound Life stage. It is said that he will likely advance to the advance Profound Life stage within two years.” Gu Yan replied with a slightly solemn face.

“Oh?” Surprise flashed past Lin Dong’s eyes, before he secretly nodded his head. The Chaotic Demon Sea was undoubtedly worthy of its reputation. To think that there were such talents amongst the younger generation here. Peak of the initial Profound Life stage. With such power, one would already be a considered a true expert in the Eastern Xuan Region.

“As for the other two great clans, Su Yan of the Su Clan and Song Chen of the Song Clan are at the same level, and are rather hard to deal with.”

“What about the Shentu Clan?” Lin Dong asked about the final clan that Gu Yan had yet to talk about.

“The Shentu Clan…” Gu Yan’s face turned a little unnatural when this clan was mentioned. After bitterly laughing for a while, she continued explaining, “The Shentu Clan is the strongest among the five great clans. They were the champions of the martial gathering last year…”

“Among the younger generation of the Shentu Clan, the most formidable is Iron Asura Shentu Jue… within the Heaven Wind Sea Region, there’s no one that has not heard about his name. “

“Iron Asura Shentu Jue…” Lin Dong’s eyes faintly narrowed. As the saying goes, no one would become famous for no reason. Since this person was able to achieve such a name for himself in the Heaven Wind Sea Region, he would definitely be very capable.

“That fellow might have already reached the realm of the advance Profound Life stage… in addition he has similarly trained his physical body with the Shentu Clan’s Asura Body, which he had already achieved a high level of proficiency in. Recently, it was heard that Shentu Jue had crossed hands with an advance Profound Life stage expert, and had even defeated his opponent…” Gu Yan explained while shaking her head, her tone was filled with helplessness.


Lin Dong nodded his head. Looks like this Shentu Jue was indeed a fierce individual.

“Within the Heavenly Wind Region there are busybodies that made a ranking for the younger generation. This Shentu Jue is firmly ranked at the third position.” Gu Yan said.

“Shentu Jue is only third?” Lin Dong was stunned for a moment, his emotions faintly stirring. He had assumed that Shentu Jue was strong enough to already be called to strongest within the younger generation of the Heaven Wind Sea Region…

“Yes.” Gu Yan replied while nodding her head, before continuing, “ The first rank is Yin Yang Hand Zhou Gan of the Universe Cave, while the second is Little Underworld King Xie Yan of the Demonic Wind Cave. These two are pinnacle existence amongst the younger generation of Heaven Wind Sea Region…”

Lin Dong noiselessly mouthed the two names, before lamenting a little. The quality of the younger generation in Chaotic Demon Sea was indeed a level higher than the Eastern Xuan Region.   

“Naturally, Shentu Jue is not much weaker than the two. After all, they have never crossed hands before, so no one really knows.” Gu Yan said.

“As for the martial gathering this time, due to being the previous champion, the Shentu Clan does not need to participate. They only need to defend the tower.”

“Defend the tower?”

“Yes. Of the four participating great clans, only one clan will walk till the very end and challenge the Shentu Clan. If they win, they’ll obtain the three quotas to enter the Chaotic Tower. If they lose, the Shentu Clan will remain the champion…”

“This is similar to the arena… being the champion really has quite a few advantages.” Lin Dong said while sighing. The Shentu Clan did not need to participate in the initial intense competition, and could wait for their exhausted enemy to arrive. This was indeed a rather huge advantage.

“That’s the favoured treatment of the champion, as stated by the rules.”

Gu Yan also felt some helplessness in response to this, however, there was nothing that could be done. Softly sighing, she said, “ Shentu Jue would definitely be present to defend the tower this time. He’s the true obstacle to overcome. Of the four great clans, no one is certain of being able to get past him…”

These were not words Gu Yan had said to devalue Lin Dong. Although she clearly understood that Lin Dong was similarly pretty powerful. Shentu Jue’s reputation was after all too resounding. His various combat achievements have made people of the same generation feel inferior. Therefore, Gu Yan did not have much confidence in becoming the champion this year.

Lin Dong smiled but did not say anything more. He did not have the desire of competing in viciousness with other people. If not for the Mysterious Stone Talisman, he would not have even gotten involved in the five clans martial gathering. However, things were not to be. Since he had obtained an opportunity to repair the Stone Talisman, he would naturally not give it up. Therefore… the quota to enter the Chaotic Tower will be his.

If there were people blocking him, then he only had to… defeat them…

Lin Dong’s arms hung at his side as he stared at the distant surface of the sea. Black clouds were converging once again, as a thunderstorm slowly took shape.

After sailing for approximately ten days, Lin Dong clearly felt the surrounding sea suddenly become bustling with activity. Giant ships came whizzing along from all directions, before finally converging to their front. The appearance of ten thousand ships gathering was a rather spectacular sight.

“We’ve reached Martial Gathering Island.” Gu Yan said. Standing at the bow of the ship, she looked at the vast land that had appeared at the end of her sights, as joy flitted across her eyes.

Lin Dong raised his head and looked over, and what he saw as an extremely vast land. The surface of the so-called island was abnormally huge. Even though the number of ships on the sea were akin to clouds in the sky, there was not the slightest bit of congestion.

“That’s a ship of the Gu Clan…”

“Is that Gu Yan of the Gu Clan at the bow? Heh, she indeed is a cold face beauty…”

“It’s said that Gu Yuntian was beaten and suffered serious injuries a while ago. Looks like he can’t participate in this martial gathering.”

“Gu Yuntian is unable to participate? Things might not be bode well for the Gu Clan this time…”


As Gu Yan’s ship neared Martial Gathering Island, quite a number of gazes shot over from the surroundings. Upon seeing the ‘Gu’ character on the ship sail, they could not help but break out into whispers.

When Gu Yan heard those voices, her umber black brows faintly scrunched up. Soon after, she waved her jadelike hand, and the ship rapidly headed for the personal harbor of their Gu Clan. There were already quite a few Gu Clan guards quietly waiting there.

“Lin Dong, let’s go.”

As the ship gradually neared its destination, Gu Yan turned her head and spoke to Lin Dong. Her beautiful body moved as she took the lead, shooting forward before finally landing on the distant harbor. Beside her, Lin Dong, as well as Gu Ying, Gu Ya and the other Gu Clan disciples also rapidly followed.

“Elder sis Gu Yan, you’ve finally arrived!” 

As Gu Yan landed from the air, several nearby Gu Clan disciples started to crowd around her. From the looks of it, Gu Yan had some status amongst the younger generation of the Gu Clan. 

Gu Yan nodded her heads towards the Gu Clan disciples. Her eyes proceeded to turn towards a middle-aged man who was walking over. With a soft voice, she said, “Uncle Gu Ling.”

Behind this middle-aged man was a rather handsome looking man. Currently, he was staring at Gu Yan with some passion. The latter however, directly ignored his gaze. 

“Ha ha, it’s good that you’ve made it…” The middle-aged man known to Gu Yan as uncle Gu Ling nodded his head with a smile. His gaze swept across Gu Yan’s body, before exclaiming with some happiness, “You’ve had a breakthrough?” 

“Yes. I obtained a Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit at Mysterious Spirit Island. With its power, I managed to advance to the Profound Life stage.” Gu Yan replied while nodding her head.

“This is truly timely…”

Happiness appeared on Gu Ling’s face. He proceed to take a half step back, as he pointed to the handsome man and said with a smile, “ Little Yan, this is Mo Tao. You should know him. He is the external helper our Gu Clan has invited over this time.”

“Miss Gu Yan, we meet again.” The man said in a rather elegantly manner while sending a faint smile at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan shot an indifferent look at Mo Tao, before moving to the side, revealing Lin Dong behind her. Her slender jadelike finger pointed at him, as she looked at Gu Ling, “Uncle Gu Ling, this is the external helper I’ve invited over this time, Lin Dong.”

As Gu Yan’s words rang out, Gu Ling as well as the surrounding Gu Clan disciples were instantly taken aback. Their faces turned slightly strange as they looked towards Mo Tao, whose smile had started to recede.

Lin Dong felt a headache due to the suddenly strange atmosphere. However, before he could speak, he felt Mo Tao’s eyes turn towards him, as a smile that was not a smile appeared on that handsome face.

“A person that has just stepped into the Profound Life stage, and hasn’t even stabilized his aura, was actually invited as an external helper. Miss Gu Yan, aren’t you being a little too childish?”

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