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Chapter 85: First Seal Symbol Master

Lin Dong carefully controlled the ‘black sword’ that was put together by the ‘Shattering Yuan Shrapnel’ as he drifted once around the room. Although the posture that he used to control it could be rated as ugly, it did not obstruct the unrestrained joy on the young man’s face as he drove and travelled around with the sword. He did not expect that he could actually succeed in doing this fairy-tale like thing.

After Lin Dong stepped on the ‘Shattering Yuan Shrapnel’ and floated once around the room, a thought struck him. That ‘black sword’ was separated and once again transformed into nine black things that entered his sleeves. His body also dexterously landed on the ground.

“It’s really not bad. But it really consumes Mental Energy…”

Lin Dong patted his hands, feeling a little regretful while still being amazed. If his Mental Energy could be a little stronger, he might be able to flying around in the sky like those legendary heros. Currently, it was likely that his Mental Strength would be completely exhausted after flying for a short while, resulting in him falling from the sky.

Once he kept the Shattering Yuan Shrapnel, Lin Dong observed the Destiny Symbol within his Ni Wan Palace. At this moment, the Destiny Symbol was suspended within it. At a glance, however, this symbol appeared overly blurry and dim. It required Lin Dong to train it over a long time before it could completely coagulate into a Destiny Symbol.

“One Seal…”

Eyeing the Destiny Symbol within the Ni Wan Palace, Lin Dong could not resist smiling. From now onwards, he could also be considered as an official First Seal Symbol Master. He was not too interested in inscribing things like armour or weapons but he was very interested regarding in the potential of the Mental Energy. As that Grandmaster Yan had said, this power was indeed not weaker than those strong people who trained in Yuan Power. Once one reaches an advanced stage, flipping mountains or toppling the seas was merely something that could be done with a thought.

However, Mental Energy appeared to be a little emptier and more ethereal when compared to the tangible Yuan Power. If one did not possess talent for it, it was likely that one would have difficulty making any progress.

Talent was extremely important in the training of Mental Energy. This was also the reason why Grandmaster Yan was so moved when he saw the Mental Energy talent that Lin Dong had displayed.

The kind of heavenly strength to flip lakes and topple the sea was something that Lin Dong could only maintain a yearning for at the moment. Fortunately, however, he was able to clearly sense that his control over the Mental Energy after the Destiny Symbol had successfully coagulate, was clearly superior than what it was before. He had the confidence that if he was to once again meet the kind of ambush by Lei Pi, the latter would definitely have no chance of escaping.

Lin Dong felt extremely satisfied regarding this point. The actions of Lei Pi’s group this time around, was a clear prelude to their intention to attack the Lin Family.  When facing this veteran family within the Qingyang Town, the Lin Family must go all out. After all, if they were not careful, they may really end up with ruin and death.

Once the Lin Family was in ruins, the Lei Family would annihilate all of them. That was something that Lin Dong definitely did not want to see.

Therefore, Lin Dong must do whatever he could to raise his strength before the Lei Family attacks the Lin Family. Only by doing this, can they have an additional safeguard.

“Lei Family…”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed. A cold glint flowed within them. When faced with those people who possessed real killing intent towards him, Lin Dong would view them as enemies. Once he had the chance, he would let the Lei Family pay the price for today’s action.

In the days that followed, the atmosphere within Qingyang Town appeared to have quietly became a little anxious. The interactions between the upper echelons of the Lei and Xie Families had also become increasingly frequent. Some of the groups which were very well informed, could also sense that there was something amiss.

Of course, the Lin Family had also sensed this abnormality. As they were pressed for time and since Lin Zhentian had once again entered a crucial moment of his retreat, no one dared to disturb him at this moment. This was because everyone knew that only when Lin Zhentian entered the Yuan Dan stage, would the Lin Family no longer need to fear the Lei and Xie Families forming an alliance. Otherwise, if they were to fight at this moment, the chances of the Lin Family winning would not be high.

After all, it could be said that although the Lin Family’s foundation was not weaker than any of the Lei or Xie Family due to the Yang Yuan Stone Lode, they were still somewhat at a disadvantage if the two families were to cooperate.

Therefore, they must wait for Lin Zhentian to successfully exit his retreat regardless of what happened.

Being affected by the spreading atmosphere within Qingyang Town, the Steel Wood Manor had also appeared unusually alert. The normal defence had been increased by several times. Even during the night, there would be people continuing to patrol.

Under this kind of tensed atmosphere, another half a month swiftly flowed by.

On a cool shady empty plot of land, Lin Dong’s body was like a sky rabbit, as his fists and palms were being thrown, carrying a billowing palm wind that softly and deeply hummed as it sent all the dead leaves on the ground flying.


In the next instance, Lin Dong threw a fierce punch that struck on a large tree. The violent Yuan Power directly convulsed the latter until it cracked and burst opened.

“Lin Dong-ge, Father and the others are calling you to hurry to the Meeting Room!”

At the moment Lin Dong pulled his fist back, a slim figure suddenly came running over. A clear voice that was like a lark began spreading in the Lin Family grounds.


Hearing this, Lin Dong was momentarily stunned. Immediately after, he swiftly nodded his head. He knew that in the current tensed state the Lin Family was in, there were many things to be done.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong waved his hand at Qing Tan beside him. Without much hesitation, he turned around and ran towards the direction where the Meeting Room was at. When the young girl saw the situation, her small mouth pouted. She then hurriedly followed.

Meeting Room.

When Lin Dong entered, he realised that not only were Lin Xiao and the others (older generation) there but that younger generation like Lin Hong was also present. However, everyone’s expressions were fairly dark. Seeing this scene, Lin Dong’s heart quietly beat harder.

“What happened.?” Lin Dong sped up his footsteps, walked in and asked.

Seeing Lin Dong walking in, Lin Xiao’s and Lin Ken’s three men group quietly sighed in relief. Without realising it, they appeared to have treated Lin Dong as a pillar of the Lin Family.

“During this period of time, we have secretly moved the family members of the Lin Family from Qingyang Town towards the Steel Wood Manor one after another.”

Hearing this, Lin Dong nodded his head. Since the Lei Family could even directly attack him, using other methods were very common. If those family members were captured by the Lei Family, it would greatly handicap the Lin Family, should the former use those people to threaten them when the time comes.

“As we are worried of being discovered by the Lei and Xie Family, the efficiency isn’t very high. Today’s the last batch. However, the Lei and Xie Families discovered it this time around. According to the information that we have received, the Lei Family is currently sending people to pursue the last batch of family members from our Lin Family!” Lin Xiao said with a gloomy face.

Lin Dong knitted his eyebrows. Looking at Lin Xia by the side who still had some traces of tears on her face and the gloomy faced Lin Xiao, he suddenly felt a little uneasy. “Who are amongst the last batch of family members?”

“Most of them are females. Elder sister-in-law and your mother are all within them.” Lin Xiao’s body trembled slightly. His low voice was a little frightening to listen to.

The elder sister-in-law that he spoke of was natural Lin Ken’s wife and Lin Xia’s mother.

“Mother?” Lin Dong’s face changed slightly. His fist immediately tightened and his expression became dark.

“This time around, the Xie Family is personally lead by Xie Qian. We wanted to inform the Raging Blade Dojo but the Lei clan are watching them closely. Therefore, they cannot act.” Lin Ken’s expression was extremely ugly at the moment.

“That Xie Qian possess a late stage Heavenly Yuan Level ability. At the very least, it requires Lin Xiao and I to personally take action in order to stop him. However, once we go, the defence of the Steel Wood Manor would be weakened. Currently, your grandfather is in the most crucial stage and not a single slip can happen!”

Once Lin Ken’s words fell, the entire hall was a complete silence. His words implied that they could not spare the manpower to rescue those people…

The tears in Lin Xia’s eyes once again rolled down, as she bit her lips and stared at Lin Ken intently.

Lin Ken tightened his fist and closed his eyes tightly. His face was filled with pain and bitterness. The Lei and Xie Families had already planned to attack the Lin Family. Their only hope was that Lin Zhentian could make a break through to the Yuan Dan stage. Otherwise, even if they managed to rescue the family members, it would only result in a similar ending.

“Father, the both of you should guard the Steel Metal Manor. I will go to where Mother is!”

Within the silence, the young man’s tone had a dark and cold killing intent seeping out from it as it reverberated throughout the hall.

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