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Chapter 86: Reinforcement

“Send you?”

In the large hall, after they heard Lin Dong’s words, many of their expressions changed. With a stern expression on his face, Lin Xiao turned to look at Lin Ken and the trio, before he solemnly said: “The man in charge over there, is Xie Qian from the Xie Family. That smiling tiger is at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage. He cannot be compared to Lei Pi and the rest!”

“Then who would go?” Lin Dong calmly replied.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Xiao and the rest fell silent, as they were at a loss for words.

“Should we just sit by and let Mother be captured by Lei and Xie Family?”

“Even if we will lose, just let me lead a team. At the cost of my life, I will bring them back.” Lin Mang who was always silent, suddenly echoed. In his eyes, a vicious glint sparkled. Since the Lei and Xie Family were intent on destroying their Lin Family, the only option they had was to fight with them till the bitter end.

Lin Xiao and Lin Ken took in a deep breath. They knew that if Lin Mang led the expedition, he could probably save the rest. However, he would likely be unable to return.

The large hall fell silent again, as Lin Xiao and Lin Ken tried to maintain their composure. Right now, their Lin Family was in extreme danger. One misstep, could potentially lead to their destruction.

“Father, I can kill Lei Xing and injure Lei Pi. That means that I am more powerful than all of you!” Lin Dong stared straight at Lin Xiao and the trio, as he gradually said.

Even though his words were slightly hurtful, Lin Xiao and the rest could not retort. After all, Lin Dong’s current strength did most likely surpassed theirs.

“I shall arrange an elite team to follow you!”

As he stared at that skinny youth standing in the middle of the hall, Lin Xiao finally decided not to hesitate further, as he shouted.

Standing aside, Lin Ken and Lin Mang talked among themselves, with their eyebrows furrowed. In the end, both of them gradually nodded their heads.

Lin Xiao was a man of his word. Once he made his decision, he immediately summoned the guards. Instantly, approximately twenty elite guards from the Lin Family were gathered at the hall, as they awaited instructions.


As he stared at his crew, Lin Dong nodded his head, as a whistle echoed from his mouth. Promptly, a low tiger growl sounded out in the manor, as a red shadow that looked like a ball of fire, swiftly appeared in front of Lin Dong’s vision. It was naturally Little Flame.

“Follow me!”

Lin Dong lept onto the tiger’s back. With a cold glint in his eyes, without further ado, he waved his head, and instructed the team to follow him, as he swiftly left the manor.

“Lin Dong, take care!’

As she stared at that scrawny, yet somewhat comforting youth’s shadow, Lin Xia wiped the tears off her eyes, as she shouted.

“Don’t worry. I will get them all back safely!”

The young man seated on the tiger’s back did not turn his head around. Rather, he merely lifted and waved his hand. Then, kicking off a storm of yellow dust, he immediately dashed out of the house. Behind him, several elite Lin Family guards also swiftly followed behind him, creating a menacing aura.

As they stared at the group of people swiftly departing, Lin Xiao and the rest’s began to slowly grip their palms.

On a mountain road several miles away from the Steel Wood Manor, a large number of people were nervously travelling along that path. Among that group, were several armed guards. Right now, they were cautiously scanning their surroundings constantly.


As they travelled rapidly, suddenly a grey figure rushed out from the woods, and landed into the arms of one of the armed guards. As the latter took a look, his face turned slightly pale.

“What happened?” Upon witnessing this sight, amongst the crowd, a lady with a good figure, immediately asked as she raised her eyebrows. She was Lin Dong’s mother, Liu Yan.

“The people behind, they are all dead.” That middle aged man named Luo Ling gently exhaled, with an ugly expression on his face. Meanwhile, his rugged giant hands gradually gripped onto the giant sabre drenched with blood, hanging on his waist.

“The Xie Family is pursuing and killing us with no mercy. Right now, we are far slower than them. Later, I will stay behind with some other guards to halt them. Madam, please hurry and rush towards to the Steel Wood Manor. Once you arrive there, you guys will be in safe hands.”

Liu Yan exchanged glances with a lady nearby, dressed in silk robes, before they both silently nodded their heads. Then, they both silently touched the dagger hidden in their sleeves. That was their final alternative. If they were really captured by the Xie Family, they would definitely not allow the Xie Family to use them as bargaining chips.

“Everyone ready up. Escort the Madams!” Luo Ling was a decisive man, as he immediately drew the sabre from his waist and shouted.

Upon hearing these words, the rest of the guards gritted their teeth, as a vicious expression surfaced on their faces.

“Swoosh Swoosh!”

Just as the rest of the guards prepared to stop and intercept the Xie Family’s troops, several arrows flew out from the forest behind. Instantly several men were penetrated by these arrows, as fresh blood gushed from their bodies.

“Take care! Stay in formation to protect them!”

After witnessing this scene, Luo Ling’s facial expression changed as he quickly shouted out.

“Haha, with me Xie Qian personally in charge. If I can’t even take on small fries like you, that would definitely be a joke?” Just as Luo Ling shouted, sounds of breaking wind sounded out from the forest. Immediately, a figure dashed out from the woods, and landed steadily on the ground. With a smile on his face, he turned to face Luo Lin and the rest. This person, was indeed the patriarch of the Xie Family, Xie Qian.

Standing behind Xie Qian, dozens of men swiftly followed they stood in formation and surrounded Luo Ling and the rest.

“Surrender them, and I may let you live.” Xie QIan looked at Luo Ling, as he said with a smile.

“I will give you your Mother!” Luo Ling spat in disgust towards Xie Qian.

Xie Qian gently retreated two steps and avoided the spit. The smile on his face did not change. As he looked right at Luo Ling, with a gentle smile he said: “Later, when I capture you. You will wish you were dead.”

“Kill them!”

After he heard Xie Qian’s casual words, the Xie Family guards gushed out, as they approached the convoy menacingly.

“Dash out!”

After witnessing this scene, Luo Ling gritted his teeth as he shouted. Then, he immediately took charge and led the crew directly towards the surrounding guards.

“Clash clash!”

As the two armies collided, the sound of blade penetrating flesh immediately followed, as fresh blood was continuously spilled. The smell of blood immediately filled this part of the forest.


Right now, Luo Ling’s eyes were dyed with blood. Like a maniac wild beast, the giant sabre in his hand was undulated with a thick Yuan Power, as he manically swung at his enemies. As he was Earthly Yuan Late Stage, several guards from the Xie Family were directly sliced into half by him. However, the number of guards beside him, gradually began to decrease amongst this frantic attempt.


Suddenly, another figure appeared in front him. With a bloody red glint in his eyes, Luo Ling raised his sabre. However, this time, a massive force suddenly erupted. Instantly, he spit out a mouth of fresh blood, as his body was immediately blown away and flew into the crowd, just like a kite whose string was broken.

Xie Qian gently fiddled with the long sword in his hand. Then, as he casually looked at Luo Ling, who was now struggling to get back up, he pointed his fingers towards him, as the blade broken sword in his hand instantly turned into a flash, and swiftly flew towards the latter’s head.

As he stared at that blade gradually becoming bigger in his eyes, Luo Ling began to sense that his end was approaching. However, right now he was totally helpless to fight back, and he could only gradually close his eyes. With a sigh in his heart, his only regret was that he failed to accomplish his mission…


Just as Luo Ling closed his eyes and prepared to meet his maker, suddenly a black flash erupted from the forest nearby, before it heavily collided with that blade, and forcefully blew it away.


Upon witnessing this sight, Xie Qian’s facial expression turned cold instantly.

“Your Father!”

Xie Qian’s shout was rewarded with a chuckle. Soon after, a red figure swiftly dashed out from the woods, accompanied by a tiger roar, as it  landed dramatically in front of Luo Ling, Liu Yan and the rest.

The crowd hurriedly turned to look, only to see that seated on that tiger’s back, was a skinny young man. With an icy look on his face, a menacing aura was slowly spreading out!

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