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WDQK Chapter 84: Ancient Swirl Symbol

Lin Dong examined and fiddled with the Ancient Wooden Block, carefully scraping off the moss on its surface while he wondered how the seller managed to find such an item in the first place. The symbols inscribed on it seemed particularly blurrish.

As he stared at these mostly blurred Symbols, Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows. With a sigh, he concentrated as he gradually closed his eyes. A stream of Mental Energy emerged from his Ni Wan Palace before finally coming into contact with the Ancient Wooden Block.

In the moment when they made contact, the all along silent Ancient Wooden Block suddenly vibrated a little. However, no other major changes were observed.

“Something inside this Ancient Wooden Block is being locked by a layer of Mental Energy.”

From this interaction, Lin Dong clearly sensed that the surface of this Ancient Wooden Block was actually being covered by a thin layer of Mental Energy. That layer of Mental Energy seemed rather weak, as if it was placed there a long time ago.

As he prodded to test the fragility of that Mental Energy barrier, Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief. In a flash, the Mental Energy inside his Ni Wan Palace immediately responded to his call as he viciously directed a concentrated blow towards the Ancient Wooden Block.


While Lin Dong attempted to forcefully breakthrough the barrier, that Ancient Wooden Block suddenly emitted a buzzing sound. Soon after, a soft “ka-chak” sound sounded out. Immediately, streams of light began to emerge on the surface of that Ancient Wooden Block before they eventually converged together to form a beam of light that shone directly on Lin Dong’s forehead.

When that light beam shone on Lin Dong’s forehead, he became aware that this was a unique communication method as information swiftly gushed into his mind.

Ancient Swirl Symbol, Congealing Symbol Art.

These few words caused Lin Dong’s heart to begin palpitating. The so-called Congealing Symbol Art was considered one of the most important steps to become a full-fledged Symbol Master. That was because, only when one was able to condense his Mental Energy into a Destiny Symbol, could he be called a true Symbol Master!

Master Ruo from Yan City had only given the first three parts of “Spiritual Movement Chapter” to Lin Dong. Even though this allowed Lin Dong to begin practising Mental Energy, it did not impart to him the most important Congealing Symbol Art. Therefore, although Lin Dong knew that his Mental Energy was extremely strong, in the end, he could not consider himself as a Symbol Master.

Once one was able to successfully form a Destiny Symbol, it would not only greatly boost his control over Mental Energy, but also strengthen his Mental Energy tremendously.

Furthermore,  if the Destiny Symbol was not inherited, the Symbol condensed would differ. Some would be stronger, while others would be weaker. Occasionally, some mistakes would occur as well. Therefore, as one trains to become a Symbol Master, having an experienced mentor would greatly boost one’s progress.

However, the current Lin Dong did not have the luxury of a mentor. The only thing he could do was to explore and learn on his own. Thus when he realized that there was a Congealing Symbol Art hidden in this ancient wooden block, he was extremely delighted.

Slowly receiving the information, Lin Dong carefully pondered over it for half an hour before slowly opening his eyes. It seems like he had understood a fair bit. After reading through this “Ancient Swirl Symbol”, it had cleared up many queries and questions he previously had regarding Mental Energy.


As he spat out a mouthful of air, Lin Dong closed his eyes again as the Mental Energy in his Ni Wan Palace slowly began to swirl.

“Swoosh swoosh…”

As the Mental Energy in his Ni Wan Palace began to rotate vigorously, a unique sound echoed in Lin Dong’s mind.

Lin Dong had a serious expression on his face. Even though this was his first time condensing the Destiny Symbol, he had exceptional faith in his own abilities.

When that unique sound gradually echoed about until Lin Dong’s ears began to buzz, a light flashed in his eyes as the rotation speed of his Mental Energy became slightly unstable.

While the rotational speed fell, it seemed to follow an exceptionally special tempo. Of course, Lin Dong was merely following the instructions on the “Ancient Swirl Symbol”. If not, he would never have dreamt of doing such a thing.

As the Mental Energy inside his Ni Wan Palace continued to spin at this unusual tempo, suddenly, Lin Dong faintly felt a slight suction force emerge at the epicenter of his Mental Energy swirl.


When that gentle suction force appeared, Lin Dong opened his eyes and released a soft gasp as he controlled the Mental Energy in his mind, forcefully compressing it!

“Buzz buzz!”

Just as that Mental Energy Swirl was being gradually compressed to its limit, inside his Ni Wan Palace, a buzzing sound like that of the bees and birds emerged. The originally stable Mental Energy Swirl began to exhibit signs of resistance.

A stern expression hung on Lin Dong’s face. He knew that this moment was the most critical moment when one attempts to condense the Destiny Symbol. Thus, he could not afford to make any mistakes now!

“You will condense!”

As he sucked in a deep breath, another angry roar sounded out from Lin Dong. A violent Mental Energy shockwave erupted in his mind. Right now, inside his Ni Wan Palace, a dying bird’s cry was echoing from the Mental Energy Swirl. Then, with a bang, his Mental Energy Swirl exploded.

Just as his Mental Energy Swirl exploded, Lin Dong’s eyes turned increasingly bright.

“Buzz buzz!”

At the epicenter of the explosion, numerous tiny light rays suddenly emerged. These light rays instantaneously connected pieces of Mental Energy debris together before it proceeded to pull them back and compress them. In the end, a mystical thumb-sized Symbol was formed!

That Symbol was formed by pieces of Mental Energy debris and it gave off an extremely profound feeling when one looked at it. That sensation was as if all the knowledge in Heaven and Earth was contained in this seemingly simple symbol.

When this symbol was formed, it looked extremely dim and blurry. However, if one took a closer look, one would realize this Mental Energy was actually a distorted vortex. Light constantly flickered within, like a quietly growing black hole.

“Hiss hiss!

A mysterious suction force emerged from the center of that peculiar Symbol. All the Mental Energy debris floating in Lin Dong’s Ni Wan Palace was instantly absorbed by the Symbol. Only then, did the Symbol brighten slightly.


Just as that vortex-like Symbol was formed, Lin Dong’s eyes opened wide. In that moment, Lin Dong could clearly feel every little movement in the Steel Wood Manor. In fact, even the soft sounds of breathing could not escape his detection.

Suddenly, his hand slapped on the bed as he leapt off. In a flash, nine black shadows immediately flew out from his sleeves before they promptly merged together, forming an object shaped like a black sword which landed at Lin Dong’s feet.

After that, by utilizing these “Shattered Yuan Shrapnel”, Lin Dong actually manage to make his body float in mid-air!

Flying on an imperial carriage!

After he successfully condensed the Destiny Symbol, Lin Dong’s mastery of Mental Energy had increased by leaps and bounds!

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