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WDQK Chapter 83: Ancient Wooden Block

“Absolutely disgraceful, you useless bastard!”

Deep in the courtyard of the Lei Family estate, a furious roar suddenly sounded out. When they heard this roar, every member of the Lei Family trembled. Right now, none of them dared to make even the slightest sound as they feared the consequences of doing so.


Within a room in the deep courtyard, Lei Bao had an extremely hideous look on his face as he stared at the corpse lying before him. His body trembled violently, before a ferocious slap was finally flung at Lei Pi, who had his head bowed down while standing before Lei Bao. A clear and crisp sound immediately echoed out as Lei Pi’s figure was blown away before heavily slamming into the wall. Since he was already injured, he instantly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Upon seeing this scene, the rest of the Lei Family core members slightly shivered before tightly shutting their mouths. Right now, they were deathly afraid of making even the tiniest bit of noise. They knew that the current Lei Bao was so enraged that he had lost his senses.

“Two Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage practitioners in addition to ten experts from our Lei Family. Yet you’ve failed to take care of a sixteen, seventeen year old brat? So many men, but in the end you were the only one to return? You still have the audacity to come back?!” Lei Bao’s face was hideous as he manically shouted.

Lei Pi could only hang his head in silence as he faced the furious Lei Bao. Lei Pi knew exactly how much of a disappointment he was. After all, he had led such a massive force, yet he was the only one to return in the end, running away like a dog with its tail between its legs. If it were not for his high standing in the Lei Family, Lei Bao would have probably killed him in one blow.

Lei Bao was just like a raging old bull. He was ashen faced as he constantly walked back and forth in the room. The loss of a Heavenly Yuan Stage expert was extremely devastating, even to his Lei Family. As he recalled this fact, his mind clouded over with rage.

The entire room was eerily silent. Finally, Lei Bao’s footsteps gradually slowed down. As the head of the family, his self control was evidently pretty good.

He solemnly sat back on his chair and asked in a hoarse voice: “Were you ambushed by the Lin Family?”

Lei Pi’s facial expression was pained as he slowly shook his head and said: “Before Lin Xiao and the rest arrived, we had already suffered such losses. This time, all of our members, including Lei Xing, died at the hands of Lin Dong.”

Even though they could sense the tense atmosphere, when they heard these words, the Lei Family members involuntarily lifted their head in shock. How could so many people died at the hands of a sixteen, seventeen year old brat?

“Give me an explanation.” Lei Bao’s hands were trembling as he lifted his head and sucked in a deep breath before he asked in a deep yet trembling tone.

“Lin Dong’s current strength should be Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage. If we were to duel one on one, I am afraid that I would not be his match. Furthermore, he seems to specialize in utilizing hidden weapons. Due to a moment of negligence, Lei Xing was killed by him.” Lei Pi said in a low voice before he promptly took out a bloodied shrapnel from his sleeves and respectfully handed it to Lei Bao.

A dark expression on his face, Lei Bao received the item and gently traced its razor sharp edges with his fingers. The shrapnel was lined with small jagged teeth which enhanced the lethality of this an extremely deadly weapon.

“At the end of the day, you were too careless. Even if that Lin Family brat was really at Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage, with you and Lei Xing together, it should have been enough to kill him.” Lei Bao replied in an icy voice.

“Go and rest first. Let’s shelve this matter for now. Once we have destroyed the Lin Family, you will receive your due punishment.”


Lei Pi did not dare to object but instead respectfully acknowledged.

“Gather all the men from the Lei Family and notify the Xie Family. In two month, I want to destroy the entire Lin Family!”

As Lei Bao’s finger gently tapped on the shrapnel in his hand, a malevolent look surfaced on his face. With a jerk of his arm, that shrapnel turned into a black shadow as it viciously flew and penetrated into a pillar!

“What? The Lei Family dared to attack Dong-er?!”

In the Steel Wood Manor, Lin Zhentian’s originally smiling face immediately turned solemn when heard Lin Xiao’s report.

“Haha Father, do not worry. Not only did Lei Pi and Lei Xing fail completely, but Lei Xing was even killed by Dong-er, while Lei Pi was injured and forced to flee. This time, I am afraid that old ghost Lei Bao will be so angry that he will vomit blood.” Lin Xiao smiled as he said.

Lin Xiao’s words caused the entire hall to turn silent. Promptly, he saw astonished looks on Lin Zhentian and the rest.

“This brat is truly incredible.”

The astonishment lasted for a good while before the crowd gradually regained their wits. Their mouths hung wide open as a look of awe and delight surfaced on their faces.

“Father, it seems like the Lei Family intends to go to war with our Lin Family. What should we do?” A cold light flashed in his eyes as Lin Mang asked.

“Yes.” Lin Zhentian gently nodded his head. Then, with a smile, he said: “Based on Lei Bao’s character, there is no way that he would so easily swallow such a huge loss. Instruct the rest of the family to stay in high alert and keep close tabs on the Lei Family.”

“Father, when will you advance to Yuan Dan Stage?” Lin Xiao inquired. Yuan Dan Stage was a groundbreaking advancement. If Lin Zhentian successfully broke through, then the Lei Family would never dare to offend them again.

“I am almost there. In one or two month, I will definitely breakthrough!” Lin Zhentian’s eyes shined as he slowly responded.

“When that time comes, I am curious to see if the Lei Family still dares to be so arrogant!”

Due to the fact that he was ambushed by the Lei Family, Lin Dong decided to return to the Steel Wood Manor. Right now, it was the most heavily fortified property of the Lin Family. Therefore, it was the safest place to be.

In the room, Lin Dong was seated on his bed. Nine “Shattered Yuan Shrapnel” hovered before him. These shrapnels floated around Lin Dong’s body as they swam about like fishes. Their stealthy movements looked extremely nimble.

After today’s intense battle, Lin Dong had witnessed first hand the might of Mental Energy. Furthermore, with the aid of Mental Energy, these “Shattered Yuan Shrapnel” turned into deadly and lethal weapons. It was difficult for others to discern their trajectories. Even a powerful foe like Lei Pi had suffered immense damage. In fact, Lei Xing had even paid for this lesson with his life.

Lin Dong closed his eyes as he felt the Mental Energy residing in his Ni Wan Palace. He was very clear about the fact that his control over Mental Energy was still rather lacking. If he was able to fully display the strength of his Mental Energy, he believed that Lei Pi would have definitely not been able to escape.

“Previously, I have underestimated Mental Energy…” Lin Dong softly sighed. No wonder Master Ruo in Yan City had mentioned that inscribing symbols on weapons was not the only ability of Symbol Masters. Their powers could also move mountains and part seas.

However, it seems like the current Lin Dong was still completely unable to accomplish these feats.

As he thought of this, Lin Dong helpless shook his head. Then, as if he suddenly recalled something, he somewhat curiously took out the Ancient Wooden Block covered in moss from his Qian Kun Bag.

This Ancient Wooden Block was something that he had bought from the underground bazaar today. The mysterious symbols inscribed on this item seemed to be related to Symbol Masters…

Right now, what Lin Dong most sorely lacked, were items connected to Symbol Masters. After all, he was very keen to find out; when he could fully display his current Mental Energy, what level of power would it reach?

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