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WDQK Chapter 79: The Underground Bazaar

Atop a secluded cliff, Lin Dong was silently sat. The surroundings heave and surged as streams of Yuan Power constantly emerged before they finally poured into Lin Dong’s body.

Hovering in front of Lin Dong were ten dark-red Yang Yuan Pills. Every half an hour, Lin Dong would open his mouth slightly as an Elixir Pill automatically entered his mouth.

Each time an Elixir Pill entered into his body, it would cause a faint white steam to emerge from the top of Lin Dong’s head. Contained with that steam was a mysterious fragrance.

This quiet training lasted for a full five hours before Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes gradually began to open. A mouthful of white air flowed out through his throat and out from his nose. Instantly, an exceedingly deep sound echoed out from within his body. It was a sound produced by his internal organs and bones…

“Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage.”

After that sound emerged, Lin Dong could feel that the Yuan Power within his body had suddenly become more vigorous. A smile emerged on the corner of his lips. It seems like after two months of training, he had finally advanced to Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage.

This smooth progress did not surprise Lin Dong. After all, he had been working hard during these two month. In fact, he had used up to a dozen of Yang Yuan pills every day to boost his progress. Naturally, these Yang Yuan Pills were all refined with the Mysterious Stone Talisman.

Ten Yang Yuan Pills a day. If this were converted into Yang Yuan Stones, it would be equivalent to a hundred stones a day. This consumption was definitely more than extravagant. In fact, not even anyone in Qingyang Town, or even the entire Yan City could afford such a luxurious amount of resources.

Therefore, after such a luxurious treatment, if one was still unable to advance to Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage in two months, one’s progress would be considered a little lacklustre. Or at least, this was what Lin Dong believed.


After Lin Dong finished his training, he stood up as he whistled towards the forest. Immediately, a red shadow dashed out like a lightning bolt. In these short two months, though Little Flame’s body did not change much, a faint aura now exuded from its body. Right now, even Lin Xiao, who was a Heavenly Yuan Stage expert, could sense a trace of danger from it. According to Lin Zhentian, the current Little Flame could be considered as a true Demonic Beast.

Lin Dong knew this rapid progress and changes were likely related to the fiery-red pearl that it devoured. However, now that he found there was nothing else happening to Little Flame besides an accelerated growth rate, he let go off the worry in his heart.

Lin Dong rubbed the comfortably warm fur on Little Flame before he immediately tapped the ground with the tip of his feet as his figure dashed down the mountain. His speed was astonishingly swift.

If anyone was taking a close look, they would realize that Lin Dong’s feet were actually half an inch off the surface!

He was not running but rather floating!

It was as if there was some mysterious object that carried him!

The formless thing that carried him was naturally Lin Dong’s Mental Energy. Ever since he absorbed that mysterious flower’s energy two month ago, his Mental Energy had rose rapidly. The current him had discovered many other uses for Mental Energy, and he was gradually becoming more proficient at controlling it.

Regardless, as Lin Dong did not have a mentor, he only knew the bare basics on how to utilize Mental Energy. Even though he clearly knew that if he could fully utilize this energy, it would surely be powerful force, but because he did not have a teacher right now, he could only rely on his own trial and error. This fact caused him some grief.

A man and a beast rapidly dashed down the mountain peak before they entered the mining lode at the foot of the mountain. They traversed through the windy and curvy tunnels and moments later, they finally reached that peculiar place they had discovered two months back.

Ever since Lin Dong had demonstrated that he could refine the Yang Energy found in this mountain cave, during the past two months, he would refine some Yang Energy and deposit it into Lin Zhentian’s body every three days.

As such, over this period of time, Lin Zhentian had completely shut himself off to train. Every time he received that pure and potent Yang Energy from Lin Dong, he would immediately shut himself off and concentrate on fully absorbing the Yang Energy before he finally emerged again. Then, he would once again receive, then shut himself off, and the cycle would repeat itself…

When Lin Dong stepped into the cave, as expected, he found Lin Zhentian already seated on a rock. With a smile, he immediately jumped behind Lin Zhentian and seated himself. As Lin Dong’s right palm faced the formless air, a suction force immediately exploded out and sucked in Yang Energy. Meanwhile, his left palm was directed on a pressure point on Lin Zhentian’s back as he continuously deposited the refined Yang Energy into the latter’s body.

This process took a full hour.


When he sensed the attraction force from Lin Zhentian’s body decreasing, Lin Dong gently sighed. He was a little tired, after all this was not a mean feat. If his Mental Energy had not increased greatly, he would probably be unable to accomplish this task.

“Dong-er, its been hard on you.”

Lin Zhentian slowly opened his eyes. Within both of his eyes, two different colors flowed, just like Yin and Yang Energy, causing him to look especially strange. As he tilted his head, he softly sighed as he saw Lin Dong’s lethargic face.

Lin Dong gently smiled, before he promptly asked: “How long before Grandpa can make a breakthrough?”

“Give me another two more months and I will try for a breakthrough!” A light sparkled in Lin Zhentian’s eyes as he replied in a deep voice.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Lin Zhentian had stagnated at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage for decades. Now that he had absorbed so much pure Yang Energy, he would only need to wait for an opportune moment to finally breakthrough.

Qingyang Town, Bazaar.

As Lin Dong leisurely walked on the crowded pavements, he casually glanced at the crowd of people who were coursing through the shops. Lin Dong was now forced to spend a large amount of his time with Lin Zhentian, recently, the Steel Wood Manor had been handed over to Lin Ken and Lin Mang to manage. On the other hand, Lin Xiao was now in charge of the rest of Lin Family businesses in Qingyang Town. As for Lin Dong, now that he had advanced to Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage, he had decided to slow down his training regime. Therefore, he decided to tag along and help out.

Of course, though he wanted to help out, there actually was nothing much that he could do. Soon, he had a lot of free time of his hands and since he currently wanted to shop at the underground bazaar, he decided to use this time to do so.

As he navigated his way through the familiar streets, Lin Dong removed a straw hat from his Qian Kun Bag in order to shield his face before he finally walked into one the larger underground bazaars nearby.

Due to the fact that Lin Dong had come here several times to exchange Elixirs, he was rather familiar with the area. As he walked along the dark alleys, this time, he did not stop at one of the transaction rooms along both sides of the street. Instead, he chose to walk towards the deepest section. When he reached, his vision instantly expanded as a pretty large underground bazaar appeared before his eyes.

In this bazaar, there were several other people around. However, all of them were wearing straw-hats which made it impossible for others to discern their identities. Compared to the bazaar on the surface, there was definitely a need for secrecy in here. After all, most of the items sold here were of dubious origins. However, because of this reason, most of these items were of a much higher grade compared to those on the surface.

As Lin Dong walked through his bazaar, he continuously looked at the goods being displayed at the stalls. Though there were several Elixirs being sold, most of them did not exceed Grade 3. Right now, Grade 3 and below Elixirs brought little benefit to Lin Dong. Although the potency of Elixirs above Grade exceeded that of Yang Yuan Pills, they were exceedingly rare. Therefore, the purpose of Lin Dong’s trip this time was to see if he could find a few stalks of Grade 4 Elixirs.

While he walked, he saw several Grade 3 Elixirs. However, he had yet to see a single stalk of Grade 4 Elixir. Yet, Lin Dong was not worried. After all this bazaar was fairly large and even though Grade 4 Elixirs were rare, they were not impossible to find.

With these thoughts in mind, Lin Dong gradually travelled deeper into the bazaar. Finally, his footsteps stopped as his eyes turned towards a stall beside him. At this moment, there were various items being displayed on that stone platform. However, Lin Dong’s eyes immediately locked onto a dried, wooden green rhizome right in the middle.

Green Wood Rhizome Elixir, Grade 4 Elixir.

Now that he had finally encountered a Grade 4 Elixir, Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He took a step forward and just as he was about to grab that Grade 4 Elixir, the Mental Energy residing in his Ni Wan Palace suddenly vibrated slightly.

Even though this vibration was extremely light, Lin Dong still managed to detect it. His eyebrows lifted on the spot as he looked casually at the area where his palm had just drifted across. Finally, his eyes stopped at a piece of old wood that was covered by green moss.

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