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WDQK Chapter 80: Ambush

Though the old wood was covered in moss, Lin Dong was able to see faint traces of some indistinct Mystical Symbols. Only then did he realize that these Mystical Symbols were probably the reason why his Mental Energy had vibrated.

Lin Dong’s eyes only lingered for a moment on the old wood before he hastily withdrew his gaze. He pointed at the Grade 4 Green Wood Rhizome Elixir as he looked at the person dressed in black behind the counter and asked: “How much?”

At these words, the person in black, who was also wearing a straw hat, lifted the end of the hat slightly as his toneless voice replied: “One hundred Yang Yuan Stones.”

“Isn’t that slightly too much?” Lin Dong raised his eyebrow and retorted.

In response, the person in black spread out his hands, refusing to speak another word. That direct and efficient action caused Lin Dong to be somewhat speechless. Did the merchants down here all have such great personalities?

“What is this?” Lin Dong pointed at the moss-covered old wood and casually inquired.

“Not sure.” The person in black replied in an indifferent manner.

Upon seeing that the seller was so frank about it, Lin Dong chuckled and continued: “This thing plus the Green Wood Rhizome Elixir for one hundred Yang Yuan Stones, how does that sound?”

“One hundred and fifty pieces.”

“Fifty Yang Yuan Stones for an object you know nothing about?” Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed as he questioned.

“If I knew what it was, then it would not be sold for fifty Yang Yuan Stones. From the indistinct Mystical Symbols on it, it should be an item that is related to Symbol Masters. If it were not for the fact that there are no Symbol Masters in this Qingyang Town, I would never have taken this out to be sold.” The person dressed in black robes lazily said: “If you want it, buy it. If you don’t, I won’t force you.”

Lin Dong was once again speechless. He had originally thought that he could take advantage of this situation. Never did he expect that these sellers were cunning as rats.

After standing before the booth for a while, Lin Dong could only sigh helplessly. He retrieved fifteen Yang Yuan Pills from his Qian Kun bag and toss them towards the person in black.

“Heh heh, you have flair.” In one swift motion, the person in black received the fifteen Yang Yuan Pills, pleasant surprise in his voice as he smiled and said.

In response, Lin Dong rolled his eyes. Without bothering to be polite, he grabbed the Green Wood Rhizome Elixir and the old wood, and stuffed them into the Qian Kun bag. Then, he turned and left.

During the remaining time, Lin Dong strolled around the underground bazaar a few times, yet he only managed to find merely one more Grade 4 Elixir. After which, he had no choice but to give up and exit the underground bazaar.

Once he left the bazaar, Lin Dong still cautiously strolled about the streets. When no one was around, he then took off his straw hat in a secluded corner. Soon after, he patted his Qian Kun bag while he walked towards the inner part of the bazaar.

Lin Dong walked slowly past several streets as the surrounding buzz of the crowd unknowingly grew softer.

Lin Dong’s figure once again passed another street when his footsteps abruptly came to a stop. The bored look on his face also slowly dissipated.

This was because he had found that there was not a soul in sight on this street!

The bazaar was still the most crowded and popular place in Qingyang Town, how could one of its streets be so empty? Furthermore, he clearly remembered that this street was rather busy in the past…


In the instant when Lin Dong’s footsteps stopped, an exceptionally piercing sonic boom rang out. A sharp arrow burst out from one of the buildings like a flash of lightning. From a tricky angle, it arced towards Lin Dong’s back with the intent of doing him harm.

That sudden sneak attack caused Lin Dong’s facial expression to change slightly as he frantically turned his head only to find the arrow was already approaching him and he had nowhere to dodge.

At that critical moment, Lin Dong did not lose his composure. His mind nudged as a stream of Mental Energy immediately gushed out from his Ni Wan Palace!


The arrow was magically halted in mid-air, just half an inch away from Lin Dong. A fragrant smell could be faintly discerned from the tip of the arrow. Evidently, it had been smeared with a lethal poison and if Lin Dong had been hit by it, he would have died instantly!

“Someone is trying to murder me!”

As that thought flashed across his mind, Lin Dong immediately retreated as the arrow hovering in front of him fell to the ground. While Lin Dong was retreating, suddenly, sonic booms sounded out in his surroundings as a torrent of arrows viciously rained down on him.

With a serious expression on his face, a vigorous Yuan Power undulated around Lin Dong. He slowly extended his Mental Energy and was able to discern the trajectories of all the arrows before he deftly dodged all of them.

“Swoosh swoosh.”

The arrows slammed heavily into the floor and penetrated half a finger’s length into the ground. Meanwhile, the tail of the arrow shook vigorously as it released a buzzing sound.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

As Lin Dong attempted to retreat, a cold glint emerged in his eyes. Promptly, he lifted his arm up, as ten black shadows immediately flew out from his sleeves and were directed towards the roof of the buildings surrounding him. Instantly, a series of low groans sounded out as ten men wielding bows tumbled down from the roof.

“Men from the Lei Family!”

When he saw the garments on these people, Lin Dong’s facial expression changed slightly. He never expected that the Lei Family would act so despicably.

“Clap clap!”

Just as Lin Dong’s expression turned icy cold, a clapping sound was heard. Lin Dong turned his head, only to see two men smiling at him from a short distance away.

“Lei Pi!”

When Lin Dong saw the middle-aged man on the left, his eyebrows furrowed. Naturally, he knew that this was a man who held a pretty high status in the Lei Family. However, he never expected that this person would personally lead this mission. As for the man beside him, he was evidently an expert from Lin Family. Based on Lin Dong’s instincts, it seemed like both of them were at least Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage…

“Haha, you are indeed the Lin Family’s genius. In just mere seconds, you have killed ten good men from my Lei Family. No wonder Father wants you dead…” As Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows, Lei Pi smiled in return. However, contained within his smile, was a dark and murderous intent. It seems like Lin Dong’s lightning fast counter had far exceeded Lei Pi’s expectations.

“Hehe, the Lei Family is truly shameless. In order to deal with a younger generation member, you actually deployed such a massive force. If news of this matter spreads, your Lei Family will definitely lose all of its reputation.” Lin Dong chuckled.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about it. News of today’s events will never spread.” Lei Pi waved his hand, an apathetic look on his face.

“So the Lei Family really intends to go to war with the Lin Family?” Lin Dong’s eyes looked equally dark. The Lei Family’s actions clearly demonstrated that the they intended to battle with the Lin Family.

“In two months, the Lin Family will become a pack of homeless dogs. At that time, Lin Zhentian and the rest will be accompanying you.” Lei Pi said with a menacing smile as his mouth cracked open and revealed his pearly white teeth.

“However, before that happens, I will first take care of you!”


Lin Dong took in a deep breath before he gradually exhaled. On his slightly childish face, an awe-inspiring look surfaced as he immediately stamped his sole on the ground and charged towards Lei Pi and his partner!

“I am afraid that with just the two of you, you do not have the qualifications to kill me!”

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