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WDQK Chapter 78: Sharp Increase in Mental Energy

“Is this the power of Mental Energy…”

As he looked at the messy mountain cave, Lin Dong could not help but mutter to himself. A look of awe involuntarily surfaced in his eyes. The destructive potential of Mental Energy was able to rival that of a Heavenly Yuan Late Stage practitioner.

“What in the world is that damned flower?”

After he regained his wits, Lin Dong recalled the crazily painful sensation that he just went through as his face involuntarily paled. Right now, he could  feel that his Mental Energy had strengthened by several times and these changes were likely caused by that crimson red flower.

With regards to Mental Energy, Lin Dong could only be considered an amateur. However, he did not expect that the Mental Energy, that he was so inadequate in, had now became his greatest weapon.

Even though he had never properly tested out the prowess of his Mental Energy, Lin Dong had a strange confidence that if he used Mental Energy to duel with others, he could probably match up even against Heavenly Yuan Late Stage experts.

“It seems to be easier to train Mental Energy compared to Yuan Power.” Lin Dong scratched his head. Although he only managed to master the final two parts of “Spiritual Movement Chapter” thanks to a stroke of good fortune, he felt that even without the extraordinary circumstances today, he should be able to completely master them within half a year. This progress seemed much faster compared to training Yuan Power.

Of course, this was all Lin Dong’s assumptions. If Master Ruo knew about them, he might just spit out a mouthful of blood. After all, when he first attempted to master the first three parts of “Spiritual Movement Chapter”, it had taken him a few years. Who would dare to tell him that it was much easier to train Mental Energy compared to Yuan Power?

As he shook off the remaining ache in his head, Lin Dong climbed up from the ground. Suddenly, he turned to look at his right palm. The events that had just occurred was evidently started by the Stone Talisman embedded within his palm. However, though he could not explain it, he sensed that a significant portion of that mysterious energy condensed from that crimson red flower was absorbed by the Stone Talisman.

As such, the energy that he absorbed was merely a small portion from that crimson red flower. Thankfully it was only a small portion. If he had absorbed the entire thing, Lin Dong believed that right now, his head would have exploded into a bloody mess.

As his finger gently traced across his palm, Lin Dong’s eyebrows gently furrowed. This Stone Talisman now seemed even more mysterious. One could only speculate about its history…


While Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows, he suddenly heard rocks falling from the entrance of the mountain cave. Soon after, a few figures swiftly dashed in. Once they saw Lin Dong in the mountain cave, they deeply heaved a sigh of relief.

“Father, Grandfather!”

When he saw them, Lin Dong was taken aback. Promptly, he greeted them. Indeed, these people were Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest.

“You cheeky brat. You really don’t understand how profound and vast our world is. Is there any place you won’t barge into?”

Lin Zhentian and the rest swiftly landed besides Lin Dong. After a vigilant glance at his surroundings, they began to chide him.

In response, Lin Dong could only let out a hollow laugh.

After they saw that Lin Dong was fine, Lin Zhentian and the rest began to feel relieved. Only then did they finally have the mood to survey this mountain cave. Immediately, a look of awe surfaced in their faces.

“Such a rich Yang Energy!”

When Lin Zhentian and the rest lightly sucked in a breath of scorching air, they were first delighted. Soon after, they began to frown: “It’s such a pity. The Yang Energy here is too savage and it cannot be absorbed into one’s body. If not, this will surely be an invaluable training ground!”

As they spoke, a disappointed look surfaced on Lin Zhentian’s face. The Yang Energy here was several times more potent compared to the ordinary Yang Energy from Heaven and Earth. If he could successfully absorb the Yang Energy here, perhaps he would be able to finally make a breakthrough after decades of stagnation.

The current Lin Zhentian was already at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage. If he advanced one more step, he would enter into Yuan Dan Stage. This would be an earth-shattering event for the entire Lin Family.

Upon seeing Lin Zhentian’s disappointed expression, Lin Xiao and the rest softly sighed. If Lin Zhentian could advance to Yuan Dan Stage, then their Lin Family would have a say in not just Qingyang Town, but the entire Yan City. Furthermore, at that time, even if the Lei and Xie Families allied together, they would pose little threat to the Lin Family.

Glancing at Lin Zhentian and the rest as they lapsed into silence, Lin Dong’s facial expression turned serious. He lightly twirled his right palm and a powerful suction force emerged from within as he immediately sucked in the surrounding Yang Energy into his palm.

Lin Dong did not absorb the Yang Energy directly into his body. Instead, he first filtered it through the Stone Talisman. Now that his Mental Energy had become stronger, Lin Dong could gradually discern the powers of the Mysterious Stone Talisman. For example, refining…

“Dong-er, what are you doing?!”

As the Yang Energy surrounding them vibrated, Lin Xiao was immediately alerted. His facial expression abruptly changed as he shouted at Lin Dong.

After they heard Lin Xiao’s shout, Lin Zhentian and the rest immediately regained their wits. When they saw that Lin Dong was actually absorbing the surrounding Yang Energy, their facial expressions also changed dramatically.

“Father, what all of you want should be this type of Yang Energy?”

Under the dramatic gazes of the crowd, Lin Dong only gently smiled as he lifted up his right palm. A prominent light-red mist was now floating on his palm.

As they stared at that ball of mist on Lin Dong’s palm, Lin Zhentian and the rest were taken aback. They could sense that this ball of mist was the special Yang Energy that filled up this mountain cave. However, the violent elements inside that Yang Energy had completely disappeared!

That is to say, the ball of Yang Energy could be directly absorbed into one’s body!


The few of them were dumbstruck as they witnessed this scene. Moments later, they recovered their wits. Immediately, Lin Zhentian grabbed onto Lin Dong, both his arms shaking in excitement as he asked: “Good Grandson. How did you do it?”

It was understable that Lin Zhentian would become this emotional. After all, this matter directly influenced his chances of advancing to Yuan Dan Stage. This was a vital matter for him and the entire Lin Family.

“Oh. After I absorbed the Yang Energy here into my body and circulate it around, all the violent elements will automatically disappear…” Lin Dong was naturally not going to reveal the existence of the Stone Talisman. Therefore, he blinked his eyes as he innocently said.

Upon hearing his reply, Lin Zhentian and the rest were stunned. How is this possible?

“Father, could it be that Lin Dong has a special body characteristic? The ability to automatically filter off any harmful influences or substances?” Lin Xiao furrowed his eyebrows as he reasoned.

Lin Zhentian’s eyebrows tightly furrowed. After all, this explanation seemed too absurd? However, he could not think of any alternative explanations. Therefore, eventually, he could only nod his head in agreement.

“Haha, Father. Regardless of the reason, this is still good news.” Lin Ken, who was standing nearby, said with a happy smile.

“Grandfather, next time when you wish to train, I will first absorb the Yang Energy here and refine it in my body before I pass it to you. That way, you should be able to absorb them too?” Lin Dong humbly scratched his head as he suggested.

“Of course! Sure!”

At these words, Lin Zhentian was like an excited kid as he instinctively shouted out twice. After his shouts died out, he finally regained his wits as he awkwardly looked at Lin Xiao and the rest, who broke into laughter nearby. His previous dignified image was now completely shattered…

Upon seeing Lin Xiao and the laughing, a smile surfaced in Lin Dong’s heart. In his family, the person who could most rapidly breakthrough to Yuan Dan Stage was naturally Lin Zhentian. Furthermore, Lin Dong clearly knew that once their family had a Yuan Dan Stage practitioner, it would lead to a complete upheaval.

When that time arrives, their Lin Family would no longer have to worry about the Lei and Xie Families!

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