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Chapter 650: Uproar

A figure was quietly seated on a flat platform deep within the Sky Hall of the Dao Sect. Surging Nirvana Qi spread out from the Pill River. Finally, it lingered around her like a fog, causing her to appear a little more ethereal.


However, her silent training did not continue for long. A somewhat anxious rushing wind sound suddenly appeared from behind. This caused her to frown slightly.

“Elder sister, something big has happened!”

However, before she could even issue a reprimand, a clear voice was transmitted behind her. The red dressed Ying Huanhuan’s lovely body gently landed on the platform and anxiously said.

“What happened?” Ying Xiaoxiao glanced at the panting Ying Huanhuan behind from the corner of her eyes. Her tone did not have much fluctuation.

“Do you still remember that Lin Dong whom I mentioned to you before?”

“That Hundred Empire War champion who forsook the Sky Hall and joined the Desolate Hall, right? Why? Has he provoked you again?” Ying Xiaoxiao swept her long hand over the green long sword and spoke without raising her head.

“That fellow obtained the qualification for the Pill River Head Immersion the moment he entered the Desolate Hall, since he obtained the champion spot of the Hundred Empire War.” Ying Huanhuan said.

“He is the Hundred Empire War’s champion. It is not overboard to enjoy such a reward. What are you unhappy about?” Ying Xiaoxiao was not surprised. Therefore, she spoke in a casual manner.

“That’s not it. That fellow…” Ying Huanhuan’s suet jade like long hand was clenched. She immediately gritted her teeth and said, “That fellow has already stayed at the bottom of the Pill River for eight days.”


Some emotion was finally revealed on Ying Xiaoxiao’s quiet pool like face. She turned her head with some surprise and said, “He has actually endured for eight days?”

Being someone who had also experienced the Pill River Head Immersion, Ying Xiaoxiao clearly understood the terrifying pressure at the bottom of the Pill River. Back then, she could only endure for eight days despite her best efforts. This result was already the best amongst the current younger generation of the Dao Sect. It was unexpected that there was actually someone who was able to accomplish the same results as her today.

“It seems like Lin Dong is skilled indeed…”

“How could that fellow be compared with elder sister. You are the most outstanding younger generation member in our Dao Sect all these years…” Ying Huanhuan curled her lips and said.

“However, the Pill River of the Desolate Hall cannot be compared to ours and the pressure created is different. Nonetheless, it is not easy for him to be able to endure eight days.” Ying Xiaoxiao softly said.

“But…” Ying Huanhuan hesitated for a moment. Finally, she clenched her teeth and said, “But that fellow still does not show any signs of coming out even after staying for eight days at the bottom of the Pill River!”

After Ying Huanhuan’s words sounded out, she could sense Ying Xiaoxiao’s figure froze momentarily. The latter’s hand, which was holding onto the green longsword also tightened in an instant. Clearly, a rare wave had been stirred in the latter’s heart because of her words.

“He has yet to show any signs of coming out?” Ying Xiaoxiao’s body stiffened for a moment, before she finally turned her head around. Her pretty face was somewhat solemn as she looked at Ying Huanhuan and inquired.

“Aye… Currently, quite a number of disciples from the four halls are paying attention to the Pill River of the Desolate Hall. It is rumoured that the fellow is still at the bottom of the Pill River and has yet to show signs of surfacing…” Ying Huanhuan laughed bitterly. It was simply too difficult for him to imagine that the fellow, who was reprimanded by her for thinking too highly of himself, would actually obtain such a great result during the Pill River Head Immersion.

“So it’s like this…” Ying Xiaoxiao’s pretty eyes were focused. Her delicate finger gently landed on her sword. It seems like their Dao Sect had recruited quite an outstanding disciple this time around.

“Elder sister, the best result any Dao Sect disciple achieved during the Pill River Head Immersion is enduring for around eight days or so? Just what happened to this fellow this time around? Could he have been directly pressured to death?” Ying Huanhuan muttered.

“The Desolate Hall’s teacher-uncle Chen Zhen is definitely observing Lin Dong closely at this moment. How could he have not detected it if the latter was already crushed to death?”

Ying Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes while facing Ying Huanhuan. Immediately, a deep thought flashed across her eyes as she said, “Typically speaking, enduring for eight days or so during the Pill River Head Immersion should be the most outstanding result. However, there are also some exceptions during the history of our Dao Sect.”

“Oh?” Ying Huanhuan was startled.

“Back then, senior Zhou Tong endured for thirteen days. Of course, it is not that he was unable to continue enduring. Instead, it was because he had completely absorbed all the Nirvana Golden Qi at the bottom of the Pill River during those thirteen days…” Ying Xiaoxiao slowly explained.

“Completely absorbing all of it?” Ying Huanhuan was involuntarily stunned. The Nirvana Golden Qi was extremely wild and violent. Even those experts who had reached the seven Yuan Nirvana Stage would have difficulty absorbing all of them. Every year, almost all of the disciples from the four halls who possessed the qualification to obtain the Pill River Head Immersion, did not dare to overestimate themselves and absorb all of those Nirvana Golden Qi. All they thought about was to try their best to endure one day longer at the bottom and absorb a little more Nirvana Golden Qi…

One party was trying their best to absorb a little more, while the other was intending to absorb all the Nirvana Golden Qi. These two were already at two completely different levels.

“However, elder sister, the senior Zhou Tong that you mentioned should be that super fearsome person who comprehended the Great Desolation Scripture and charged up to the Yuan Gate to kill three of their great elders, right?” Ying Huanhuan suddenly recovered and spoke weakly.

Ying Xiaoxiao nodded slightly. Even her heart involuntarily felt an unusual worship towards this person when mentioning his name. Of course, it was likely that many Dao Sect’s disciples regarded him as a god…

With only a sword, he charged up to the strongest faction in the Eastern Xuan Region, Yuan Gate, and killed three great elders one after another. In the end, he forced the Yuan Gate to activate the great sect formation to avoid a calamity. Even the chief of the Yuan Gate, who possessed an extremely high status within the Eastern Xuan Region, was forced to intervene…

Although the final situation caused the Dao Sect to be incomparably furious, they involuntarily felt some pride under this fury. So what if it was the Yuan Gate? Our Dao Sect’s disciple is able to kill three of your great elders!

The Yuan Gate and the Dao Sect were always on bad terms and there were also numerous conflicts amongst their disciples. One of the reasons was because of Zhou Tong’s incident back then.

“How could that fellow called Lin Dong be comparable to senior Zhou Tong!” Ying Huanhuan bit her lips and demanded.

“However, the current situation is reality. There are only two reasons why he continues to stay at the bottom of the Pill River. One is that he had been pressured until he can no longer move and cannot leave as he pleased. The second is that he also possess the same thought as senior Zhou Tong. He wants to completely absorb all the Nirvana Golden Qi at the bottom of the Pill River!” Ying Xiaoxiao spoke faintly.

“Although I am not aware of how he is able to do so, his potential is indeed quite shocking…”

Ying Huanhuan widened her mouth but she did not say anything. A moment later, she finally muttered, “Could it be that elder sister thinks that this fellow will become like senior Zhou Tong?”

“Senior Zhou Tong is an exceptional genius. Even if Lin Dong is able to absorb all of the Nirvana Golden Qi at the bottom of the Pill River, there is still a huge gulf between him and senior Zhou Tong in terms of their achievements. One should at the very least wait until he truly comprehends the Great Desolation Scripture before judging…” Ying Xiaoxiao softly replied.

“Moreover… whether he is currently able to do what senior Zhou Tong did and absorb all the Nirvana Golden Qi at the bottom of the Pill River in an overbearing fashion is still uncertain.”

“However, this matter will likely come to a conclusion soon. I am also very curious…”

Ying Xiaoxiao turned her head around. Her eyes looked towards the direction where the Desolate Hall was located. Some interest flashed across her pretty eyes. She also wished to see just what kind of great ability this Hundred Empire War champion, who had stirred quite a big commotion the moment he entered the Dao Sect, actually possessed.

Being the most lively place currently within the Dao Sect, the sky above the Desolate Hall’s Pill River was frequently filled with the sound of rushing wind. Numerous figures stood on the platforms around. Their eyes were all locked towards a direction. That was the black whirlpool that was at the middle of the Pill River.

Currently, news that Lin Dong had endured for eight days within the Pill River had become common knowledge within the Dao Sect. Even some elders had come over to witness it. They also paid great attention to this. After all, amongst the current younger generation of Dao Sect, only Ying Xiaoxiao had done it before.

Of course, the thing that they paid most attention about was that Lin Dong still showed no signs of appearing despite enduring for eight days. This scene stunned quite a number of extremely experienced people within the Dao Sect to. That was because…

It seemed like a similar situation had also occurred a century ago. At that time, the one who had caused this uproar, the one who charged into Yuan Gate all by himself, his name was called Zhou Tong.

Some of the older generation members looked towards the direction of the Desolate Hall’s Pill River from a great distance. They muttered to themselves, “Our Dao Sect… could another Zhou Tong emerge again?”

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