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Chapter 651: Dragon Yuan Ring

Bam bam!

Golden light permeated the quiet dark bottom of the Pill River. Soft bubble bursting sound was repeatedly emitted from within before a shocking ripple vaguely spread apart.

Eleven days had passed since Lin Dong entered the bottom of the Pill River. Although the Desolate Hall had turned into an uproar because of this, during this period of time, the deepest region of the Pill River was completely silent. Only the slight fluctuating breath within the golden light cover, gave this place an extremely faint amount of life.

During these eleven days, the Nirvana Golden Qi, which was originally hundreds of feet wide, was currently only a couple of dozens of feet in size. Although the size of the Nirvana Golden Qi had shrunk, the Nirvana Golden Qi within had grown extremely viscous. There was even a trace of it solidifying.

As the Nirvana Golden Qi grew thicker, the pressure within it became extremely terrifying following the accumulation over the eleven days. Even a six Yuan Nirvana Stage expert would definitely not be able to endure for long due to the pressure.

Crack crack!

Shifting one’s focus into the flickering bright golden light of the Nirvana Golden Qi, it was possible to hear a slight cracking sound that was emitted only because of the great pressure. There was partial visibility within the golden light, revealing a figure that was seated within.

That human figure was just like an old monk quietly seated within the golden light. A layer of green scale armour covered the surface of his body. However, the green light that was currently on the scale armour had become completely dull. Some crack lines had also surfaced on the scale armour. Clearly, it had reached its limits.

There was some redness on the cracks of the scales. If one was to carefully observe it, one would discover that it was actually some solidified blood. The dark red colour caused one to be startled when looking at it. One could tell how bitterly Lin Dong had endured during this period of time.

The Pill River was quite mysterious. The pressure that grew daily in the deepest part was becoming even more frightening by the day. Currently, after eleven days of accumulation, the pressure had reached a terrifying level. If it was not because Lin Dong had mastered the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, he might be forcefully crushed by this pressure until he turned into a lump of flesh.

Despite so, if one’s eyesight could penetrate through the layer of scale armour, one could still see the cracked wounds that were formed on Lin Dong’s skin. The bottom of the Pill River was actually so frightening…

Although Lin Dong’s body was filled with injuries, his eyes were still tightly shut. Waves after waves of Devouring Power continued to spread from within his body, swallowing those wild and violent vicious Nirvana Golden Qi domineeringly.

The current him urgently needed these things. That was because with the gradual accumulation of the Nirvana Golden Qi within his body, Lin Dong appeared to have sensed something unique.

The thing that he was most intrigued by was the Yuan Spirit Qi within that cluster of gold coloured Nirvana Qi.

After eleven days of absorbing Nirvana Golden Qi, the accumulation of this cluster of Yuan Spirit Qi within his body had also increased by multiple times. Moreover, it was exceptionally thick. Numerous golden coloured treads lingered and rotated within it, giving it an extremely beautiful appearance.

Lin Dong’s mind was similarly focusing on this Yuan Spirit Qi. With its strengthening, Lin Dong was able to sense a terrifying strength within it.

That should be the so-called Yuan Spirit Force. Only the experts, whose body had formed a Yuan Spirit, would be able to use this powerful energy. This energy was something Lin Dong that greatly coveted. He was aware that if he could control this energy, it would definitely become quite a strong finishing move.


A slight ripple appeared within the golden Yuan Spirit Qi. An endless amount of golden coloured treads were tangled with each other within it and appeared to be merging with each other. With the merger of these golden threads, this irregularly shaped cluster of Yuan Spirit Qi showed signs of being able to transform into various forms.

Lin Dong quietly observed the change of this cluster of Yuan Spirit Qi. Immediately, he sunk into deep thought. After all, he had yet to reach the seven Yuan Nirvana stage and his body had yet to produce Yuan Spirit Qi that belonged to him. Although this thing currently existed within his body, it was impossible for him to manipulate it as easily as something that he had been created through training.

These Yuan Spirit Qi was after all something foreign. Only by creating his own Yuan Spirit Qi, would he be free himself of any shackles, At that time, even if he was destroyed, his Yuan Spirit would still survive.

Even though he was unable to transform all these Yuan Spirit Qi into his own Yuan Spirit, he was able to transform it into other things.

Thoughts swiftly flew within Lin Dong’s mind. These Yuan Spirit Qi contained an extremely sharp and overbearing strength. If he was to abandon it and not use it, it would truly be a waste of resources.

“Since it cannot be transformed into my own Yuan Spirit, I shall transform it into a Yuan Spirit object!”

A thought flashed through Lin Dong’s heart. Only those experts who had completely formed their Yuan Spirit were able to create something like this. However, Lin Dong was currently quite rich in Yuan Spirit Qi and he should be able to succeed…

After making up his mind, Lin Dong immediately revealed his resolute character. The pressure of the bottom of the Pill River also gradually began to strengthen.

The Yuan Power within his body was at the peak of the four Yuan Nirvana Stage and it was possible for him to breakthrough to the five Yuan Nirvana Stage anytime. Therefore, he must make the best use of his time now.

Buzz buzz!

The order from his mind was swiftly transferred into that cluster of golden Yuan Spirit Qi. After which, the latter immediately began to wiggle swiftly. Countless gold threads collided with each other and merge. A shocking ripple was emitted from within.

Amidst this collision, this cluster of Yuan Spirit Qi actually began to strangely shrink gradually. The Yuan Spirit Qi also became increasingly thick and sticky while it grew smaller and smaller.


A low and deep voice suddenly sounded within Lin Dong’s heart. After which, black devouring strength swiftly surged into the Dantian. It arrogantly wrapped around the gold coloured ball. Amidst this wrapping, the gold coloured liquid ball began to slowly collapse. They became like a pile of noodle that was slowly molded into a disc shape.

This was a delicate task that required precise control. Fortunately, Lin Dong was able to easily able to control the Devouring Power. Hence, little flaws occurred. That Nirvana Golden Qi that emerged as liquid, was gradually taking shape under Lin Dong’s command.

This transformation was quite a slow process. Moreover, one could tell that even though Lin Dong possessed the Devouring Power to assist him, it was still extremely tough for him to do so. A large amount of Yuan Power was swiftly consumed. It was fortunate that there was Nirvana Golden Qi continuously flowing into his body and completely replenishing him.

Buzz buzz!

With the gradual flow of time, the gold coloured item also slowly took shape. Although it still appeared rather crude, it was vaguely possible to see an exceptionally sharp ripple being emitted.

The black Devouring Power was just like a graver that continued to dance over the cluster of Yuan Spirit Qi. Much focus was placed on its orbit.

Under this kind of focus, the shape of the Yuan Spirit Qi began to undergo a drastic transformation. It slowly unleashed all of the sharpness it possessed.

While Lin Dong was focusing on shaping the cluster of Yuan Spirit Qi, the originally dim scale armour outside of his body had dimmed completely. Crack lines appeared on its surface. Some frightening pressure had begun to seep into the scale armour and directly pressed onto Lin Dong’s body.


Blood shot out from Lin Dong’s skin under this heavy pressure. Within a short moment, it had dyed his skin completely red, giving him an extremely shocking appearance.

“The scale armour is unable to endure any longer huh…”

Lin Dong had clearly also sensed the intense pain that was transmitted from the surface of his body. He immediately frown a little. The Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill could be considered his strongest defence. It is unexpected that it was also unable to endure this pressure for a prolonged period. However, Lin Dong currently needed to forge that cluster of Yuan Spirit Qi and he was unable to divert any attention to deal with the pressure outside.

“I need to hurry up.”

Lin Dong softly muttered before his mind once again looked into his Dantian. A black coloured light flashed passed that spot within lightning like speed and continued to cut that cluster of Yuan Spirit Qi.

Slash slash!

After Lin Dong muttered to himself, those black light suddenly flashed at an even faster rate. Numerous black afterimages appeared. Slashing sound resounded over the entire Dantian.

With this increased speed, the Yuan Spirit Qi also began to wiggle increasingly rapidly. It appeared as though something was about to be born.

Lin Dong’s mind was extremely focused, while some anxiety also surfaced within his heart.


The black light cut through the Yuan Spirit Qi in a lightning like manner before it suddenly paused. After which, the light cut through a little of the Yuan Spirit Qi again. In an instant, that action appeared to be like the final dot of a dragon eye when drawing a dragon. Bright golden light suddenly erupted from within his Dantian.

The gold light fluctuated and only slowly scattered a moment later. Lin Dong’s mind also instantly shot towards the area below his Dantian. Golden light was deposited there. There was vaguely a shocking sharpness spreading from it.

The golden light spread and a golden item slowly surfaced. It was a palm size golden ring. The edge of the golden ring contained eight sharp protruding scale teeth. The scale teeth were not straight. Instead, it was curled at an angle. A light fluctuated at the curl and golden light shot in all directions.

There was vaguely some dragon lines appearing on the golden ring. It appeared lifelike at a glance, looking just like a huge dragon rising to the sky. It aura was powerful.

Lin Dong was a little surprised as he looked at this golden ring, which had taken shape. A wild joy immediately surged up his eyes. He could sense an extremely frightening ripple from this golden ring and that ripple caused even himself to feel fearful.

This was a fearsome weapon that was formed entirely from Yuan Spirit Qi!

Although it was not a soul treasure, its strength would definitely exceed that of the Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal!

“I shall call you the Dragon Yuan Ring!”

Lin Dong parted his mouth and smiled. He allowed this golden ring to quietly lie within his Dantian. When he fought with others in the future, this thing would definitely be able to catch the other party by surprise. It’s sharpness was sufficient to penetrate the defences of a seven Yuan Nirvana Stage expert!

“Next, it’s time to take care of the things outside…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. His mind swiftly withdrew from the interior of his body. After which, he opened his eyes and looked at the viscous Nirvana Golden Qi outside. A smile surfaced on his blood dyed face. He could sense that the surging Yuan Power within his body seemed to be at the point where it was about to make a breakthrough…

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