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Chapter 649: Movement

A cluster of golden light lingered at the bottom of the dark Pill River and it appeared extremely dazzling. However, at the bottom of the Pill River, which was filled with a frightening pressure, only the golden light cluster would infrequently explode and form gold coloured air bubbles, which emitted a slight clear sound in the process…

One could vaguely see a figure seated within the dense golden light that was a couple of hundred feet in size. The viscous Nirvana Golden Qi around his body was just like numerous water streams that continuously poured into that figure. A slight buzzing sound quietly appeared.

After one sight shot into the light cluster, the figure finally gradually become clear. Green coloured scales reflected a faint green light. However, one could vaguely see a faint bright red colour in the gaps between those scales. A little bloody scent emerged from within.

Lin Dong had already sat for three days at the bottom of the Pill River.

During these three days, the pressure around him grew increasingly stronger. This situation was as though the pressure of the entire Pill River was gradually gathered towards his direction. That endless growing pressure was sufficient to cause one to feel fearful.

In the face of this gradual increasingly terrifying pressure, the pores all over Lin Dong’s body was still gradually pressured by the great force until blood traces flowed out from all of his pores. Although he was not seriously wounded, the continuously increasing pressure would definitely reach quite a terrifying degree, should this continue.

At this moment, Lin Dong finally completely sensed just how great a price he must pay if he wanted to successfully absorb all the Nirvana Golden Qi at the bottom of this Pill River…

That increasingly terrifying pressure was something that even he, who had practiced the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, did not dare to underestimate…

Although the pressure was frightening, Lin Dong also reaped plenty of benefits during these three days. As traces of Nirvana Golden Qi entered his body, he could clearly sense that his physical body was also gradually being strengthened and the tempering originated from within. Even his blood and flesh appeared to be nourished with strength…

Following the strengthening of the physical body, the Yuan Power that flowed within Lin Dong’s inner channels also grew increasingly powerful. It was just like galloping river water that whistled past. Waves after waves of unusually powerful energy were directed to all of Lin Dong’s limbs and bones.

Lin Dong could clearly sense that the strengthening of his Yuan Power during these three short days, could be comparable to ten times that from his normal training!

This was quite a frightening number. However, it was not overly incredible. The Nirvana Golden Qi was something that was agglomerated from extremely pure Nirvana Qi. The Nirvana Qi that was contained in just a little trace of it, would be able to compare with the result of the training of an ordinary person in one day…

Of course, with the strengthening of one’s physical body and Yuan Power, the thing that really surprised Lin Dong was another matter that occurred.

There were quite a number of things in Lin Dong’s Dantian. The one that occupied the middle was a fist size dim golden coloured Yuan Dan. The Yuan Dan was slowly rotating and continuously swallowing the vast and powerful Yuan Power.

Above the Yuan Dan was a large cluster of green coloured Qi. Dragon roars was continuously emitted from within. The aura churned and it vaguely gathered into a rising dragon manner.

This cluster of green Qi was naturally the Heavenly Dragon Qi that Qing Zhi had left behind. It was far too wild and violent and Lin Dong was unable to completely absorb it. All he could do was to gradually control it through the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill and allow these Heavenly Dragon aura to naturally merge into his body.

At the bottom of the Yuan Dan was a flowing golden light. There was an extremely mysterious ripple present within the golden light. This was the Yuan Spirit Qi that he had obtained after swallowing the Yuan Spirit within Lin Lang Tian’s body. From a certain point of view, the Nirvana Golden Qi that Lin Dong was currently absorbing could be considered the same type of energy.

Lin Dong clearly did not understand the utility of the Yuan Spirit Qi, which was not something that he could control at his level. Hence, he had always placed it within his Dantian while waiting for his strength to advance before controlling it in the future.

That was Lin Dong’s plan. However, during these three days when he was absorbing Nirvana Golden Qi, he discovered that each time he absorbed a little of the Nirvana Golden Qi, there would be some golden light charging into his Dantian and merging with this Yuan Spirit Qi, gradually strengthening the latter in the process.

This event also caused Lin Dong to be a little shocked. This Yuan Spirit Qi was after all something that belonged to that Yuan Spirit. Although Lin Dong believed that he had already eroded all of the consciousness within it, this occurrence still caused him to feel a little uneasy.

Fortunately, as the Yuan Spirit Qi grew stronger, it did not break free of his control. Only the golden light became deser by the day. The originally somewhat illusory golden light had also become a lot more real.

Lin Dong was able to sense an unusually powerful fluctuation from within this cluster of Yuan Spirit Qi. This kind of fluctuation had some difference from Yuan Power. However, Lin Dong could sense that this Yuan Spirit Qi appeared to possess an extremely shocking lethal force.

“I want to see just what you are thinking of doing…”

Lin Dong’s mind observed that cluster of Yuan Spirit Qi while muttering in his heart. The interior of his body possessed the mysterious Stone Talisman and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol guarding it. Even his Dantian possessed that Ancient Universe Formation. Hence, he did not believe that this thing could misbehave in his body.

Time quietly flowed passed within this quiet bottom of the Pill River. In the blink of an eye, five days had already passed.

During these five days, the bottom of the Pill River continued to remain silent while the outskirts of the Pill River grew extremely lively.

A large group of Desolate Hall Hall disciples were clustered together on the river platform. Quite a number of people also stood on some of the platforms surrounding the Pill River. Although most of them were training, their eyes were all gathered in one direction without any prior agreement. That place had already become an isolated zone with a whirlpool over it.

Their eyes were filled with surprise. This was because Lin Dong had already remained at the bottom of the Pill River for five days. Moreover, he did not show any signs of breaking out from the river…

The disciples of the Desolate Hall Hall were clearly aware of just what this time represented. Currently, one of the four senior direct disciples of the Desolate Hall Hall, Fang Yun, was merely able to endure for four days before being unable to endure the pressure and coming out of the river while receiving the Pill River Head Immersion last year. Moreover, he was covered with fresh blood and appeared exceptionally miserable when he came out.

However, the time that Lin Dong had currently endured for had already exceeded this timing. Did that not mean that Lin Dong’s mettle was even tougher than Fang Yun?

If this was really the case, it seemed that their Desolate Hall Hall was going to produce another fearsome person. Moreover, this fearsome person had just joined the Desolate Hall.

Chen Zhen’s and Wu Dao’s figure did not move above the Pill River. However, their eyes were locked onto the whirlpool below. Their expressions were becoming a little serious.

“That little fellow is really able to endure…” Wu Dao fondled his beard. His voice contained a joy and pleased note that could not be hidden.

“Enduring for five days. He could be considered to be above average amongst the disciples of the four halls when it comes to receiving the Pill River Head Immersion…” Chen Zhen also smiled. Of course, the most important thing was that Lin Dong still showed no signs of breaking out of the Pill River despite having already endured for five days. In other words, it meant that he could still continue.

By relying on his exceptional ability, Chen Zhen was able to vaguely sense the obscure aura at the end of the whirlpool…

“This Pill River is unique. The pressure below will become increasingly frightening each day. Those last few days are truly the most difficult to endure through.” Wu Dao softly said.

“Let’s just wait. As long as this little fellow is able to endure for another three days, his result will equal that girl Xiaoxiao…” Chen Zhen smilingly said.

Wu Dao nodded slightly. Three days might appear quite short but for Lin Dong, who was at the bottom of the Pill River, it was likely that he would have to pay a hefty price.

Whether he could endure on would depend on his own ability…

Time passed by a day at a time under the great anticipation of the many disciples in the Desolate Hall. The atmosphere of the Desolate Hall also soared suddenly as time passed. Some of the direct disciples who were usually undertaking a retreat and train bitterly were also disturbed. Finally, they came out of their retreat and crowded around the Pill River.

When Lin Dong had entered the Pill River for the seventh day, this news was directly spread everywhere. Some of the disciples from the other three halls also heard of it. Immediately, the Desolate Hall became lively. The disciples from the other three halls would occasionally hurry over. After all, being able to receive the Pill River Head Immersion and endure it for seven days, was something that only a rare few seniors could achieve.

Moreover, the thing that really caused their hearts to be shaken when that the whirlpool was still completely calm when the seventh day arrived and there was not the slightest activity. The fellow deep under within the Pill River did not show any signs of coming out…

Looking from the situation in front of them, it seemed that Lin Dong would very likely endure until the eighth day. This result was something that only the senior sister Ying Xiaoxiao amongst the younger generation of the current Dao Sect had reached…

Could it be that this new disciple, who had joined the Desolate Hall for only a couple of days, was actually as talented as that senior sister?

The faces of quite a number of disciples changed a little when they thought of this. This new person, who had become the champion of the Hundred Empire War, really did appear to have some ability.

The eighth day finally arrived while these many people were waiting quietly. After which, the entire Dao Sect began to show signs of boiling because of it…

However this boiling had not lasted for long when everyone became strangely quiet. This was because they discovered that…

Lin Dong still did not show any signs of appearing!

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