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WDQK Chapter 47: Intense Battle

Faced with the thunderous hubbub of the crowd, Lin Dong was not the slightest bit distracted. He kept both eyes tightly peeled on Lei Li as the Yuan Power constantly flowed around his body like a stream.

“Lin Dong, it’s too early to celebrate!”

In Lei Li’s ears, the roars from the Arena felt uncomfortable. He hurriedly stepped forward as both of his palms twisted into a weird angle, all ten of his fingers curled up like the jaw of a deadly snake’s head. With the aid of Yuan Power, cracking sounds could be heard as his palms brushed through the air.

Ling Snake Palm, a Level 2 Martial Arts that leaned towards a soft yet vicious style. From his stance, Lin Dong could tell the Lei Li was very well versed in this martial art. When the latter executed his attack, his palms swayed from side to side, causing opponents to be unable to grasp the attack.

After the preliminary exchange at the woods, Lei Li’s disdain and contempt for Lin Dong had completely vanished. Therefore, the former immediately used his preferred martial arts. The level of force generated by this combination of user and martial art was indeed remarkable.

As he faced Lei Li’s whole hearted offensive, Lin Dong’s facial expression also turned serious. However, he had no plans to retreat. After all, based on his current strength, he knew that he could take Lei Li head on!

With that thought in mind, Lin Dong straightened his palms and swiftly moved into Eight Desolations Palm stance. Brandishing his palms, the firm and fierce power behind his palms caused the air to swivel as if they had become a pair of invisible cyclones, blowing off every speck of dust in his surroundings.

“Bang bang!”

Both palms collided in an instant. Yuan Power violently undulated and dispersed from the epicenter of the clash. The two exchanged blow after blow at a dizzying speed as a series of deep and low sounds constantly echoed out.

Under the nervous gaze of the crowd, the two figures on the stone arena continued to crisscross and intertwine as they moved. Every attack was met with straight on with another. The vigorous Yuan Power contained within each hit possessed the strength to shatter a boulder!

“To think that Lin Dong can actually match up to Lei Li…”

As they stared at the intense duel between the two contestants in the arena, many people in the crowd could not help but gasp in surprise. Even though Lin Dong had trained for a much shorter time, his Yuan Power and mastery of martial arts was not in the slightest bit weaker than Lei Li.

“This bastard has actually reached such a level of perfection in martial arts!”

As their palms flickered and blurred, Lei Li’s expression darkened. He never expected that he would be unable to swiftly dispatch Lin Dong even when he was going full throttle. Furthermore, he did not know why but each time their palms contacted, he could feel a prickly cold sensation from Lin Dong’s Yuan Power.

“I cannot let this drag on!”

This discovery caused Lei Li’s to suddenly concentrate as he abruptly took a step forward. His body was almost touching Lin Dong’s and in that instance, the corners of Lei Li’s mouth raised to form a sneer. In a flash, Lei Li’s entire body suddenly became akin to a terminator. Fist, elbow, finger, leg and every other part of his body suddenly exploded with a raging strength as he rained down countless blows onto Lin Dong’s entire body.

“The Lei Family’s Thunderstorm Strikes…”

Standing outside the Arena, Wu Yun facial expression changed when he saw Lei Li’s wild and furious offensive. ThunderStorm Strikes was a Level 3 Martial arts, and when it was executed, the opponent would experience a devastating attack like a thunder storm. It was extremely fearsome.

Lin Dong initially panicked as he faced Lei Li’s sudden attack. However, he immediately steadied himself and balled up one hand into a fist while the other formed into a palm. Then, he swung out both his palm and fist as two different set of martial arts were executed concurrently!

“Pa pa pa pa…”

Penetrating Fist with his left fist and Eight Desolations with his right palm. Both palm and fist moved in perfect coordination as Lin Dong executed the two martial arts. A series of clear crisp echos sounded out as he completely received Lei Li’s menacing attack!

“Dual-utilization, one hand a fist, the other a palm…” Seated in the Lin Family’s area, Lin Zhentian and the rest gasped at this scene. None of them had expected that Lin Dong could actually master and utilize both Penetrating Fist and Eight Desolations Palm to this level!

“This kid is definitely a martial arts genius!”

Lin Zhentian emotionally rubbed his hands together. He suddenly found that, compared to this grandson, the Fire Python Tiger cub and the Steel Wood Manor seemed so insignificant.

Based on the talent that Lin Dong had shown, in time, he will definitely become a legendary figure. At that time, how could the small Qingyang Town be able to tie him down?

Compared to the delight that filled the Lin Family, over at Lei and Xie Families, the atmosphere was one of dread. Lei Bao and Xie Qian were even more upset, while the rest of the younger generation members in Lei and Xie Families kept their mouths tightly shut. Xie Ting in particular, who had received a slap from Lin Dong at the bazaar, had turned especially pale. She did not expect that in just a few month’s time, Lin Dong could actually directly match Lei Li blow for blow.

“The situation now doesn’t look good for us? The boy from the Lin Family has hidden himself too well…” Xie Qian approached Lei Bao as he somberly said.

Lei Bao’s face sunk inwards as his expression darkened while he twisted the jade ring on his finger. Moments later, he solemnly replied: “ Don’t worry. It’s not so easy to defeat Lei Li.”

“Pa pa pa…”

On the stone arena, the battle intensified as both parties fists and palms rained heavily down on each other. After being struck at every part of their bodies, both of them were hit, and tear after tear began to emerge on their clothes.


Yet another powerful exchange caused both Lei Li and Lin Dong to retreat a few steps back.

“Buzz buzz”

Lei Li stamped his foot on the ground and forcefully stabilized his body. As he wiped off the traces of blood at the corner of his mouth, his gaze was like a deadly wolf as his eyes bored holes into Lin Dong. On his right palm, a bright and thick Yuan Power suddenly undulated. In this instance, Lin Dong could sense that Lei Li had concentrated every bit of Yuan Power in his body onto his palm.

As the Yuan Power in Lei Li’s body surged to his palm, the glow on his palm gradually grew brighter and brighter. Eventually, it condensed into a glowing ball that was now violently rolling about in his palm.

“The Lei Family’s Dashing Lightning!”

When the glowing ball appeared in Lei Li’s palm, the expressions on Lin Zhentian and the rest changed in a flash as they involuntarily cried out.

“Level 4 Martial Arts, Dashing Lightning. This is one of the two ultimate martial arts of the Lei Family. I never expected that Lei Li had successfully mastered it!” Outside the arena, Wu Yun also gasped in shock.

Lei Li’s complexion was slightly pale as he stared at Lin Dong, yet a cold smile surfaced on the former’s face. He was going to utterly destroy Lin Dong!

“Father, quickly ask Lin Dong to surrender. That bastard from Lei Family plans to kill him!” As Lei Li’s expression turned sinister, Lin Ken hastily said as he saw the murderous glint in Lei Li’s eyes.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Zhentian tightly clenched his fists. After a short moment of hesitation, just as he intended to stand up, Lin Xiao, who was sitting beside him, said in a low voice: “Father, let’s wait a little longer!”

As Lin Dong’s father, he could not explain it, but right now he felt a strange confidence in his son. Somehow, he just knew that Lin Dong would not let him down.


In the arena, Lei Li swiftly dashed forward as the glowing ball flickered in the hollow of his palm. As the ball streaked through the air, an explosive “chi chi” sound was vividly heard. Imagine if this palm landed on anyone’s body, their life would be forfeit!

“Lin Dong, you lose!”

The sole of Lei Li’s foot stepped off the ground as his body jumped upwards. A thrust from above was aimed at Lin Dong and at this moment, a malevolent expression surfaced on Lei Li’s face.


Lin Dong lifted his head as the figure rapidly grew bigger before his eyes. He gently exhaled, his face as calm as before. While his two hands linked together as they began to form a series of complex hand-seals.

“It’s Wonder Gate Seal!”

As Lin Dong’s hand-seals changed in succession, Lin Xiao and Lin Zhentian immediately recognized it. However, their faces instantly paled. After all, this Wonder Gate Seal was merely a Grade 3 Martial Arts, how could it match up to Lei Li’s Dashing Lighting?

While Lin Dong speedily executed the different hand-seals, the Yuan Power within his Dan Tian franticly gushed out of his body and converged at the hand-seals.

“It’s too early for you to celebrate…”

As Yuan Power madly bubbled out, Lin Dong finished the first chapter of Wonder Gate Seal and straightaway executed the second chapter of Wonder Gate Seal in order to counter Lei Li’s Dashing Lightning!

Hand-seals changed at lightning speed as deep blue Yuan Power condensed into a seal made of blue light on his palm. Then, Lin Dong abruptly lifted both palms up and heavily smashed them against the descending Lei Li!


A forceful Yuan Power undulated and then erupted before spreading out from the epicenter as a powerful shockwave emerged. Under the watchful gaze of the crowd, a figure flew in the air before heavily slamming onto the ground. A mouthful of fresh blood was violently spat out.

“Lei Li…”

As everyone’s gazes turned to discover the identity of the person who had fallen to the ground, the entire crowd abruptly turned silent. In this sudden silence, every member of the Lei and Xie Families turned deathly pale……

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