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WDQK Chapter 46: Stunning the Entire Arena

The sudden clear voice caused the entire Monster Arena to quiet down as several uneasy gazes were directed towards Lin Dong, who was standing on the arena.

“Nonsense. These matters are not for you to decide!”

Lin Zhentian promptly shouted. He was shocked by Lin Dong’s sudden gesture. He believed that it was Lin Dong’s hot-blooded youthfulness that caused him to be unable to put up with their provocations any longer and thus rashly agree to the wager.

Besides Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest furrowed their eyebrows. They knew that Lin Dong was clearly a cool and rational person, so why did he suddenly do this?

“Grandpa, trust me.” Even as he faced the numerous doubtful gazes, Lin Dong looked straight at Lin Zhentian and solemnly said.

As he saw the determination in Lin Dong’s eyes, Lin Zhentian’s eyebrows tightly knitted together. Could Lin Dong really defeat Lei Li?

Currently, Lei Li had probably advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage. Therefore, if Lin Dong wanted to defeat him, he needed to be at Earthly Yuan Stage at least. However, how is that possible? After all, Lin Dong had only started training for approximately a year. The fact that he could reach Tempered Body 9th Layer within a year, was already a remarkable accomplishment. After all, even the renowned Lin Clan genius, Lin Langtian, took nearly two years before he advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage.

“Hehe, Lin Zhentian. Look at what have you become. Have you lost your drive from before? Even a young man dares to accept our challenge, yet you do not. How disappointing.” Lei Bao coldly mocked as he looked at the indecisive Lin Zhentian.

However, Lin Zhentian ignored the taunts. Instead, he turned around and asked Lin Xiao, Lin Ken and Lin Mang: “What do you all think?”

Upon hearing these words, anxiety and hesitation surfaced on the three of them. Logically speaking, even though the rewards for this wager were highly lucrative, it was too risky. However, there was a greed faintly hidden within their hearts: that they could win both the cub and the Steel Wood Manor.

If their Lin Family could win the Steel Wood Manor, then their profits for each year would rise by approximately forty percent. This was no small amount…

“Lin Dong is a calm and rational child. This kind of sub par provocations clearly do not work on him. However, he should also know that Lei Li has advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage. Since he dares to accept this challenge, he probably has an ace hidden up his sleeve…” Lin Ken murmured in a low voice.

“If Father wishes to gamble, it could be worth a try…”

Upon hearing Lin Ken’s suggestion, Lin Zhentian took in a deep breath as he gently shut both of his eyes. Moments later, he opened his eyes, having once again regained his calm. He looked towards Lei Bao and casually said: “Since Old Man Lei persists, this time, our Lin Family will play with you!”

“Lin Dong, it’s all up to you now.” Lin Zhentian turned and looked at Lin Dong as the words slowly left his mouth.

After hearing this words, a smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. He gently nodded his head and then looked towards Lei Li, who was standing nearby. The smile on the former’s face instantly turned cold.

“Do you really intend to fight Lei Li?” Wu Yun, who was standing beside him, anxiously asked. Even though he knew that Lin Dong had also miraculously advanced to Earthly Yuan stage, he did not favour the latter. After all, Lei Li had trained for a much longer period of time, and he must have complete mastery of various kinds of martial arts.

“Don’t you think it’s now too late to regret?”

Lin Dong smiled as he passed the Fire Python Tiger cub over to Wu Yun and said: “Help me look after it first. I don’t want anything to happen to it when I am fighting.”

“Alright, take extra care.” Wu Yun helplessly nodded his head while carefully accepting the cub into his arms like a nanny. He looked a little silly.

The “Hunt” was now temporarily put on hold because of this unexpected development. Nonetheless, many people in the crowd were pleased because they could witness a battle between Lin Dong and Lei Li. Furthermore, this match also pitted the Lin Family against the Lei Family. Therefore, to be able to witness such a grand gamble, made this trip totally worthwhile.

The other contestants on the stone arena immediately backed off to create an open area in the middle of the arena. A judge also walked inside to preside over this duel.

Under the watchful gazes of the crowd, Lin Dong slowly strolled to the middle of the arena as his heart gradually calmed down. This duel was extremely important for the Lin Family. Not only was the Fire Python Tiger cub at stake, but even more so, the Lin Family’s reputation as well.

Lin Dong naturally understood how important this duel was. Hence, the reason why he finally agreed to this duel was because he had every confidence that he would emerge victorious!

As Lei Li stretched his neck, his facial expression was somewhat malicious as he stepped into the arena. Staring straight into Lin Dong’s eyes, a menacing glint was reflected in the former’s eyes.

“I will make sure you lose everything!” Standing before Lin Dong, Lei Li declared.

Faced with Lei Li’s threat, Lin Dong only replied with a casual smile, declining to retort.

“Both parties take your position, let the duel begin!”

After seeing both of them enter the stage, the judge immediately announced as he raised his palm and swung it down.

As the judge’s words faded, Lei Li’s facial expression instantly turned icy-cold. A thick and powerful glow of Yuan Power flickered on the surface of his body. The undulations of his Yuan Power was clearly incomparable to that of a Tempered Body 9th Layer practitioner.

“He has indeed reached Earthly Yuan Stage…”

After seeing Lei Li’s display, a commotion erupted in the Monster Arena. Meanwhile, a prideful smirk emerged on Lei Bao’s face.

However, right before his smirk fully formed, it slowly froze in place. This was because he saw streams of thick and powerful Yuan Power also began to flicker on Lin Dong’s body. Based on its undulations, his Yuan Power definetly did not lose to Lei Li’s!

“Lin Dong has also reached Earthly Yuan Stage?!”

When Yuan Power gushed over Lin Dong’s body, the entire Monster Arena erupted as a look of awe and surprise surfaced on everyone’s faces. They were not too surprised that Lei Li had advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage. However, none of them had ever expected that Lin Dong, who became the new rising star from the Lin Family in the past half a year, had already reached this step!


In the Lin Family’s area, the teacup in Lin Zhentian’s hand crashed onto the ground and smashed into pieces. He stared at the young man in the arena unable to believe the scene that was playing right before his very eyes. His mouth twitched as if he were trying to speak, yet he found himself at a complete loss for words.

“Lin Dong…. Since when did he advance To Earthly Yuan Stage?” Lin Ken and Lin Mang were totally taken aback, their mouths feeling somewhat dry as they turned in unison and asked Lin Xiao.

“This… I also have no clue…”

As he met their gazes, a rigid smile surfaced on Lin Xiao’s face. The palm that he had rested on his leg was constantly twitching as an immense pride surged in his heart, causing his entire body to tremble uncontrollably.

Right besides them, Lin Xia, Lin Hong and the rest of the younger generation in the Lin Family stood glued on the spot, their mouths hanging wide open. A feverish gaze faintly burned in their eyes.

“No wonder he dared to accept this duel…” Lin Ken stared at Lin Zhentian as he muttered : “ Father, our Lin Family has finally produced an outstanding genius…”

Lin Zhentian silently nodded his head as he wiped of the tea stains on his clothes with trembling palms. Then, he lifted his head and softly sucked in a breath. His old eyes were moist while his voice was coarse as he softly cried out: “The heavens are fair…”

Nearby, Lei Bao’s slowly sat back into his chair, ashen faced. A murderous intent faintly flashed within his eyes. Lin Dong’s fearsome progress had terrified him.

This boy must not be allowed to survive!

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