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WDQK Chapter 48: Reward

Under the winter sunlight, the colossal Monster Arena sunk into silence. Everyone was shocked as they looked at Lei Li, who was now lying raggedly on the ground.

This outcome surprised nearly the entire crowd. Nobody expected that the number one younger generation member in Qingyang Town would lose to this nobody from the Lin Family.

“He actually won…”

Lin Zhentian, who had stood up previously, now slowly sat back on his stone chair. He could not believe this fairy-tale like ending that just occurred.


Lin Xia and the rest were also dumbstruck. Moments later, they suddenly rejoiced. All these years, they had been constantly bullied by the younger generation members in the Lei Family. The reason why they could be so smug was because of Lei Li. Now that Lei Li was finally defeated by Lin Dong, they felt extremely joyous.

“Third-son, you’ve raised a wonderful boy…” Lin Zhentian leaned against his chair as he tried to suppress the trembling in his palm, before he turned to speak to Lin Xiao with a smile across his entire face.

To one side, Lin Ken and Lin Mang also gently nodded their heads. At this time, even Lin Mang, who was at loggerheads with Lin Xiao, was left speechless after Lin Dong’s spectacular accomplishment. He understood how this felt, after all he could never catch up to Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao also let out a bitter laugh. Recently, he had been busy with matters at the Blazing Manor. Therefore, Lin Dong had been left to his own devices and so the former was not fully aware of the latter’s true prowess. In fact, today’s incident not only shocked Lin Zhentian and the rest, but also highly surprised Lin Xiao as well.

“The Wonder Gate Seal that Dong-er used seemed different from what we learnt. That power was not something that the incomplete chapter alone can display.” Lin Xiao suddenly asked suspiciously as he recalled the tyrannical might of Wonder Gate seal from before. After all, the Lei Family’s Dashing Lightning was a genuine Level 4 martial art. Just the incomplete Wonder Gate Seal alone was not enough to contend against it.

Upon hearing this query, Lin Zhentian also lightly nodded his head as he furrowed his eyebrows. He did not fully comprehend the reason as well. After all, no matter how hard he tried, he would never have guessed that Lin Dong had improved the martial arts using the Stone Talisman.

While the Lin Family was celebrating, a dreadful atmosphere filled the Lei and Xie Family area. Everyone in the Lei Family was upset after they witnessed this scene. Even Xie Qian could only let out a pained laugh, not daring to talk to them.

This time round, the Lei Family not only lost an important Steel Wood Manor but most importantly, they were outshined by the Lin Family. This would severely affect their reputation and standing.

After the dust settled, the crowd watched attentively as Lin Dong’s figure began to appear before their eyes. Right now, the sleeves on both of his arms were shredded due to the previous collision. However, compared to Lei Li’s sorry figure, he looked several times better.

“You actually managed to defeat Lei Li…. That’s incredible!” As he saw Lin Dong steadily standing on the ground, nearby, Wu Yun hastily rushed over with a smile on his face.

Lin Dong grinned in reply. Right now, he had almost depleted all the Yuan Energy in his Dan Tian. Even though he had advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage, it was still too strenuous for him to execute the second chapter of Wonder Gate Seal. Therefore, he was just like an empty shell now and anyone could easily defeat him.

Lin Dong extended his arms and retrieved his Fire Python Tiger cub before he turned to look at the judge nearby.

Seeing Lin Dong’s gaze, the judge finally regained his senses. With a complicated expression, he loudly shouted: “The winner of this duel is Lin Dong from the Lin Family!”

Everyone already saw the results of the duel, therefore none of them were surprised by the verdict. Waves of gasps mixed with secretive whispers started to spread out in the arena. This duel was truly a feast for one’s eyes

Xie Yingying’s cheeks constantly twitched as she looked at Lei Li, who had fainted on the ground. Previously, she used to smile sweetly at the latter, but now, the smile on her face has unknowingly died down. After a moment of hesitation, she waved her hands and signaled two Xie Family members to carry Lei Li back to the stands.

“Pfft, this woman is a b*tch.” After he saw Xie Yingying’s actions, Wu Yun’s lips curled up in disdain as he disgruntledly muttered to Lin Dong.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong only smiled. He did not care about the relationship between the two of them. Carrying the cub, he stretched his body and likewise leisurely walked towards the stands.

“Hey, are you not participating in the “Hunt” anymore?” Wu Yun immediately asked after he saw Lin Dong’s actions.

“Not participating……” Lin Dong waved his hand. Based on his current condition, he could no longer continue on in the Hunt Competition. Besides, after this intense duel, there was no point in participating in the “Hunt” anymore. After all, he had already defeated the strongest person in this competition.

As Wu Yun helpless looked on, Lin Dong carried the cub back to the Lin Family area. When he returned, everyone in the Lin Family, including Lin Zhentian, immediately stood up to gather around him, as if they were protecting something, allowing Lin Dong to very carefully sit back down.

“Take a good rest. You don’t have to participate in the Hunt Competition anymore.” Lin Zhentian said, deeply concerned, while waving his large hands and then gently pressing Lin Dong to sit on the chair. He could tell that Lin Dong’s current condition was quite awful and he naturally would not allow him to continue fighting. After all, Lin Dong was currently the most precious thing in the entire Lin Family and Lin Zhentian could not afford to let any mishap happen to this treasure.

Lin Dong nodded his head in response. To one corner, Lin Xia and the rest also crowded over as they curiously stared at the Fire Python Tiger cub in his arms which had yet to open it’s eyes.

“Hehe, many thanks to the Lei Family’s for their donations. Please make sure you hand over the Steel Wood Manor within half a month’s time. I trust that the Lei Family will keep their word. Am I right, Old Man Lei?” Lin Zhentian instructed the rest to take care of Lin Dong before he turned around and chuckled as he addressed the Lei Family.

After he heard Lin Zhentian’s chuckle, Lei Bao’s wrinkled face turned blue. Behind him, a member of the Lei Family shouted back angrily: “Lin Zhentian. Your Lin Family got lucky this time. Don’t get too conceited!”


Just as that man spoke, the enraged Lei Bao immediately turned and slapped him. Soon after, Lei Bao stood up with a dark look in his eyes. He turned to look at Lei Li, who was being carried over, and his eyes began to twitch uncontrollably.


The watchful gaze of the crowd felt like thousands of arrows penetrating Lei Bao’s back. Ashen faced, he immediately took off and swiftly left the Monster Arena. After witnessing this sight, the rest of the Lei Family could only hurriedly follow.

This time, the Lei Family had finally bitten off more than they could chew!

As he stared at the flustered expressions of the Lei Family members, delight and satisfaction filled the Lin Family bunch. After all, for years, they had been bullied by the Lei Family. However, from now onwards, they could start playing hardball as well……


With the rest of the Raging Blade Dojo behind him, Luo Cheng walked towards the Lin Family as he respectfully cupped his hands and congratulated Lin Zhentian. Then, with an inquisitive look, he turned to Lin Dong as he said admirably: “It is truly a blessing that the Lin Family could gain such a treasure.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Zhentian also smiled freely as he nodded his head. After a short conversation with Luo Cheng, he also stood up and left the Arena with the rest of the Lin Family. After all, they were no longer interested in the rest of the competition. Now that the heated battle between Lin Dong and Lei Li was over, the rest of the battles were just side-shows. Hardly worth their time.

Even though Lei Family had given up on the “Hunt”, everyone knew that the main highlight of this show, was the dark-horse that stupefied everybody.

The young man known as Lin Dong.

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