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Chapter 415 Lesser Nirvana Golden Body

“Are you going to Yang City?”

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s words, Mo Ling and the rest were stunned. Lin Dong should be hiding for his life after he had killed the members of the Saint Light Empire. Now, instead of hiding, he wanted to take the initiative to go to Yang City. Isn’t he courting his own death?

“Yeah,” Lin Dong nodded his head. Initially, he planned to observe the situation silently. However, with the report on the “Mysterious Ancient Key”, Lin Dong’s thoughts started to run wild. In the ancient treasure trove, not only would there be “Samsara Pills”, but there would also be a huge amount of Nirvana pills and other artifacts. If he could obtain these treasures, he might be qualified to break through to Nirvana stage.

As for Jin Mu, even though he was somewhat troublesome, Lin Dong did not have much worries about him. If the former really pissed him off badly, he would summon the Blood Soul Puppet to kill him. With the help of the Blood Soul Puppet, even a half-step-to Nirvana stage elite could not threaten Lin Dong

“All of you should know that we only have a year’s time to train. If we are to stay here peacefully, I’m afraid we will not be qualified to participate in the main event when the time is up. Therefore, we must take the initiative and this ancient treasure trove is a good opportunity for us to start with,” Lin Dong looked at Mo Ling and the rest and explained.

“As long as we can obtain a share of the ancient treasure trove, we will be able to break through to Nirvana stage.”

Hearing what was said, Mo Ling and the rest nodded their head slightly. Naturally, they knew about this fact as well. However, the Yang City is different from here. The number of elites in that place were like the clouds in the sky, which was copious. Even the half-step-to Nirvana stage elites were plentiful in that place. It is not an easy task for them to snatch the “Mysterious Ancient Key” from the hands of those powerful elites. Furthermore, Lin Dong had killed the members of the Saint Light Empire, and if they were discovered in the Yang City, they would be killed mercilessly…

“What if we are discovered by the Saint Light Empire’s men…” Du Yun muttered to himself irresolutely.

“The Saint Light Empire is not as scary as you imagine them to be. Even if it is Jin Mu, I have no fear whatsoever. If he tries to find trouble with me, I don’t mind letting him follow the footsteps of Li Sheng,” Lin Dong smiled indifferently.

Upon hearing these words, Mo Ling and rest’s minds shivered. They could sense something else in his words. It appeared that Lin Dong might have a trump card to deal with half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners…

They did not doubt the truthfulness of Lin Dong’s words, after all, they had some understanding of the latter. If Lin Dong did not have a trump card, he would not plan on doing such a risky business.

“So what’s your decisions? If all of you really don’t want to follow me, I won’t force you either,”Lin Dong looked at Mo Ling and the rest and said. The three of them were quite capable and would be a great help to him if they chose to follow him.

After taking a glance at each other, Mo Ling, Du Yun and Man Shan nodded their heads in agreement.

“Brother Lin Dong, we will follow you. Only by taking risks can we obtain wealth and riches. We can only break through the Nirvana stage after we have obtained the hidden treasures in the ancient treasure trove. Otherwise, we will lose out to other participants sooner or later, and by then, it will be hard for us to get chosen by those super sects!” Mo Ling said deeply.

“Haha, Brother Lin Dong, if you have any errands to run in the future, feel free to dispatch us. The three of us are willing to make you our leader!” Man Shan yelled vigorously.

“It’s not necessary to make me the leader. After all, we are from the same empire and protecting each other is the right way to go about,” Lin Dong smiled when he saw the three of them nodded their heads. He then continued, “Let’s wait a few more days before we set off for the Yang City. However, I will have to depend on all of you to obtain precise information on the Mysterious Ancient Key.”

Yang City is the place where numerous elites gathered. Even if Lin Dong possessed a lot of trump cards, he did not dare to be careless. Within these few days, he must seize the moment and master the Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle as soon as possible. If he could do it, his fighting strength would be increased.

With regards to Lin Dong’s words, Mo Ling and the rest did not have much objections. After a slight discussion, they then left the tower.

After the three men had left, Lin Dong sighed. The ancient battlefield was extremely vast. Their current location was merely at the border of the ancient battlefield. Meanwhile, the Yang City was the largest assembly point within several thousands of miles of their location. Numerous elites would definitely go crazy over the “Mysterious Ancient Key”.

This time around, the fight cannot be comparable to the small-scale battles in the past.

“Hey, when there are more people, it will be chaotic, and when it’s chaotic, opportunity will arise,” Little Marten suddenly appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder and said. His eyes were filled with joy and emotions. Apparently, the so-called “Samsara Pills” had stirred its state of mind considerably.

Lin Dong spread out his hands and continued practising his Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle. Little Marten suddenly waved its claw and said, “Your current capabilities are sufficient for you to defeat peak Manifestation stage elites. However, if you are to encounter the Nirvana stage elites, I’m afraid that you will have to execute the Fifth Finger of the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger to contend against them.”

“The Fifth Finger is far too powerful. My body can’t take that kind of frenzied Yuan Power,” Lin Dong muttered.

“That’s true. Even though the Great Sun Thunder Body is strong, it is not a Manifestation-level martial art after all. You need a stronger physical enhancing martial art before you can withstand the violent Yuan Power of the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger’s Fifth Finger,” Little Marten nodded and said.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong shook his head helplessly. Physical enhancing martial arts were extremely difficult to find, let alone a Manifestation-level one.

“Hey, how can Grandpa Marten bear to ill-treat a loyal kid like you? I still need you to obtain the Samsara Pills for me. Follow me,” Little Marten gave a weird smile. With a flip of his claw, a darkish-purple radiance coagulate in his claw. Indistinctly, the radiance then materialized into a darkish-purple bone strip. There appeared to be some mysterious characters wiggling on the bone-strip.

As the Lin Dong took over the darkish-purple bone script, his eyes glowed with happiness. He then took a sweeping glance and saw those wiggling characters coagulating gradually.

“Lesser Nirvana Golden Body,” Lin Dong mumbled as he read the wiggling characters.

“This is a physical enhancing martial art that I obtained in the past. It can be considered a mid-grade Manifestation martial art. As long as you can practise it till the advanced level, it is equivalent to a weakened version of the Nirvana Body. Even though it is not the real Nirvana Body, it still works as good as the real one,” Little Marten laughed.

“Oh?” Upon hearing Little Marten’s words, Lin Dong was emotionally moved. The Nirvana Body is the mark of the Nirvana stage elites. That kind of body is several times stronger than a Manifestation stage elite’s body. When facing an elite with Nirvana Body, even an all-out attack from a peak Manifestation stage elite would not do much damage. Lin Dong did not expect Little Marten’s body transformation martial art could be powerful till such extent…

This body transformation martial art was truly worthy of being a Manifestation martial art.

“Of course, a large number of Nirvana pills is needed to master this body transformation martial art. After all, Nirvana Qi is the best energy to temper your physical body. The physical body can only transform after going through a cleansing by the Nirvana Qi.”

After Lin Dong heard these words, the first thought that came to his mind was a rich family that ate Nirvana pills for food…

“Don’t feel sorry for the loss of Nirvana pills. When those half-step-to Nirvana stage elites see that you possess a Nirvana stage elite’s physical body even before you break through the Nirvana stage, they will be extremely envious,” Little Marten curled his lips and consoled Lin Dong.

“If not for your loyalty, you will still be using the Great Sun Thunder Body…”

Lin Dong chuckled at these words. Little Marten was right. Even though mastering the Lesser Nirvana Golden Body would consume a large number of Nirvana pills, the benefits of mastering it would be numerous. These benefits would exceed the spent Nirvana pills.

“First, within these few days, you have to leave by yourself and look for a place where there is no one else. Then, you will unleash your Devouring Power to its maximum and I will be by your side to assist you. I don’t need you to practise it until the advanced level, but at least until the lesser level. This way, it should be able to help you to withstand the violent energy backlash when you’re using the Fifth Finger of the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger,” Little Marten explained.


Lin Dong nodded his head as his eyes appeared to contain traces of fervour. It seemed that by promising Little Marten the “Samsara Pills”, it motivated it to take out a much more powerful martial art…

“Tsk, Grandpa Marten is helping you by not giving you such a powerful body transformation martial art in the past. The training of the physical body is not something that you can pick up instantly. Forcing it to happen will just impair your foundation. Only through step-by-step training, can your physical body become stronger,” Little Marten snorted suddenly as if he knew what Lin Dong was thinking.

Lin Dong could only chuckled sheepishly. Then, he stood up and said, “If this is the case, let’s not waste anymore time and leave now!”

The way Lin Dong did things is swift and decisive. As the thought came to his mind, he flew out of the tower and found Mo Ling and the rest without any hesitation.

With regards to Lin Dong’s temporary departure, Mo Ling and the other two were puzzled. However, they did not say much as they knew Lin Dong was not that kind of person who would abandon them and ran off by himself.

After making things clear, Lin Dong jumped onto the back of Little Flame. As Little Flame flapped its wide wings, it flew across the sky with thunderous roar and ultimately disappeared into the horizon with a lightning speed.

Apparently, Lin Dong had a huge curiosity and expectation about how much Nirvana Qi could the Devouring Ancestral Symbol absorb between Heaven and Earth. At the same time, he wanted to know how powerful could the Devouring Power be if he pushed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to its maximum!

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