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Chapter 414 Information

Nightfall which enveloped the gathering point finally left stealthily. However, when sunlight once again shone down on this city, this city’s overlord had already changed. Initially, the arrogant and overbearing Sacred Light Empire members had all been massacred by Lin Dong. Therefore, the elite practitioners who initially sided with Sacred Light Empire, quickly changed sides again, as they gritted their teeth and viciously complained about how arrogant and overbearing the Sacred Light Empire members were. Based on their expressions, it seems like they had a deep grudge against them.

Of course, Lin Dong had little time to bother about these fickle-lot. Even though he had finished off the Sacred Light Empire, he naturally had no intention of becoming this city’s overlord. This was merely a small gathering point and there were less than a thousand people in total. Therefore, what is the point of being a local overlord here? In fact, even after one year’s time, he would still lack the qualifications to enter the real Hundred Empire War.

If it were not for the fact that the Sacred Light Empire members tried to cause trouble for him and even wanted to snatch his Soul Treasures and martial arts, Lin Dong did not plan to bother with them. However, it was unfortunate that Li Sheng was simply too ignorant and he chose to offend him. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, he actually deserved this outcome.

Warm sunlight shone on the top of that high tower, while Lin Dong, who had his eyes tightly shut, finally slowly opened his eyes. Meanwhile, the white jade elephant glow within his palm had dimmed significantly.

After opening his eyes, Lin Dong stood up. Promptly, he took a step forward. As he stepped forth, formidable Yuan Power instantly gushed out from within his body.

Just as Yuan Power gushed out from his body, all the surrounding Yuan Power quickly gathered together. Within a few breaths, a large glowing elephant shadow enveloped Lin Dong’s body.

Though that large glowing elephant still seemed slightly illusionary, it gave off an powerful earth-shattering aura. The instant that giant elephant appeared, it roared at the heavens, before a peculiar buzzing noise swept forth and caused all the Yuan Power above the city to begin to rage.

Due to the existence of the Stone Tablet Spiritual Domain, it was not difficult for Lin Dong to master martial arts. Therefore, even though he merely trained for one night, Lin Dong had already gained a decent understanding of this “Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle”. Even though he had not completely mastered it, he already possessed decent fighting abilities.

On top of the high tower, when Lin Dong sensed the powerful strength of the “Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle”, a tinge of delight gushed into his face. Promptly, with a flick of his mind, that giant elephant shadow gradually disappeared.

“Haha, congratulations brother Lin Dong. You have gained another powerful martial arts.” Just as that giant elephant disappeared, a splitting wind noise echoed out, before Mo Ling and the rest lept onto the high tower and congratulated Lin Dong with a smile.

When he saw Mo Ling and the rest, Lin Dong smiled. After what happened last night, their attitude towards him had obviously changed.

“Brother Lin Dong, with regards to information regarding the Sacred Light Empire’s Big Senior, we have already obtained some information.”

“Oh?” When he heard how Mo Ling and the rest managed to obtain the information so efficiently, Lin Dong was slightly taken aback.

“Haha, it is thanks to the fact that brother Lin Dong had already established his dominance in this area. Therefore, it is quite easy for us to obtain information. Previously, those who sided with the Sacred Light Empire member obtained quite a bit of information from them and they have passed it all to us.” Mo Ling smiled as he said.

Lin Dong smiled and invited the three of them to seat down. Then, he turned to look at Mo Ling. Evidently, he was very curious to find out about that “Big Senior” that they had been muttered about last night.

“Based on the information that we obtained, out of all the Sacred Light Empire members that are participating in the Hundred Empire War, twenty of them have reached advanced Manifestation stage.”

“Twenty of them…” Lin Dong’s pupils gently shrunk. That was to say even after eight of them died at his hands, there were still eleven Manifestation practitioners. The final one was naturally the “Big Senior” they were referring to.

“Besides Li Sheng and the seven others, there are still eleven advanced Manifestation practitioners as well as that “Big Senior” there were referring to. Based on what we know, that Big Senior is called Jin Mu. He should be at half-step-to Nirvana stage and he possess the qualifications to attack Nirvana stage.” When they mentioned this point, Mo Ling’s expression turned slightly solemn. That was because there was a massive gulf between advanced Manifestation and Nirvana stage. Therefore, if Jin Mu really became a Nirvana stage practitioner, even if Lin Dong possess powerful martial arts that could slaughter Li Sheng and seven others, he would still be no match for him.

That was because one goes through a complete metamorphosis when one breaks through to Nirvana stage. A Nirvana stage practitioner’s physical body is several times more powerful than Lin Dong, who had mastered Great Sun Thunder Body. In fact, with such a formidable physical body, even if one does not use Yuan Power to protect oneself, a peak Manifestation practitioner could hardly hurt him. That was the extent of the difference.

Even if he stood still and allowed you to attack him, there was nothing you could do.

Even though half-step-to Nirvana stage was not a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner, his strength far exceeds that of Li Sheng and the rest.

Lin Dong nodded his head as he was not too shocked. After erasing Jin Mu’s Mental Energy seal last night, he knew that he would be a tricky opponent.

“Right now, Jin Mu should be at Yang City. That city is a massive gathering point. In comparison, this area is as deserted as a ravine.”

Mo Ling waved his hands as he said: “Generally speaking, the ones who enter the ancient battlefield will typically head for those large gathering points. That was because those spots were the safest places to be. In contrast, small gathering spots like here are easily overrun by waves of demon. Of course, Yang City is the best gathering point within a several thousand miles radius. There are countless elite practitioners there and the Nirvana Qi in that domain is several times more potent compared to here. It will not be difficult for us to obtain good resources.”

“Hehe, brother Lin Dong, you do not have to worry about Jin Mu. Based on our intel, that fellow does not have time to cause trouble for us.” Du Yun smiled as he said.

“Why is that?” Lin Dong was slightly taken aback as he asked in shock. He had killed the Sacred Light Empire members and he had even erased the white elephant jade Mental Energy seal that Jin Mu had left inside. Therefore, that fellow should be itching to kill him.

“This is intel that we obtained from a practitioner that was closest to the Sacred Light Empire members. Right now, there are several troops from different empires gathered in that area and it seems like they are contesting for an item called the “Mysterious Ancient Key”. Therefore, Jin Mu should be eyeing that object as well and he would likely not make a move on you before he obtains that “Mysterious Ancient Key”.” Mo Ling smiled as he added on.

“Mysterious Ancient Key? What is that?” When he heard that foreign term, Lin Dong was stunned as he asked in shock.

“It is reputed to be an mysterious and ancient key. You should also know, even though you can refine Nirvana Pills from the ancient battlefield, based on usual methods alone, not to mention one year, even given several years, you would not be able to refine sufficient Nirvana Pills to attack Nirvana stage. Therefore, many of them turned their attention to the treasure troves in the ancient battlefield. As long as you can obtain a treasure trove, the Nirvana Pills contained within is definitely sufficient. If one is lucky enough to obtain some legacy passed down by an ancient sect, you can even ascend and stand out during that huge battle one year later.”

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Using usual methods alone, most people would be unable to refine more than ten thousand Nirvana Pills in one year. This was evidently insufficient for one to attack Nirvana stage. Therefore, most of them planned to search for a treasure trove. Of course, some of the extreme ones had even more vicious and cruel methods, that was robbery!

Of course, in order to do so, one must possess sufficient strength. Else, one may fail to rob others, but be robbed by them instead.

“I wonder what treasures are in those ancient treasure troves…” Lin Dong’s mind moved. With regards to those treasures, he was similarly interested in them. After all, he required a large amount of Nirvana Pills in order to attack Nirvana stage. Right now, since he had officially reached advanced Manifestation stage, it would not be long before he reaches Nirvana stage. Therefore, before that, he must gather sufficient Nirvana Pills!

“I am not aware of what are in those ancient treasure troves. However, based on the information that we obtained, it seems like Jin Mu was eyeing something within…” Mo Ling said.

“What is it?”

“It is something called… Samsara Pills?” Then, Man Shan scratched his head as he asked uncertainly.

“Samsara Pills?” Lin Dong was stunned. Evidently, this was the first time he heard heard of such a pill. However, just as he was about to casually nod his head, a growl suddenly sounded out inside his heart.

“Samsara Pills? This is a pill that was gathered by a super elite practitioner that had finally understood that principle of Samsara. One pill is equal to one life and it is enough to help you to reverse a death-trap! If I could obtain that pill, I can form a new physical body and stop being a Demonic Spirit and return to my peak form!”

“Lin Dong, you must help me, you must help me! Help me obtain that Samsara Pill. As long as I can obtain it, I will have a chance to be reborn!”

That loud growl in his heart caused Lin Dong to nearly faint. He knew that it was Little Marten’s voice. Furthermore, what caused him to be so stunned was this was the first time since he knew the latter, that he had saw the latter so agitated and act out of character. Evidently, that so-called Samsara Pill is extremely important to him.

“Don’t rush, take it slowly. I will do everything I can to help you.” Moments later, Lin Dong recovered his senses as he laughed bitterly in his heart. Even though he did not know about anything about those ancient treasure troves, he still agreed to its request. However, these were no perfunctory words; rather it was a sincere promise.

All these years, Lin Dong had treated Little Marten as an indispensable good friend. Without Little Marten, he would not be at where he was today. Little Marten had helped him out a great deal and now that he needed his assistance, Lin Dong was naturally not going to reject it.

“Godammit, you are a indeed a loyal kid. Grandpa Marten was not wrong about you.”

Lin Dong’s words evidently caused a slimy old fellow like Little Marten to be slightly touched. As it chided casually, there was tinge of contentment in its words.

Lin Dong gently heaved a sigh of relief, while he gently fiddled with his fingers. Originally, he was still gently relieved when he heard that Jin Mu could not spare the time. However, he never expected such an unexpected development.

Evidently, that “Mysterious Ancient Key” was the key to unlocking an ancient treasure trove. If he wanted to obtain the “Samsara Pill” within, he must first obtain the key…

That was to say instead of running away from Jin Mu, he must seize the initiative and head to Yang City and fight for that mysterious ancient key!

When he thought of this point, Lin Dong’s expression involuntarily turned peculiar. Moments later, he finally gently heaved a sigh of relief. It seems like trouble is coming and there is no way for him to avoid it…

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