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Chapter 416 Mastering Lesser Nirvana Golden Body

For this training session, Lin Dong knew that it would likely cause a commotion and invite much unnecessary trouble. Therefore, he instructed Little Flame to unleash its maximum speed. After flying for nearly two hours, he directly flew across a seemingly endless grass plains. Behind that grass plains, was a never-ending mountain range.

The mountain range was enveloped by clouds and mists. The mountain peaks were all sharp and dangerous, while savage beast-like roars continuously echoed out faintly.

Generally speaking, this was an area where countless demonic beasts gathered and there are hardly any humans that would come here. After all, compared to outside, the demonic beasts in the ancient battlefield were far more powerful and vicious.

However, in Lin Dong’s opinion, he would rather train while he was surrounded by demonic beasts, than risk exposing his secrets. His Devouring Ancestral Symbol was extremely formidable and if someone spotted it, it would definitely invite much trouble. Furthermore, right now, even though Lin Dong possessed some defensive abilities, in the face of a genuine elite practitioner, he could hardly do anything at all. Therefore, before he possess true might, he did not want anyone to know about his Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

“Let’s choose this spot…”

With regards to this spot, Little Marten was fairly pleased as well. Even though there were countless demonic beasts in the mountain range, with Little Marten protecting him, he should encounter little problems.

Lin Dong nodded his head, before his palm tapped on Little Flame. Immediately, the latter flapped its bloody wings, before it landed on the peak of one the mountains.

After Lin Dong hopped down from Little Flame’s back, without further ado, he directly sat down on a green rock nearby. However, when Lin Dong sat down, he did not begin cultivation immediately. Instead, he gently shut his eyes and allowed that “Lesser Nirvana Golden Body” cultivation arts to run across his brain just like a gentle stream. At the same time, his mind seemed to have stealthily calmed down.

Lin Dong stayed in this state for several minutes, before he gently exhaled a puff of white air. Meanwhile, his expression turned increasingly solemn. Without further ado, he moved his mind, before the Ancestral Devouring Symbol hovering in his Niwan Palace immediately floated out.

One ancient Ancestral Symbol, which seemed to have been around since genesis, silently hovered in front of Lin Dong. As it continuously squirmed, it formed countless black holes and they seemed just like mysterious symbols forged by the heavens. It was an extremely magical sight.


However, just as his Devouring Ancestral Symbol appeared, all the Yuan Power in this domain began to exhibit signs of raging. Even before Lin Dong activated his Devouring Ancestral Symbol, streams of Devouring Power had already involuntarily emerged before they completely swallowed the Yuan Power in this domain.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Devour The World!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were solemn as he stared at his Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Following which, his hand seals suddenly changed, while a deep roar echoed out from his lips.


As Lin Dong’s hand seals changed, that originally palm-sized Devouring Ancestral Symbol began to grow at an alarming rate. In mere seconds, it had transformed into a hundred-feet large black hole, hovering above Lin Dong’s head, as it slowly grew!

The black hole enveloped the mountain peak. As it slowly squirmed, across the mountain, countless rocks and large trees all drifted into the black hole, before they were completely devoured.

“Boom! Boom!”

Just as his black hole grew, this domain finally completely erupted. As the mountain range shook, all the Yuan Power in this domain began to gather together at a terrifying rate, before they formed into a Yuan Power glowing pillar and continuously gushed into that black hole.

As the Yuan Power in this domain headed over, the central position of that black hole continuously squirmed, while streams of fiery-red energy gushed out from that black hole and swiftly headed down towards Lin Dong.

These fiery-red energy were all formed from Nirvana Qi. The black hole formed by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol had completely robbed all the surrounding Yuan Power and refined the Nirvana Qi within before it poured it all down into Lin Dong’s body.

When he saw that incoming fiery-red energy, Lin Dong involuntarily sucked in a breath of cold air. The full power of his Devouring Ancestral Symbol had taken him by surprise…

“Chii! Chii!”

Just as Lin Dong was in awe, the fiery-red energy had already poured down. The instant they made contact, Lin Dong’s skin began to boil, while a cackling noise continuously echoed out from his skin.

Nirvana Qi was indeed extremely powerful and magicial. However, it was no easy task to absorb it. Even when a half-step-to Nirvana stage absorbs Nirvana Qi, he must be extremely careful. If one absorbs too much, there is a possibility that one may directly wreck one’s body.

Thanks to that intense burning pain, Lin Dong immediately gritted his teeth, while all the muscles in his body began to tense up.

“Kid, this is not how you cultivate Lesser Nirvana Golden Body. If you wanted to master Lesser Nirvana Golden Body, you must activate your Secret Arts and use Nirvana Qi to refine every bone and muscle in your body in order to undergo a complete metamorphosis. Even though you will suffer quite a bit, it will be extremely beneficial when you attempt to attack Nirvana stage in the future. However, if you cannot even survive this trail, then when you attempt to attack Nirvana stage in the future, you will fail nine out of ten times!” As he stared at Lin Dong, who was seemingly enveloped by flames, Little Marten’s voice clearly resounded in Lin Dong’s ears.

“Let the Nirvana Qi course through your body and refine your muscles and bones!”

When he heard Little Marten’s words, Lin Dong viciously gritted his teeth, before he gradually relaxed his tensed muscles. As he stopped resisting, that fiery Nirvana Qi instantly gushed into his body from every direction. Meanwhile, Lin Dong felt like his body was in flames, as a burning sensation emerged in his bones, muscles and even his internal organs. That sensation was as if he was being burnt to a crisp.

“Great Sun Thunder Body!”

As he sensed that boiling burning sensation coursing through his body, Lin Dong grit his teeth, before a resplendent sun slowly arose from within his body. Instantly, his physical body toughened, while that burning sensation slightly subsided.

Nonetheless, though the Nirvana Qi coursing through his body caused massive pain to him, thanks to that sharp pain, Lin Dong could clearly feel that wherever that Nirvana Qi brushed by, the muscles and bones there would strengthen. At the same time, a potent burning energy flowed within his muscles and it seemed like a terrifying force that would erupt at any moment.

In mid-air, the black hole formed by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, was still slowly swirling, while streams of terrifying Devouring Power erupted forth. Meanwhile, all the Yuan Power in this mountain range continuously gathered together, while the Nirvana Qi enshrouding Lin Dong’s body grew increasingly thicker.

As the Nirvana Qi grew increasing richer, the Nirvana Qi actually transformed into a peculiar flames. These flames completely wrapped themselves around Lin Dong, while every foliage within a hundred mile radius of Lin Dong, began to decay gradually, just as if the water within them were being slowly vaporized.


As the flames raged on, Lin Dong’s body shook manically, while a painful sore shout penetrated through the flames and ricocheted across the mountain range.

Little Marten had already retreated a distance away while it stared solemnly at this sight. Though Nirvana stage was extremely powerful and it was no mean feat to reach it. Even though Lin Dong’s physical body was fairly powerful, there were no guarantees that he would really succeed. After all, everything still relies on his own tenacity.

“Kid, if you can successfully endure the Nirvana Qi flames, in the future, your odds of breaking through to Nirvana stage will surge. You must seize this opportunity…”

A black hole enveloped the mountain range as it continuously devoured the Yuan Power in this domain in an extremely domineering fashion, allowing it to continuously supply Nirvana Qi and ensure that the Nirvana Flames surrounding Lin Dong’s body would never be extinguished.

As he continuously cultivated, in a blink of an eye, two days had passed. In these two day’s time, Lin Dong’s pained roars continuously echoed out from within the flames. One could only imagine the intensity of the pain that he was enduring. However, Little Marten could only stand by helplessly. This type of training was completely reliant on Lin Dong’s willpower. If he could endure it, he would naturally undergo a metamorphosis. However, if he failed to do so, then Lin Dong would end up like that pile of bones that he saw inside the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. However, even though others were fortunate enough to have their bones remaining, perhaps Lin Dong’s bones would not even remain…

As a tense Little Marten watched on anxiously, another day passed by. However, what allowed it to stealthily heave a sigh of relief was that during this whole day, though Lin Dong was surrounded by Nirvana Flames, he did not complain at all. Instead, he sat quietly in the middle of those flames, just like an old monk, and he did not move at all.

Little Marten glanced at those raging Nirvana Flames. Faintly, it could see that there was a tiny bit of golden glow flowing on the skin of that figure seated within.

“A little golden glow means one has almost mastered Lesser Nirvana Golden Body…”

When it saw that sparking golden glow, delight surged into Little Marten’s eyes, while it muttered to itself.

Just as Lin Dong was about to reach a critical juncture in his cultivation, in the sky above the gathering spot, a splitting wind sound suddenly echoed out. Then, a large beast flapped its wings before it appeared above the gathering spot.

Before that large beast reached the gathering spot, it slowed down. Meanwhile, on its massive body, several figures stood on top of it as they stared coldly at that nearby gathering spot.

There was a fairly familiar insignia on the chest of these people. That insignia was a resplendent Saint Light.

These people were actually all elite Saint Light Empire practitioners!

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