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Chapter 378: The Art of Assassination

When the peculiar figure appeared in the large hall, the various sects’ leaders outside immediately turned their attention towards him.

“Is that… Huangpu Ying from the Huangpu Family?”

“Haha, it seems like two geniuses from the four great clans have finally clashed. This should be a good show.”

“Agreed, it is said that Huangpu Ying once assassinated an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner. He is pretty strong.”

When he heard the whispers around him, Lin Fan’s face turned increasingly solemn. Evidently, he had heard of Huangpu Ying’s reputation as well.

A distance away, the expression on Huangpu Jing’s beautiful face changed as she stared at the screen. She never expected that Huangpu Ying would actually encounter Lin Dong in the second round.

“Jing-er, don’t worry. Even though Lin Dong is quite powerful, Huangpu Ying has many tricks up his sleeve. The outcome of this battle is still not certain.” Beside Huangpu Jing, a fearsome-looking middle-aged man casually said. He was the head of Huangpu Family, Huangpu Long.

Currently, he staring at the two figures on the screen, but was evidently not too worried. Based on Lin Dong’s previous fight with the Mountain Sect duo, he realized that Lin Dong possessed formidable physical strength. However, this was not a big issue for Huangpu Ying. Instead, Huangpu Ying’s strength lay in the fact that he is able to render Lin Dong’s physical strength useless.

Therefore, when he saw that Huangpu Ying’s opponent was Lin Dong, instead of worrying, he stealthily heaved a sigh of relief. In his opinion, compared to the other geniuses, he believed that Huangpu Ying would have a higher chance of victory if he met Lin Dong.

When she heard Huangpu Long’s words, Huangpu Jing involuntarily released a bitter laugh. Even though she did not know Lin Dong well, based on what she saw at the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, she understood Lin Dong’s ability and temperament. At that time, he had merely reached the advanced Qi Creation stage. However, at that time, even a Manifestation stage practitioner could not do anything to him. Therefore, even though Huangpu Ying had many tricks up his sleeve, Lin Dong was no pushover and the outcome of this battle was truly uncertain.

Outside the large hall, while everyone was discussing the fight intently, the large hall was completely silent. A candle flame flickered as an ice-cold killing intent stealthily emerged.

Lin Dong turned around as he stared at the figure standing on top of the stone pillar, immediately recognizing the man. He was the true genius of the Huangpu Family, Huangpu Ying.

Right now, he could clearly see an unconcealable pride on Huangpu Ying’s face. This caused Lin Dong to be slightly bewildered. He was not bewildered because of Huangpu Ying’s arrogance, but rather because of how a prideful and arrogant person like him could obtain such a nickname.

Dark Shadow Blade.

From his nickname alone, one could tell that Huangpu Ying specialized in the art of assassination. It was said that this man had even killed a genuine advanced Manifestation stage practitioner.

In a manner of speaking, people who specialize in the art of assassination were cold and inconspicuous individuals. However, Huangpu Jing clearly did not fit this stereotype. In fact, his unconcealable arrogance and the assassination skills that he specialized in seemed at odds with each other.

Of course, one could not dismiss the possibility that he was doing this on purpose in order to confuse his opponent. Nonetheless, this man was definitely going to be a tough foe, and Lin Dong had to be very cautious.

“You must the person who has been causing waves recently, Lin Dong right? At first, I thought that I might encounter you in the final round. However, I never expected that I would meet you now. You are one unlucky fellow.” As Lin Dong stared at Huangpu Ying, the latter looked down while his eyes swept across his body. He suddenly laughed and said: “Kid, what is your relationship with Qingzhu?”

“Qingzhu?” Lin Dong gently lifted his brows. Initially, Qingzhu represented the Huangpu Family in the old tomb. Hence, he guessed that she should have some relations with Huangpu Ying.

“She will become my woman in the future.” Lin Dong glanced at Huangpu Ying as he casually said.

When he heard Lin Dong’s words, Huangpu Ying’s expression instantly darkened. He stared at Lin Dong and slowly said: “At first, I was only planning to defeat you. However, right now, you shall pay for your insolent words.”

“You speak in a prideful manner. However, I am afraid you don’t have the qualifications.” Lin Dong laughed as he said. Huangpu Ying was similarly at the initial Manifestation stage. Even though his assassination skills were somewhat peculiar, it was arrogant for him to believe that he could make Lin Dong pay.

“I am afraid you won’t be able to say these kinds of words soon! I will make you understand that in this whole world, I am the only one who can be a fitting match for Qingzhu!”

Lin Dong smiled. He was another one of Qingzhu’s admirer. This woman was truly the killer of countless talented young men and all of them wanted to have her. In fact, the intensity of this competition would not lose out to the so-called Hundred Empire War.

However, when a man makes a promise, he must naturally keep it. Since he had declared that Ling Qingzhu would become his woman, he would make it a reality.

Huangpu Ying chuckled as he descended on the ground. Then, his figure moved before he disappeared in a peculiar fashion.

When Huangpu Ying disappeared, Lin Dong gently furrowed his brows. His eyes quickly scanned the pillars’ shadows on the ground. From those shadows, he could sense a unique energy. It seems like the art of assassinations that Huangpu Ying specialized in was pretty formidable and he was able to hide himself within the shadows.

When Huangpu Ying disappeared, the large hall turned silent once again. However, the faint killing intent grew increasingly stronger…

Lin Dong stood quietly in the middle of the large hall, while the Yuan Power within his body swiftly started to circulate. Streams of potent Yuan Power swivelled around his body, while Yuan Power glimmered at his fingertips like sparks.

“Shadow Illusion!”

Just as Lin Dong’s Yuan Power gushed out, a cold shout suddenly echoed out. The dozen pillar shadows on the ground actually began to squirm simultaneously, before they transformed into slightly over a dozen figures which quickly dashed towards Lin Dong!

The dozen or so figures were all Huangpu Ying and they all had formidable auras. However, Lin Dong knew that only one of them was the real Huangpu Ying. Furthermore, the most deadly attack would be coming from the real one!

The figures were extremely swift. In the blink of an eye, there were merely inches away from Lin Dong. Meanwhile, their formidable attacks also rapidly flew towards Lin Dong.


As he felt the incoming formidable attacks, Lin Dong’s expression turned cold. His feet activated the Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps, his body transforming into a puff of green smoke as he abruptly stepped forward.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

A puff of green smoke flashed, directly avoiding the attacks. Furthermore, as that puff of smoke moved, a vicious palm force gushed out from it. Everywhere it passed by, a figure would be forcefully blown apart.

“Bang bang bang!’

In mere seconds, there was only one figure remaining out of the fourteen. When the figure saw Lin Dong’s actions, its expression immediately changed as it hastily tried to retreat.

However, just as that figure was about to retreat, Lin Dong had already appeared in front of him. He launched his palm attack, which viciously slammed into the latter’s chest.


A deep echo sounded out, however, a smirk appeared on Huangpu Ying’s face as that figure also exploded with a bang before it faded into nothingness.

Out of the fourteen figures, none of them were real!

Lin Dong’s face suddenly froze. In the next instant, he felt the killing intent in the large hall suddenly gather together. Immediately, he quickly lifted his head.

“Lin Dong, you are merely so. Though you have a strong physical body, in my opinion, you are worthless!” At this moment, a figure appeared in a peculiar fashion above Lin Dong’s head. It was Huangpu Ying. As he clenched his fist, a shadow swiftly emerged from his palm, before it transformed into a strange-looking grey needle blade!

Though this blade was as fine as a needle, it was lethal and powerful beyond words!

Huangpu Ying’s figure swooped down, the Shadow Needle Blade in his hand viciously stabbing at Lin Dong’s head at a terrifyingly speed. His attack was extremely vicious. If Lin Dong was hit by it, he would likely die!


The Shadow Needle Blade quickly grew in Lin Dong’s pupils. However, unexpectedly, Lin Dong did not panic at all. Instead, he directly extended his palm out and faced that sharp blade needle!

“Courting death!’

When he saw Lin Dong’s actions, the Huangpu Ying’s expression instantly darkened. His attack was extremely formidable and even Lin Dong could not defend against it. Yet, he actually dared to use his physical body to block it. It was truly a suicidal move.


The Shadow Needle Blade arrived and pierced through Lin Dong’s palm in an instant!


When he saw the Shadow Needle Blade penetrate Lin Dong’s palm, a grin instantly appeared on Huangpu Ying’s face. However, before his grin could widen, his expression suddenly froze. Because he realized that after his blade needle penetrated Lin Dong’s palm, there was not a single drop of blood dripping from his palm.

This sight caused Huangpu Jing’s pupils to shrink. He concentrated and saw that a swivelling black hole had unknowingly appeared on Lin Dong’s palm. Furthermore, his attack had been directly swallowed by the black hole and did not penetrate Lin Dong’s body.

Moreover, the black hole was constantly released a Devouring Force. Due to this Devouring Force, he instantly felt the power in his body being drained away. Immediately, his expression changed as he quickly fell back and retreated, while his expression turned grim.


The Shadow Blade Needle exploded in the middle of that black hole, transforming into a peculiar greyish-black energy source. Lin Dong closed his palm, before he managed to discern a familiar scent from the greyish-black energy source. It was Mental Energy…

Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at the grim-faced Huangpu Ying, gently smiling as he softly said: “So, you do not rely on Yuan Power, but rather Mental Energy…”

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