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Chapter 379 Breaking the Shadow

As the Devouring Power swallowed the greyish-black energy, Lin Dong identified a familiar trace of energy. That trace of energy was Mental Energy. However, there was a strange force in Huangpu Ying’s Mental Energy. And because of this unique combination, it allowed Huangpu Ying to possess such an unique art of assassination.

This was the first time Lin Dong had seen such a strange type of Mental Energy. It was an energy that was derived from Mental Energy, yet it was slightly different from Mental Energy. It was just like Lin Dong’s Essence Yuan Power, just that Huangpu Ying’s combination was not as complicated as the Essence Yuan Power’s combination.

Upon further observation, Lin Dong suddenly realized Huangpu Ying’s Mental Energy was quite terrifying. According to Lin Dong’s conjecture, Huangpu Ying’s Mental Energy had reached the level of a middle-ranked Soul Symbol Master!

This was also the first time Lin Dong had seen someone of the same generation, other than himself, to have trained his Yuan Power and Mental Energy to such a powerful level.

“No wonder you are so arrogant. It turns out you have hidden such powerful Mental Energy under the guise of initial Manifestation Stage,” Lin Dong smirked as he raised his head and looked at the gloomy Huangpu Ying.

“Since you know about this fact, why don’t you get lost now!? “ Huangpu Ying sneered.

“Initial Manifestation Stage, middle-ranked Soul Symbol Master… All these powers are indeed capable of contending with a advanced Manifestation Stage’s practitioner. However, who told you that an advanced Manifestation Stage’s practitioner is capable of contending with me?”

An arc began to form gradually on Lin Dong’s face. Suddenly, a chilliness surged through his eyes. He then swiped the air with his hand and yelled, “I will tell you now, the Mental Energy that you are proud of, is unable to withstand a single blow from me!”


As Lin Dong swiped out his palm, a gush of boundless Mental Energy flooded out from Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace and became a crystal-like gigantic punch, which then blasted towards Huangpu Ying ferociously.

When he saw that Mental Energy fist that had suddenly materialized, Huang Puying’s expression gently changed. He could feel a dense mental pressure coming from above. Unexpectedly, this level of Mental Energy was not weaker than his and it seemed like it was one level stronger than his!

“How can it be!? A few years ago by mere luck, a senior transfused his Mental Energy to me, thereby allowing me to attain such a high level of Mental Energy and Yuan Power at this young age. How is it possible that this guy’s Mental Energy is more powerful than mine!?”

Undoubtedly, this kind sensation had a huge impact on Huangpu Ying as his face was overwhelmed with astonishment. Even though after the first time he was stopped by Lin Dong, he already realized that the latter had trained in Mental Energy, he never thought that the latter’s Mental Energy would be stronger than his!

“Shadow Bind!”

Even though he was overwhelmed with shock, Huangpu Ying was still able to take action without any hesitation. As he stamped his foot on a stone pillar, the pillar’s shadow under his foot immediately blasted out. The shadow was just like a net that was huge enough to cover the heaven and earth, as it flew forth and completely enveloped the incoming Mental Energy punch.


As he was countering Lin Dong’s attack, Huangpu Ying’s hand-seal changed continuously. Immediately, the entire great hall was filled with deafening explosive sounds as numerous shadows flew out. These shadows then formed a sharp-pointed spears and flew towards Lin Dong’s vital spots.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong laughed and took a step forward. Using Mental Energy, he created a sound wave and blew it out abruptly through his mouth.


The sound wave was like a storm, with Lin Dong as its central point. It then began to proliferate ferociously and destroyed the incoming shadow spears utterly.

“Humph!” Huangpu Ying’s face got increasingly horrified when he saw how powerful Lin Dong was. He then bit the tip of his tongue and shot out a mouthful of essence blood. The essence blood then split into a dozen streaks of blood, which were inserted into the pillars’ shadows. At this moment, the shadows wiggled and expanded into gigantic shadow monsters with a lightning speed. With a rumbling footstep, these shadow monsters then stomped towards Lin Dong with a strong killer intent.

“Interesting,” Lin Dong tsked gently when he saw that Huangpu Ying was actually capable of using Mental Energy to conjure shadows in such a way. After gently exclaiming in his heart, Lin Dong then swiped the air with his palm.


As Lin Dong swiped his hand, huge crystal bubbles appeared around the shadow monsters and engulfed them.


As Lin Dong clenched his palm, the Mental Energy-formed crystal bubbles immediately shrunk, squeezing those shadow monsters until they exploded.

“Bang bang bang!”

As the crystal bubbles exploded one by one in the great hall, the shadow monsters ruptured one by one as well, leaving the floor with emptiness…

When he saw all his tricks were being neutralized by Lin Dong, Huangpu Ying’s face turned increasingly grim.

“This trick of yours, which blends Mental Energy into shadows and creates attacks that are weird and unpredictable, is quite powerful. However, it is useless against me,” Lin Dong grinned coldly as he raised his head and looked at Huangpu Ying.

“Even if I can’t deal with you, I’m afraid you are still not going to defeat me today!” Huangpu Ying sneered. With a twist of his body he then disappeared into the shadow weirdly.

“Haha, Lin Dong, even if your Mental Energy is impressive, I’m afraid you are still unable to find me. In this world, there is nobody who can catch me, Huangpu Ying! It is impossible for you to defeat me!”

Even as Huangpu Ying disappeared, his laughter still resounded throughout the entire great hall, causing one to be unable to pinpoint his location.

Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows. Huangpu Ying’s unique art of assassination proved to be a thorn in the flesh. If this carried on, Lin Dong knew that Huangpu Ying would hide in one corner and wait at ease for him to get exhausted. The moment Lin Dong let his guard down, Huangpu Ying would deliver a deadly blow and make him run for his life.

Furthermore, as long as there were shadows in the great hall, Huangpu Ying would be able to conceal himself. If only Lin Dong could get rid of the shadows and leave Huangpu Ying with no place to hide…

“Destroy the shadows…” Lin Dong turned his head and looked at the numerous towering stone pillars in the great hall, and shook his head helplessly. For a human, let alone destroying these pillars to get rid of the shadows, even if he could, he might not be ruthless enough to destroy them totally…

“Lin Dong, you’re so stupid. If you want to get rid of the shadows, just use the Devouring Power. The Devouring Power can swallow even light, how hard can it be to swallow some shadows?” Little Marten’s voice rang across Lin Dong’s mind as the latter was folding his brows.

“Swallow the shadows!?” Lin Dong startled as he heard what was said. A joyful look then swept across his eyes. He did forget about this fact. The dominance of Devouring Power allowed it to swallow even light, how hard could it be to swallow these shadows then?

As he thought of this, a smile wiped across Lim Dong’s face. With a twitch of his mind, a black hole began to expand under his feet gradually. Immediately, the Devouring Power started proliferating abruptly!

As the Devouring Power began to spread, an bizarre scene unfolded suddenly. All the shadows in the great hall started wiggling and became streaks of black-coloured liquid. These liquids then flowed across the great hall and swallowed by the black hole under Lin Dong’s feet.

Lin Dong smiled happily as he saw those shadows congregate like running water under his feet. Vigorous Yuan Power was simmering in his palms. This time around, Lin Dong knew that Huangpu Ying must be hiding among these shadows and he would definitely show himself before being swallowed by the black hole!

Under Lin Dong’s attentive gaze, as the shadows got closer to the black hole, one of them, which was a few feets away at the back, started wiggling. Soon after, a figure jumped out of it and retreated with a lightning speed. It was Huangpu Ying.

“Let’s see where can you hide now!” Lin Dong’s body leaped forward violently when he saw Huangpu Ying appeared. The former’s feet started to step in succession before nine savage shadows appeared behind his back. As his whole body shook, these shadows expanded instantaneously.

“Nine Destruction Purple Shadow!”

Lin Dong’s feet activated Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps while his hands executed the Nine Destruction Purple Shadow. With a flash, he appeared before the stunned Huangpu Ying. With an ice-cold look, Lin Dong punched out explosively.

Facing such a precise punch from Lin Dong, Huangpu Ying hastily manipulated his Yuan Power to form a barrier in front of him. At the same time, his Mental Energy gushed out and tried to block Lin Dong’s attack.


With the loss of his special ability to manipulate the shadows and facing an upfront attack, there was no way Huangpu Ying could contend with Lin Dong. Therefore, when Lin Dong blasted out his punch, the sturdy Yuan Power barrier crumbled instantly. Meanwhile, his Mental Energy barrier collapsed with a terrifying speed as well.


The force from the powerful punch, accompanied by vigorous and overbearing undulation, finally broke through all defenses and landed heavily on Huangpu Ying’s chest as he watched in horror.

“Cough! Vomit!”

Such a powerful punch rendered Huangpu Ying’s face pale-white. He then spit out a mouthful of blood. His body, like an artillery shell, flew and snapped off a towering stone pillar brutally when he crashed into it.


Lin Dong’s figure slowly appeared. His eyes flickered slightly as he looked at a dispirited Huangpu Ying. He knew that it is time for the Huangpu Clan’s genius to be disqualified from the Battle of Seeds.

The moment Lin Dong defeated Huangpu Ying, on the high platform outside of the hall, a wide smile appeared on Lin Fan’s face. He knew that Lin Dong is getting closer to obtaining a placing. As long as he could pass through the next round, he would be able to obtain a placing successfully!

Of course, he knew that the next round will be the real show of the Battle of Seeds!

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