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Chapter 377: Huangpu Ying

On top of a high wall at the northern side of the large palace, Mo Jingtian, Lin Fan and several other factions’ leaders were all gathered there. At a short distance in front of them, was a arena. The arena was connected with the palace and there were a total of five tunnels. The five of them who emerged from these five tunnels, will be the five selected nominees of the Battle of Seeds!

On top of that high wall, were several screens. These screens were depicting the events that was occurring inside the palace. Several of their figures flashed as they were battling intensively against their opponents. Meanwhile, Lin Fan and the rest were continuously staring at these screens. Their tense bodies indicated just how nervous their hearts were. They were extremely concerned with obtaining the qualifications. Hence, even though this was only the first round of the Battle of Seeds, they did not dare to relax at all.


The crowd’s attention suddenly turned and concentrated on a particular screen. On that screen, there were three figures. After discerning the identity of those three figures, the crowd immediately began to gasp.

“Those should be the two boys from Mountain Sect? They are truly fortunate, seems like they were selected to be together…”

“The third person should be Lin Dong from the Lin Clan? Haha, Lin Fan, it seems like your Lin Clan is truly unfortunate. What are the odds that you will run into such a situation?” Another faction’s leader heartly laughed as he turned to look at Lin Fan. Right now, the latter’s brow was furrowed when he saw this situation. Even though it was not unprecedented to have two members of the same faction in the first round, the odds are extremely low. Therefore, he never expected that Lin Dong was actually this unlucky.

“Haha, Leader Lin Fan, it seems like your Lin Clan is going to suffer a casualty in the first round…” Another tanned burly middle-aged man looked at the screen, before he involuntarily laughed and said.

“Meng Shan, don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Lin Fang casually glanced at this middle-aged brute. That man was the Mountain Clan’s leader.

That brute named Meng Han laughed and it was evident that he was inevitably gloating. If only one of the Lu Kui duo met Lin Dong, perhaps he would feel uneasy. However, now that the two of them are together, his uneasiness immediately disappeared. That was because he knew that the two of them had great chemistry and if they worked together, they could even defeat a advanced Manifestation practitioner. Therefore, even though Lin Dong’s reputation has been on the rise lately, it would be difficult for him to defeat two of them on his own.

The crowd turned to look at that particular screen. It seems like all of them wanted to find out just how capable was this legendary fellow, which had been making quite a name for himself in Great Yan Dynasty.

Lin Fan’s expression was rather calm. He had witnessed that epic battle between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian previously. Therefore, even an ordinary advanced Manifestaion stage practitioner would find it extremely difficult to defeat him. Hence, even though the Lu Kui duo were able to match up to a advanced Manifestation practitioner, they did not know that even if a genuine advanced Manifestation practitioner met Lin Dong, he would not have more than 30 percent chance of victory. Else, Lin Zhi would not have been beaten senseless by Lin Dong…

As the crowd watched, the three of them swiftly began to battle. However, as time passed, the gloating expression on Meng Sha’s face changed. That was because the victorious scenario that he imagined did not materialize. Rather, the Lu Kui duo were being constantly pressured by Lin Dong and they were clearly at a disadvantage.


Especially at the final attack, it was as if the whole screen had shook. Meanwhile, a tinge of awe flashed across the faces of the various sect leaders, before they stared somewhat in shock at that monstrous Ancient Dragon Ape that had appeared in the screen.

“Haha, Meng Shan leader, thank you.” When he saw the results on the screen, Lin Fan gently smiled, before he cupped his fist at a steely-green Meng Sha. Their Mountain Sect had only sent two participants and both of them were directly booted out by Lin Dong in the first round. This caused him to be so enraged till he nearly vomited blood.

“How unlucky!”

Meng Sha’s fae was steely green and he could only viciously swipe his sleeves. He never expected that Lin Dong was actually this powerful and even the Lu Kui duo could not do anything against him.

“Haha, congratulations Lin Fan brother. It seems like both members from the Lin Clan has successfully passed through the first round…” Several surrounding factions’ leaders smiled as they congratulated him.

Lin Fan smiled as he returned his greeting. After Lin Dong successfully defeated the Lu Kui duo, on another screen, Lin Langtian had also easily defeated his two foes. Henceforth, both Lin Dong and Lin Langtian had successfully progress onto the next stage.

“I wonder who will be their opponents next…”

As he stared at the screens, Lin Fan’s expression became increasingly solemn. That was because he understood that though the first round was easy to pass, the following rounds would become increasingly tougher. After all, the ones who could make it into the next round were all top geniuses. In fact, if Lin Dong was unlucky, he may even encounter those who were likely to obtain the qualifications. Then, a huge and deadly fight would surely ensure…

Therefore, the following two battles were the key rounds to look out for!



In the large hall, when the Lu Kui duo admitted defeat, the tightly shut bronze gate on the northern side of the hal begun to slowly open. When Lin Dong saw this situation, he sucked in a deep breath before it walked towards it without much hesitation.

There was also another large passageway behind that large bronze door. After walking for several minutes, Lin Dong finally saw a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. As he followed the light, a huge hall, that was twice as large as before, appeared in front of him. Inside the hall, were several large pillars that seemed like they could even support the heavens.

Right now, it was completely silent inside this large hall. Lin Dong’s figure flashed before he landed in the middle of that large hall. Then, he turned to look at another passageway heading into this hall. However, that passageway was completely dark and he could not discern anything.

“Has he arrived yet?” Lin Dong muttered to himself. He knew that there was going to be another person, just like him, who had defeated both of his opponents and successfully travelled here to battle with him.

Lin Dong stood quietly in the middle of the large hall with his arms behind his back. His eyes were gently shut, as if he was recuperating, and waiting for his opponent to arrive.

As he waited, Lin Dong’s aura did not relax at all. Even though he did not know who his opponent was, he was clearly aware that the Battle of Seeds was extremely competitive. Anyone that was slightly weaker would be instantly eliminated in the first round and the only ones who could progress on were surely the top geniuses. In fact, if he was unlucky, he may even encounter those who were most likely to obtain the qualifications, like green-robed Mo Ling, the white-robed man from Tianluo Sect and others…

If that was the case, he would be really unfortunate. Even if he could defeat Mo Ling or that white clothed Tianluo Sword Du Yun and others, he would be definitely be exhausted. In that case, if he was no longer in peak condition, furthermore… the next round was going to be the real fight.

After all, the ones who could make it to be third round must possess extremely formidable strength. If Lin Dong was not at his peak condition, he would be severely disadvantaged.

Therefore, Lin Dong was curious to find out who exactly was going to be his opponent for the second round!

Lin Dong quietly waited for nearly over ten minutes. Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s brow gradually furrowed as he waited on while he stared at that pitch-black passageway. After such a long time, was that person still unable to defeat his opponents?

Lin Dong’s brows tightly furrowed, while the aura around his body seemed to have stealthily weakened, as he gently exhaled a puff of white air.


However, the instant Lin Dong’s aura weakened slightly, behind him, a shadow caused by the one of the stone pillars began to squirm in a peculiar manner. Then, that shadow actually transformed into a blurry figure, before it viciously stabbed towards Lin Dong at a terrifyingly pace!

That figure’s attack was extremely peculiar and it did not have the singlest bit of sound or wind. It was so formidable that it caused one’s heart to turn chill.

Evidently, this attack came from Lin Dong’s opponent. However, what caused one to be stunned was that fellow had been concealing himself and waiting to strike the instant Lin Dong let down his guard…

That figure was extremely quick. At this distance, even a advanced Manifestation stage practitioner had no time to defend himself. Hence, that figure immediately aimed for Lin Dong’s vital spot at his back!


However, just as that shadow was half an inch away from Lin Dong’s back, it suddenly froze as streams of potent Mental Energy gushed out from Lin Dong’s Niwan palace, and formed into several Mental Energy barriers behind his back, which successfully blocked off this sneak attack.


After his attack failed, that shadow quickly retreated, before it appeared on top of a pillar. As he looked down on Lin Dong, he casually smiled and said: “You are quite skilled to actually dodge my attack.”

Lin Dong gradually turned around before he looked at the top of that stone pillar. At that spot, there was a young man dressed in black clothes. Meanwhile, an arrogant expression was on that man’s face.

As he stared at that young man dressed in black clothes, a tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. This man was previously standing beside Huangpu Jing. Evidently, he was another genius sent by the Huangpu Clan…

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