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Chapter 376 Moving Mountain Generals

The lights flickered within the enormous great black hall. Numerous night light pearls were embedded into the several hundred feet tall dome of the great hall. Rays of bright light shone down onto the black floor, giving it a chilling lustre.

The atmosphere within the great hall was somewhat tense. At the centre of the great hall, two men stood with their arms folded as they stared at the slowly approaching Lin Dong with a cold and pitying look. After a moment, one of the men who had a sword scar on his face finally opened his mouth. His voice was deep and husky, causing one to not dare to hold any contempt for him.

“I know you. Lin Dong, an influential figure who recently emerged all of a sudden in the Great Yan Empire. It is said that even Lin Langtian cannot handle you.”

Lin Dong’s footsteps stopped as he heard the voice of the scarred-face man. He was now likewise standing at the centre of the great hall and looked towards the two men in front of him. Although he knew that he was rather unfortunate to have encountered this kind of situation, his face remained composed, “If I am not wrong, both of you are the Mountain Sect’s Moving Mountain Generals, Lu Kui and Hu Wu right?”

“Heh, since you have heard of our names, you must realised how unlucky you are. I can only say you are truly unlucky to have encountered both of us.” The tall and sturdy man beside the scarred-face man grinned weirdly.

“Lin Dong, I know you have a few tricks up your sleeves. If we were to fight one on one, perhaps neither of us will be able to beat you. However, the heavens are on our side this time, allowing both of us to meet you in the first round. Given our dozen years of familiarity with each other, our combined might is not as simple as one plus one. If voluntarily turn around and leave, we will not hurt you.” The scarred-face man slowly said with his gaze tightly fixed onto Lin Dong.

Honestly speaking, this duo’s reputation in the Great Yan Empire was greater than Lin Dong’s. After all, Lin Dong had only emerged recently, whereas they had long been influential figures in the Great Yan Empire. Even though they only had the powers of the initial Manifestation stage, their combined might had once defeated an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner, thus winning them their current prestige.

No participants in the Battle of Seeds would be easy to deal with. If not, they were not qualified to be here.

After he heard this, Lin Dong smiled a little. Under the icy gazes of the duo, Lin Dong slowly shook his head and said, “ Sorry, this time round, one of the Hundred Empire War placings is mine.”

“Heh, even the both of us don’t dare to say that we can obtain a spot successfully. Although it is said that even Lin Langtian cannot stop you, I have no choice but to tell you that even Lin Langtian himself is not absolutely certain to obtain one!” The tall and sturdy man sneered.

“Just because he is not certain, doesn’t mean that I will be as well.” Lin Dong slowly extended his palm and gave a slight bow as he softly said, “Both of you can come at me together.”

Upon hearing these words, a cold look swept across the eyes of Lu Kui and Hu Wu. Lin Dong’s attitude had made it clear that he would not give up so easy. Since this was the case, they could only beat him til he obediently left!

“Both of us have try our best to advise you, yet you still don’t recognize our good intentions. If that’s the case, don’t blame us for being merciless!” Both Lu Kui and Hu Wu suddenly stepped forward. Immediately, two powerful auras flooded out from their bodies. The duo were clearly extremely well coordinated, and even the secret arts they practised were somewhat similar. At the moment when their auras surged out, there were faint indications of their auras combining together. This display of power was tyrannical without equal!

Even though they had spoken in such a manner, deep within their hearts, they knew Lin Dong could not be underestimated. After all, those who made it here were the finest talents of the Great Yan Empire’s younger generation. Not only were they remarkably gifted, but their characters, intelligence and other qualities were extraordinary. Hence, they were not going to make the low-level mistake of underestimating any opponent.


Their surging auras were accompanied by waves of tide-like Yuan Power. As both of them clenched their fists, two massive black hammers appeared on their hands.


As the huge hammers appeared, both of their bodies moved forward at the same time, one on the left and the other on the right, forming an arc. The hammers in their hands were charged with ferocious force as they furiously blasted towards Lin Dong at lightning speed.


Both men were fairly strong. The brandishing of the hammers ripped apart the air, under the heavy hammers, a large u-shaped layer of air took shape!

In response to such ferocious attacks from the duo, Lin Dong did not retreat, and instead took a step forward. Vigorous Yuan Power began to build up in his body, which ultimately transformed into numerous spinning Yuan Power cyclones. His face was calm as hands tightened into fists and punched out explosively!


Both of Lin Dong’s fists heavily smashed into the incoming hammers. Immediately, the sound of two metallic objects colliding together resounded in the great hall. A powerful force erupted from the point of contact, creating fine cracks along the special black metal floor!

Under the terrifying explosion of force, the two massive hammers were blasted aside by Lin Dong’s fists. Bewilderment emerged on both Lu Kui and Hu Wu’s faces. They had never expected Lin Dong to be able to use only fists to overwhelm them.

“Good, no wonder even Lin Langtian can’t handle you. You are indeed strong!” Lu Kui and Hu Wu were clearly battle junkies. Upon seeing how strong Lin Dong was, their eyes were blazing with passion. With a jolt, their bodies began to expand as black light swam under their skins, giving off the feeling of an intense power.

“Devil Mountain Body!”

The duo roared. Immediately, their bodies expanded many times, becoming akin to small giants. Threads of black light revolved around their bodies, giving off powerful energy. Evidently, the two of them had practised a physical body enhancing martial art as well!

“Want to compete in physical strength?” Lin Dong laughed as his hand seals began to change rapidly.

“Devil Ape Transformation!”

As Lin Dong’s hand seals changed, his body immediately expanded. The gigantic image of a devil ape slowly began to materialize. The image of the devil ape conjured up by Lin Dong was practically no different from a real one. From a certain perspective, it even looked like a lively Ancient Dragon Ape. Its aura of brutality certainly did not lose out to the Ancient Dragon Ape he had slain!

Compared to the gigantic Ancient Dragon Ape, Lu Kui and Hu Wu’s bodies appeared much more insignificant. As they witnessed this scene, fear surged through their eyes and their faces became increasingly grim.

“Mountain Hammer!”

Both of them looked at each other in the eyes and ferociously stamped the ground with their feet, reducing the black metallic floor to dust while the hammers in their hands also expanded. They waved their hammers and smashed them fiercely onto the space in front of them.


As the two hammers landed, the entire great hall seemed to tremble. Soon after, two rays of boundless black light shot out the hammers and formed an enormous mountain, which viciously pressed down on Lin Dong!


The Ancient Dragon Ape enveloping Lin Dong’s body let out a huge roar towards the sky. The roar was as real as a true devil ape’s roar. It then extended its two huge and muscular arms, and caught the mountain formed by the black light!

“Bang! Bang!”

The incomparably solid black metallic floor where the devil ape stood cracked inch by inch. The martial art displayed by the duo had formed a mountain that was enough to crush an initial Manifestation stage practitioner to death. However, Lin Dong’s conjured devil ape was firmly resisting the mountain.


With a push, the devil ape threw off the mountain formed by the black light. Suddenly, resplendent golden light gushed out and formed an incomparably massive golden platform. Using both its arms, the devil ape grabbed the golden platform and ruthlessly hurled it like a weapon at the duo.

Upon seeing such terrifying power, the duo’s facial expression changed drastically. They hastily gathered their Yuan Power as the gigantic hammers in their hands heavily clashed against the incoming golden platform.


A loud and clear sound echoed throughout the great hall, followed by a powerful energy ripple which swept across the arena!

An overwhelming force flowed up their arms, causing the grim look on their faces to turn to shock. They had initially thought that physical strength was their forte, yet the strength that Lin Dong had displayed so far proved to be even stronger than their own!

“Clang clang clang!”

While the duo’s arm were numbed by the impact, Lin Dong’s conjured devil ape continued to attack non-stop. Golden platforms were swinged continuously at the duo like a windmill, the powerful force creating explosions in air of the great hall.

In the face of such violent attacks from Lin Dong, the duo secretly cursed. It was at this moment that they realized how foolish their words had sounded previously…


Yet another forceful swipe of the golden platform hit them, the dreadful force directly knocking away the hammers in the duo’s hands. The two were swatted like a house flies onto a huge pillar, their faces deathly pale.


As the golden platform swept the duo away, Lin Dong’s conjured devil ape seemed to grow increasingly excited as it once again rushed at the duo with earth-shaking footsteps.

Upon witnessing this, the duo’s facial expressions changed immediately. They hastily backed away as they simultaneously yelled, “You win!”


Upon hearing this, the gigantic devil ape footsteps finally stopped. With a surge of radiance, the devil ape disappeared and Lin Dong’s figure was revealed. He twisted his body a little and looked towards the Lu Kui duo, and asked in an unsatisfied manner, “You don’t want to fight anymore?”

After hearing what was said, the duo’s faces involuntarily trembled. Usually, they used their physical strength to dominate other people, yet now, they were being completely dominated by Lin Dong. If they were to continue fighting, they would just be a human punching bag for Lin Dong. Immediately, they bitterly sighed as they replied in a dispirited manner, “We don’t want to fight anymore…”

“Hehe, thanks for letting me win.”

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong could not help but chuckle. He knew that he had successfully passed the first round.

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