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Chapter 339: The Requirements To Level Up

The Mysterious Stone Talisman laid quietly on Lin Dong’s palm, while a warm milky like glow slowly scattered off. Under the glow of that light, even Lin Dong’s boiling inner blood begun to gradually calm down.

“Did it work?”

Lin Dong stared in shock at that stone talisman in his palm, as he felt lost for a moment. That vicious Blood Soul Puppet was actually this quickly sealed off?

“What more do you want?” Little Marten’s lethargic voice sounded out while it rolled its eyes at Lin Dong. In order to activate the sealing powers of the stone talisman, it had taken quite a bit of its strength.

“That Blood Soul Puppet has not completely recovered yet. Therefore, with help from the stone talisman, it is not too difficult to seal it. Of course, this was all thanks to the stone talisman. Without it’s help, no Manifestation practitioner can hope to match up against it.”

Lin Dong was somewhat stunned as he happily nodded his head. After that previous exchange, he clearly knew the strength of that Blood Soul Puppet. Furthermore, at that time, that Blood Soul Puppet was not at its peak condition yet. In the future, if he could completely subdue it, it would definitely be extremely beneficial for him.

“Let’s head into the stone talisman and check out the seal.”

Lin Dong gripped the stone talisman in his hand, before it gradually fused into his palm. Then, with a flick of his mind, a trace of Mental Energy immediately headed into the stone talisman.

Inside the stone talisman, Lin Dong was hovering in mid-air. At a short distance away from him, was a large air-bubble. The air-bubble was plastered with numerous symbols which formed into layers of a powerful seal.

In the middle of that air-bubble, the Blood Soul Puppet was now viciously bashing against it. However, right now it was just like a turtle in the jar. Even though Lin Dong was unable to activate the power of the stone talisman, in this domain, the latter’s life was in his control.

Lin Dong closely stared at that Blood Soul Puppet inside the air-bubble. He could see that the countless symbols surrounding the gas bubble were continuously tunneling into the latter’s body. Furthermore, each time those symbols entered into its body, the viciousness in its eyes would dim slightly, as if it was being washed away by those symbols.

“This seal formation is able to gradually reduce the viciousness of the Blood Soul Puppet. However, right now you are far too weak. Therefore, this step will take quite a long time.” Little Marten suddenly appeared beside Lin Dong, before it took a glance at that Blood Soul Puppet, that was struggling furiously inside the air-bubble, and said.

“Put a trace of your Mental Energy inside the formation.” After it spoke, Little Marten continued speaking.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Then, his mind moved, before a trace of Mental Energy floated off and promptly fused with that air-bubble. After that trace of Mental Energy successfully fused, ripples instantly appeared on top of that air-bubble. Then, that trace of Mental Energy was split apart, before it stuck itself onto every symbol and continuously tunnelled into the Blood Soul Puppet’s body.

“Right now, your Mental Energy is slowly penetrating the Blood Soul Puppet’s body together with those symbols. As time passes, these Mental Energy was gradually form a Mental Energy brand inside the Blood Soul Puppet’s body. Once the branding is done, you would be able to completely control this Blood Soul Puppet.” Little Marten spoke.

“Therefore, before it is completely tamed, is there no way to stop it from attacking me?” Little Dong gently furrowed his eyebrows. In the near future, he would have to venture to the Lin Clan’s Family Meeting. Therefore, without this Blood Soul Puppet as an ace up his sleeve, wouldn’t it add an extra degree of uncertainty?

“Theoretically speaking, yes.” Little Marten nodded his head. When it saw Lin Dong’s tightly furrowed eyebrows, it lazily waved its claws and said: “However, at a truly critical juncture, you can summon it. However, remember this, you cannot do it for a long period of time. Without the stone talisman suppressing it, the Blood Soul Puppet will once again be driven by rage and then it will even bite back…”

When he heard its words, Lin Dong slightly heaved a sigh of relief. Nonetheless, even having momentary control of this Blood Soul Puppet provided him with a great deal of additional security.

“Though this Blood Soul Puppet is extremely powerful, it has not reached its peak condition yet. After you can completely control it, perhaps we can think of ways to upgrade it…” Little Marten stared at that Blood Soul Puppet inside the air-bubble as it said.

“Oh? Is there a way to upgrade the strength of this Blood Soul Puppet?” Lin Dong was stunned. Right now, this Blood Soul Puppet is already terrifyingly powerful. If it was upgraded, then wouldn’t it be able to dominate the entire Great Yan Dynasty?

“Hehe, of course it is possible. However, you will require “Nirvana Pills” to do so. Let me see, Soul Puppet are split into nine grades just like the nine Nirvana stages. Right now, this Soul Puppet should be a grade one Soul Puppet. If it devours another one hundred and eighty thousand Nirvana pills, it should be able to advance to grade two Soul Puppet. At that time, it would be equivalent to a 2nd stage Nirvana practitioner…” Little Marten released a weird laugh as it said.

“One hundred and eighty thousand Nirvana pills…”

When he heard its words, Lin Dong’s lips instantly started to twitch. Previously, inside the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, he had fought bitterly just to snatch hundreds of Nirvana pills from Lin Langtian. That fact alone was enough to cause the latter to hate him till his bones. However, he never expected that in order to upgrade this Blood Soul Puppet, he would require such a massive amount of Nirvana pills. In fact, even amongst all the elite factions in Great Yan Dynasty, there will only be a rare few that could afford such a sum.

“Furthermore, right now, you are about to advance to the Manifestation stage. Hence, you should start preparing to attack Nirvana stage. Based on my calculations, in order to gather enough Nirvana energy to attack Nirvana stage, you would need roughly the same amount of pills as well.” Little Marten lazily said.

Lin Dong bitterly laughed as he shook his head. Nirvana Pills were simply too valuable and they were treated as gems by every practitioner, who had the potential to attack Nirvana stage. Therefore, those Nirvana pills, that would occasionally pop up in an auction, would instantly be swept off the shelves. Right now, even though he was about to obtain two million pure Yuan Pills from the Great Devil Sect and other factions, if he used them to buy Nirvana Pills, it would hardly even make a difference at all.

“Let’s shelf this matter first. In fact, even an elite faction like the Lin Clan would find it difficult to procure such a staggering amount of Nirvana Pills.”

Lin Dong sighed while his head started to ache. It’s no wonder there were so little Nirvana stage practitioners in Great Yan Dynasty. It is because, it was so difficult to even gather sufficient Nirvana Pills. Furthermore, after painstakingly gathering all these Nirvana Pills to attack Nirvana stage, there were no guarantees that one would succeed. In fact, several elite practitioners have failed as they tried to attack Nirvana stage and ended up crashing and destroying themselves.

“There should be some Nirvana Pills stored in the Ghastly Puppet Cult. At that time, even if you chose to take all of them, those Great Devil Sect fellows would probably not object at all. After all, by finishing off the Ghastly Puppet Cult, you have done a huge favour for them. If they dare to object, then you can just take care of them as well.” Little Marten said.

Lin Dong smiled as he nodded his head. Though he did not dislike those factions like Great Devil Sect, he was not fond of them as well. Therefore, there was no need for him to give them too much of the loot.

“Alright, let’s go. Leave this area first and let the Blood Soul Puppet be slowly cleansed by the stone talisman. The rewards that we have gained this time have already far exceeded my expectations.” Lin Dong waved his palm, before his spiritual body begun to gradually dissipate. Then, Little Marten took a glance at that Blood Soul Puppet inside the air-bubble, before its body began to gradually disappear from this Stone Talisman Spiritual Domain as well.

Inside the cave, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened. Then, without further ado, he waved at Little Flame before he turned around and walked out of the cave.

Lin Dong followed his footsteps and journeyed back. When he exited the cave, he also chose to destroy his path. Finally, he strolled casually towards the mountain peak.

When Lin Dong once again resurfaced on the Mysterious Black Yin mountain peak, the previously chaotic situation had now been mostly been cooled down by Great Devil Sect and other factions. Most of their members were rampaging through the Ghastly Puppet Cult headquarters searching for various types of treasures.

Standing on the mountain peak, when Mu Lei and the rest saw Lin Dong appear, they immediately stopped what they were doing. Based on their actions, they were evidently extremely respectful and courteous towards him. After today’s earth-shattering battle, there were probably no factions in the entire Great Desolate Province that dared to disrespect Lin Dong.

“Sect Leader Mu, it seems like you guys are putting in a lot of effort for the search…” Lin Dong smiled as he stared at those burglar-like crew that were ransacking the Ghastly Puppet Cult.

“Haha, Little Brother Lin Dong, what are you talking about?”

When they heard his words, Mu Lei and the rest’s hearts skipped a beat, before they turned and looked at each other. Promptly, they simultaneously took out a Qiankun bag from their sleeves, before they laughed and said: “Right now, Little Brother Lin Dong has advanced to Manifestation stage. Based on your cultivation rate, you would probably reach the peak of Manifestation stage soon and you would definitely need many Nirvana Pills at that time. These Nirvana Pills were ransacked from the Ghastly Puppet Cult and right now we would like to present it to Little Brother Lin Dong as a gesture of friendship. “

When he saw this situation, a smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face. Those guys are indeed quite sharp. Immediately, he unceremoniously grabbed those Qiankun bags, before his Mental Energy swept across them. Instantly, he saw bags filled with Nirvana Pills. In fact, it seems like there were thousands of them.

“An entire Ghastly Puppet Cult only has this many Nirvana Pills…”

As he gripped onto those Qiankun bags, Lin Dong involuntarily shook his head secretly. It’s no wonder Teng Sha wanted to form an alliance to gather more resources. Else, based on his savings alone, how long would it take before he could have enough Nirvana Pills to attack Nirvana stage?

When they saw Lin Dong unceremoniously grabbing those Nirvana Pills, Mu Lei and the rest felt somewhat reluctant. They were all at Manifestation stage and they also keenly needed these Nirvana Pills. However, right now, they understood that notwithstanding these Nirvana Pills, even if Lin Dong demanded for something more outrageous, they would also have to agree to his demands.

“I will stay here for one more day. Tomorrow, hand me my promised pure Yuan Pills and I shall depart. You guys are free to decide on how to divide the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s territories.” Lin Dong kept those Nirvana Pills, before he glanced at Mu Lei and the rest and gently smiled.

“Where is Little Brother Lin Dong headed to? If you don’t mind, our Great Devil Sect lacks a vice sect leader… Haha, right now, my girl is right at marriageable age…” When he heard his words, Mu Lei immediately spoke.


Standing behind Mu Lei, when Mu Qianqian heard his words, her beautiful cheeks immediately burned. She looked extremely alluring.

Standing aside, Wu Zong and the rest were stunned, before they promptly cursed secretly in their hearts. However, they did not have a daughter that was just as attractive, therefore, they could only continuously rub their palms.

“Haha, thank you for your offer Sect Leader Mu. However, I will leave Great Desolate Province soon and I may never have the chance to return. Therefore, I cannot accept your generous gift.”

Lin Dong involuntarily smiled. In order to recruit him, that old fellow even planned to sacrifice his own daughter. Nonetheless, his main target was not in this place…

When he thought of this, Lin Dong slowly lifted his head as he stared towards the northern horizon. Lin Langtian, two year’s time is almost up. However, this time around, do you still have the qualifications to behave disrespectfully in front of me?

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