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Chapter 338 Sealing the Blood Soul Puppet

The blood colored arm directly thrust out of the energy cocoon. With a vicious tear, the cocoon was split open as it dragged the giant metal chains and slowly walked out of the cocoon like a terrible corpse, while its scarlet eyes stared at Lin Dong.


A beast like howl sounded out from the Blood Soul Puppet’s mouth. As the sound wave swept outwards, it jolted the humongous cave till it violently shook.


After tearing apart the energy cocoon, the Blood Soul Puppet figure moved, transforming into a blurry blood figure as it swept forth. In an instant, Lin Dong saw the blood figure appear before his eyes as a giant chain viciously whipped towards his head with an extremely terrifying force.

“Bang bang!”

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong was greatly alarmed. With a thought, the ground in front of him directly burst apart, and under the control of powerful Mental Energy, a wall of earth abruptly jutted out, forming into a defensive layer before him.

However, just as the earth wall formed, the giant chain barbarically arrived. Immediately the earth wall crumbled as a ripple which could be seen with the naked eye swiftly spread outwards, causing spider web like cracks to form on the ground.

At this moment, Lin Dong was quickly retreating, his hand grasping around the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd that appeared. In an instant, his body was covered by a thick layer of glass colored lustre. In the face of such a terrifying and terrible creature, Lin Dong did not dare lower his guard at all.


The earth wall exploded to bits as the blood figure flew out from a sky full of dirt. Giant metal chains were like vipers exiting their caves as they shot towards Lin Dong with the intention to hurt at extremely tricky angles. The Blood Soul Puppet’s attacks seemed to faintly contain traces of martial arts movements, causing Lin Dong to be incomparably shocked as he made note not to be the slightest bit careless.

“Ding ding ding!”

With golden Yuan Power enveloping his body, Lin Dong’s halberd danced as the Heavenly Scales Halberd technique was displayed in a natural and flowing manner, completely blocking all the metal chains that shot towards him. At every clash, astonishing energy ripples appeared, causing crack after crack to extend on the ground.

The Blood Soul Puppet’s strength was extremely terrifying. Fortunately, it had only just broken the seal and hence its power had yet to completely recover. Or else, not only would Lin Dong not have any way to battle it, he would not even have the chance to escape.

But even so, Lin Dong was continuously forced back in the clash with the Blood Soul Puppet, the force from the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd causing his hands to feel numb. If this continued, he would not last for long.

Once again repelling another metal chain, the terrifying force that gushed towards him directly caused Lin Dong to heavily slam onto the cave wall. His body moved as he hastily dodged.


The instant he dodged, a metal chain viciously shot over, deeply burying into the wall as meter wide cracks swiftly spread out. When he saw this ferocious force, cold sweat covered Lin Dong’s head.

“Bastard, you are still not done?!” With lingering fear in his heart, Lin Dong could not help but angrily shout at the nearby Little Marten.

“Endure a little while longer!” Little Marten tensely gazed at the ball of white light floating in the upper area of the cave while its claws swiftly danced. As its claws danced, the white light gradually started to squirm, as if it was gathering an exceptionally powerful force.

“God damnit!”

When he saw that Little Marten still did not plan to step in, Lin Dong could only curse. The ancient halberd in his hand hastily thrust out, blocking a metal chain that ferociously shot over, but his body was once again jolted backwards as he retreated about ten steps, while the qi and blood in his body surged.

“This Blood Soul Puppet is getting stronger and stronger…”

As he felt the degree of power behind the Blood Soul Puppet’s attack, Lin Dong’s expression changed. The Blood Soul Puppet’s strength was recovering too rapidly, if this continued, he will not last for long.

“Blood… I want blood!”

However, the Blood Soul Puppet did not give Lin Dong too much time to catch his breath. Its scarlet eyes were full of blood thirst as they stared unwaveringly at Lin Dong.


The Blood Soul Puppet’s body trembled as it once again charged forward. This time, it left behind an after image in the air, showing how quick it was.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong’s expression changed. Just as his figure was about to back away, the Blood Soul Puppet appeared before him, bringing with it the pungent smell of blood. A blood red arm which looked as if the skin had been torn from it was swift as lightning as it clawed at Lin Dong’s throat. Blood light flickered at its fingertips, displaying a sharp force that would not lose to a high grade Soul Treasure.

This strike of the Blood Soul Puppet was extremely ferocious, and the blood arm rapidly enlarged in Lin Dong’s pupils. However, just as Lin Dong was about to defend, the Blood Soul Puppet’s body suddenly stopped. A giant scarlet red python had shot over from behind and was firmly coiling around its waist, causing it to be unable to advance.

“Little Flame!”

When he saw the sudden help, Lin Dong felt a little glad in his heart. His gaze shifted and sure enough, he found Little Flame hda flung out its python tail and was firmly stopping the Blood Soul Puppet.


Little Flame released a roar as blood light erupted from all over its body. It actually directly towed the Blood Soul Puppet before swirling it around twice in the air and viciously flinging it into the cave wall.


The entire cave once again shook as an immense and deep hole appeared on the cave wall. As a Demonic Beast, the power that it could abruptly bring forth was rather frightening, and even the Blood Soul Puppet was thrown by it.

However, although the Blood Soul Puppet had been thrown, it was clearly unable to do any damage to it. Thus, a blood arm once again crawled out from the deep hole as the fiendish aura from the Blood Soul Puppet’s body grew increasingly terrifying.


After walking out of the deep hole, the Blood Soul Puppet’s arm jolted as a giant metal chain tore through the air and quickly shot towards Little Flame.


However, just as the metal chain was about to hit the Little Flame who was unable to avoid, a black figure suddenly flew out and blocked in front of it, allowing the metal chain to slam into its body. Immediately, a metal sound rang out as the figure was directly blown backwards, a huge depression appearing at its chest area.

Only when the figure fell to the ground did one realise that it as Lin Dong’s high class Symbol Puppet. However, this once overwhelming high class Symbol Puppet seemed to be no different from a frail sheet of paper in the face of the Blood Soul Puppet.

“Such strength…” As he stared at the caved in chest of the high class Symbol Puppet, the corners of Lin Dong’s eyes twitched.


An indistinct and hoarse voice sounded out from the Blood Soul Puppet’s mouth. It stared at Lin Dong as its body once again flew forward, the chain in its hand spinning like a windmill as it lashed at Lin Dong with terrifying force.

“Devil Ape Transformation!”

Lin Dong did not dare to be the slightest bit slow slow when he saw the Blood Soul Puppet’s ferocious attack. With a low howl, his body swelled while the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his hand also grew. With the increase in physical power from the Devil Ape Transformation, the ancient halberd in his hand danced causing several after images to be formed as it clashed head on against the Blood Soul Puppet.

When Lin Dong directly clashed against the Blood Soul Puppet, Little Flame also roared and charged forward, joining the fight. Together with Lin Dong, they tenaciously held back the Blood Soul Puppet.


In the cave, astonishing ripples of force unfurled like a storm, causing the cave to shake continuously. Huge rocks fell as cracks rapidly extended.

A man and a beast worked together while a high class Symbol Puppet resisted the Blood Soul Puppet’s attacks with its body from time to time. For a time, the battle in the cave was in a deadlock.

However, Lin Dong knew in his heart that this deadlock will soon swiftly crumble, because as the battle raged on, the Blood Soul Puppet’s strength was rapidly increasing. If this continued, they would only grow weaker making it harder to contend.


As Lin Dong expected, the deadlock did not last for long. The fiendish aura from the Blood Soul Puppet suddenly erupted, metal chains dancing as they quickly slammed into Little Flame’s and the high class Symbol Puppet’s bodies, the terrifying force directly blowing them away.


After blowing back Little Flame and the Symbol Puppet, the blood light in the Blood Soul Puppet’s eyes intensified as its sharp blood claws stabbed at Lin Dong’s heart. It was practically impossible to dodge against that kind of speed.

“Little Marten!”

The speed at which the Blood Soul Puppet attack was so fast that it would cause a chill in one’s heart. Even Lin Dong could only vaguely see a red light flash in his eyes, and could only roar out. Would he truly die here this time?


The blood light in Lin Dong’s pupils rapidly enlarged, however, just as Lin Dong felt a chill on his skin, a rich milky white light suddenly descended from the skies, like a bubble as it encased the Blood Soul Puppet within it. Countless strange ancient symbols flickered on the surface of the bubble.

“Bang bang bang!”

Inside the bubble, the Blood Soul Puppet maniacally attacked, but the seemingly weak bubble did not budge at all. Instead, it continuously floated upwards before slowly squeezing into the ball of white light under Lin Dong’s relieved gaze.

The white light gradually dissipated, transforming into a stone talisman in the end as it floated down and landed in Lin Dong’s hand.

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